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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DAP1MP13
    I can 100% confirm that these fit the KZ ED16, it's what I have fitted on them currently. It's the T400/500 size. I also have these T500 Complys and they fit as well.

    Both foam tips, the ones from AliExpress, and the Complys, fit on the ED16 without having to force them on, they fit just as they should.
  2. phower
    How did QJ communicate with AKG engineers to tune it? He must have spoken in some language?
    What language must it have been? English or German since AKG is in Austria? Must be English I guess since it is common language.
    If English, what words would he have used to describe sound? You mean, "Clarity", "soundstage", "thump" or "vocal" or someother audiophile weasel words?
    These kind of words don't have a precise definition that it can be used to design a product. The only meaningful nouns are frequency and its level which is FR.

    Anyways, InnerFidelity has measured both the Q701 and K701. The only difference is that Q701 has a small bump near 2kHz. How do you think he would have mentioned this to the engineers? Think about it.

    PS. I don't visit this thread that much since I have moved on to full size BT headphones.
  3. dhruvmeena96
    @audionab you can try today.....its better than your bosshifi B3. Its better than T2 on detail representation(though not neutral, skewed toward bass).

    I said child of king pro and final audio and not a Dragonball fusion, it still can't reach the fineness of King pro and lushness of final e5000...

    But I am sure its better than AS10.

    I listen to full volume and 20ohm adapter did do its work. I should actually not exaggerate from now on. It actually cleaned the treble (not extending, but damping 2kHz and 8kHz significantly) which sorta cleaned the treble transient(cymbal) and vocal distortion (2kHz). Things got less vibraty, more relaxed, which makes me feel asleep(it always happen with my CIEM and 64audio. The moment I hear naturalness and detailed resolution, I tend to fall asleep.)

    Soundstage unnatural height decreased and depth perception increased.

    Some may thing impedance adapter will ruin the crossover, but it doesn't. Actually we are not putting resistor in crossover but the whole frequency line, changing the graph and then crossing it. So we damped the signal and didn't change the signal.

    I use DSP to remove all the peaks, so I can listen to extended time. I used viper Spectrum extension because i thought some sparkle was missing on the top end(10kHz area). Cymbal sounded little bit of lifeless.

    The EQ I applied will state more than enough(well eq according to my ear.)

    If you see them in inverted, you can guess the frequency response.

    Secondly, eq'ing heavily on neutraliser tends to add distortion as it tries to keep the volume same(it will increase mids if we try to decrease bass).

    Now if you think I am wrong, go and make fun of me.... But try it once.

    I promise, you won't be disappointed...

    Well, that comment on exaggeration earlier was a joke...

    Screenshot_Neutralizer_20180912-054914.png Screenshot_Neutralizer_20180911-183132.png
  4. Slater
    You going to be getting the Ora graphenes?
  5. phower
    I will wait until it hits the market and reviewed.
  6. khighly
    Graphene still screams gimmick in 2018 :upside_down:
  7. Wiljen
    I'd hold off on that until you see a few more reviews - I liked the PHB, but it is no B5+
  8. Makahl
    Would you mind to take a picture of your U18 tzar 64 Audio and AS10 side-by-side? By pictures the shape looks rather similar so would be nice to see it.
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  9. Slater
    Ora is the real deal. The rest are just a coating sprayed onto a standard diaphragm (like mylar). Ora has patented a process where they layer multiple sheets of 100% pure graphene, like how plywood is made.

    Let’s put it this way - they are going to be licensing the technology to other companies, for use in all sorts of audio products (from headphones to laptops to cell phones).

    The Ora headphone is their 1st one, and no one has heard it yet. Also, the technology is in its infancy, so the long term viability remains to be seen. They are trailblazing, which could turn out good or it could turn out not so good. We’ll find out in a few months when the 1st units ship.

    Anyways, the point was that Ora’s graphene is the real deal; every other “graphene driver” can be more accurately described as graphene enhanced.
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  10. HAMS
    I have zs3, sound great with parametric eq stock sound is not bad, I just fix peak at 5k and 8k also some bass & mid bass reducer. Now on the Tin audio T2, are they comfortable? I worry about fit with that straight nozzles, the iem looks big.
  11. khighly
    AS10 have the largest soundstage of any IEM I've used. Close my eyes and everything comes alive. Just like someone else said regarding the AS10's, I'm hearing new things I've heard in songs. There's also this feeling I've never had before where some well recorded kick drums have this airy preciseness with this punchy pleasant movement of air that really fits well.

    You could probably EQ some mid peaks out of these and have wonderful IEM's. Pretty good isolation too, probably as good as my IT03's.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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  12. Devodonaldson
    So you now feel like the AS10 has better soundstage than ZS10?
  13. Devodonaldson
    @khighly in your impression you said the ZS10 ha deeper low end, extended higher, and was more airy than the AS10
  14. khighly
    I said exactly the opposite of that in my 2hr impression. I said the ZS6 had better soundstage, but I will need to buy a new pair to actually confirm since I lost one side. Again, those were 2hr impressions.
  15. Slater
    I received the ZS4 today.

    I am impressed. THIS is what the ZS3 should have sounded like all along! KZ cleaned up the ZS3's issues, and the ZS4 sounds like the ZS3 on steroids.

    I am amazed that so much can be bought for so little. And I like the new stock wire, which is the nicest KZ wire yet IMO. It still has the metal memory wire, but it has never bothered me on the ZS3 so it works just fine. The y-split is ridiculously low though (it's like 2" away from my waist)! KZ really needed a chin slider on this cable. It's not a deal breaker though; nothing a keyboard o-ring or braces rubber band can't fix.

    The glossy red color is just plain sexy as heck too. It would have been cool to have a red/blue option like the IT01.

    KZ even put the Right and Left font right-side up this time too, so no stupid upside-down looking writing. The font is very subdued, and not even really noticeable against the red, so I'm not even going to remove the lettering.

    Also, I have not taken them apart yet, but they look like a modders dream. The shell halves come apart just like the ZS3, but more importantly the nozzle appears to come apart exactly in half as well! This means there is easy access to the BA, which could easily be swapped out for something better (like a Knowles). I'm definitely buying a 2nd set during 11.11. I just haven't decided if I'm going to mod them with a Knowles BA or not. It would definitely be easier to do to the ZS4 than the ZS3 though.

    If you have an opportunity to pick up a set, definitely do so!

    P.S. - KZ has made a revision to the black Starline tips. They are thinner, lighter, and made of softer silicone now. This makes them more comfortable than previous Starlines. The very tip is also shaped differently (at least on the medium size). The very tip of the opening comes to a sharp point (like on Auvios), instead of the previous Starlines that looked like you sanded off the tip of the opening and made it flat. I know that sounds confusing, so I can post a photo if anyone wants to see the difference. Anyways, I don't own any other 2018 KZ models, so I don't know if this change to the black Starline tips is with the ZS4, or if other 2018 models have this new version (ED15, ED16, ES4, ZS10, AS10, etc).
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018

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