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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. SSandDigital
    Agreed, anyone with an in, or contact at KZ, tell them to stop doubling up on the treble, double up on the mids instead.

    Definitely curious if BA10 will compete w/ BGVP DMG hype.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
  2. Slater
    That is one thing they need. They have no legit offerings with forward midrange. Everything is bass bass bass treble treble treble.

    Oh, there is the ED4, which has a W shape. It wasn’t for me, but there are people that liked it though. You can pick them up dirt cheap ($5). Perhaps you’ll be one of the people that like them.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
  3. SSandDigital
    Yes I've noticed some of the Chinese manufacturers have yet to understand some of us like sparkle to our treble, not shrill sibilance... Example the AD900x has sparkle, treble/mid forward, but it's not sibilant. Focus on the 20-10K range, rather than this stupidity with 40K.

    Seems they just focus on the numbers, specifications. And forgetting presentation matters as well, not just the numbers, and but the quality of the sound.

    Simply I think they are tuning by the numbers rather than by a mix, with ear as well. And Head-Fi is at fault for this too, everyone is obsessed with graphs. Graphs be damn, my ears are more important.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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  4. CoiL
    You could try ZS5v1 with proper amping&dac too if You can (there is no v1 anymore, at least ppl have stopped trying to get v1, maybe latest batch has reverted back to v1 but no-one knows).
    It has better soundstage "open/airy" nature than my modded IT01 and best I`ve heard among KZ, sometimes even topping my Aune T1 setup with X1 open cans (depends on music/mastering). But sometimes can sound little too "hollow". Thought that ES4 is best KZ but after listening ZS5v1 few min, realized that latter is still king of KZ for me (very subjective).
    That reminded me... I should finish up my v1 shell mod -.-
    And then there is 4in1 DD or ZST DD + BK50 BA mod in ZS3/ZS4 shells... and so on... too many projects unfinished ;/

    Edit: Just decided to not finish many projects and sell some IEMs, KZs also, check if interested:
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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  5. mbwilson111
    This head-fier is not obsessed with graphs. When they are posted, I just scroll past them. Some are way too hard to even be seen on screen anyway. If I did want to study graphs I would want big sheets of paper.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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  6. khighly
    How many graphs posted here are absolutely dead wrong too?
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  7. SSandDigital
    And so many times graphs are not representative of sound. IMO HD650 sound and it's graph are completely different for example. K712 and HD600 graphs are fairly similar, yet sound totally different, which is where tuning by ear has some merits I think.
  8. DAP1MP13
    I’m keeping an eye on them, thank you.
  9. randomnin
    I just lower a couple of dBs at 20-250Hz and add a bit more at 8-16kHz with an equalizer. Better channel balance than ED16 definitely, proven both by available frequency response graphs and by audiocheck.net tests, the imbalance is audible. But isolation and comfort of ES4 are lax. Can't sleep with them on.
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  10. Zlivan
    Nothing wrong with graphs if you can correlate what you see with what you hear and prefer to hear.

    Nothing wrong with skipping them either, then you can choose to buy something and judge for yourself or take another person's word on their sound influenced by their own hearing and preference.

    Plenty of choice :)
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  11. Wiljen
    If Head-fi would enforce a set of common units and graduations on all posted FR graphs, even though the calibrations would still be called into question, at least the shape of the curve would remain relevant for comparisons. As it is, with everyone using different tools and different graduations on the graphs, it is easy to mistakenly look at the shape of a curve and not the units and draw a lot of poor conclusions.
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  12. Zlivan
    Yes, some kind of standard would definitely help and make comparing somewhat easier.
  13. randomnin
    I like graphs a lot. Most of the graphs around are right as per my experience. I use them for equalizing and disqualifying a whole lot of IEMs from a place in my purchase list.
  14. Slater
    They do have standards. The problem is that the equipment to properly measure gear according to the standard is far out of reach of the average person.
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  15. audionab
    exaggeration 100

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