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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Astonish
    Oh, I meant the t2s on amazon were $20 more than buying elsewhere, not $20 more than the kz. Sorry for the confusion.

    Ah nice I will check those out
  2. Slater
    Got it.

    Well, in my experience, EVERYTHING on Amazon is more expensive than Aliexpress. The premium is for the convenience of fast shipping, Amazon returns, etc.

    Amazon does have a lot of lightning deals though, where the prices are much closer (and sometimes even lower).
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
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  3. mbwilson111
    Except when there is a really good lightning deal.

    Also the Artiste DC1 was cheaper on Amazon UK than on ali. Actually it still is cheaper. £22

    You just have to compare individual items when you shop. Sometimes discontinued things end of on Amazon.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2018
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  4. DAP1MP13

    I’ve been contemplating getting the T2s. Do you have a link where the T2 is $20 cheaper than Amazon? I see on AliExpress it’s approximately $50, and on Amazon it’s pretty much the same price, same for Penon Audio.

  5. Astonish

    Apparently they were on sale for $30 on aliexpress two weeks ago. Not much help now, but keep an eye out. I seen them for $40 on amazon and ebay too last week, but the price is $50 now
  6. DAP1MP13
  7. DocHoliday
    The red/gold combo is a bit over the top for me. It's a novel approach but I couldn't pull the trigger on that color combination.

    The proper thing to do would be
    1) All black
    2) All red
    3) All gold
    4) black/gold


    Wondering if the triple-vented faceplates and empty space in the cavity will diffuse some of that bass from the low frequency BA.


    Mimicking the dynamics of the ZS6's full-bodied bass but with faster decay and better texture might put this on another level if the midrange is dense, forward and smooth.

    If they double up on any BA then double up the mid/high BA (31005) and not the high frequency (30095).




    Comfort remains to be seen but at $129 these better outperform the ZS6 on every front:

    Timbre (probably the most crucial differentiation at three times the ZS6's price)

    .......but mostly on KZ's legendary price-to-performance ratio.


    Looks like a price correction was in order.


    Dude, what's with the inappropriate icon?
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
  8. DAP1MP13
    Another head-fier had it back in 2006 or 2007, don’t remember who though. Italian clothing brand that sponsors MotoGP racing events.
  9. Jenz

    You can also try a BlitzWolf BW VOX1. Very nice relaxed heights.
  10. CardigdanWalk
    Waaah, pulling the trigger on the BA10.

    I’ve gone for black / red, which I’ve heard there are delays too. So if you are keen to be the first, go for the gold ones!

    Need to get rid of some of my old KZs already!
  11. mbwilson111
    I agree. Also there have been enough red/black combos. I like your color choices better.
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  12. Slater
    For the 11.11 Aliexpress sale, they will be back down to $30 again.
  13. Devodonaldson
    Really thinking about these. I love the ZS10 with Comply smartcore audio pro tips.want to hear something about these first though. Also thinking about the bgvp dmg as well. Read good things about that closed back for $130. I'm not trying to own a large number of iems. My iSine 20 are my go-to, but I sometimes want/need an enclosed pair, but I want soundstage as well. My whole reason for getting away from iems years ago was the "in my head" feeling. iSine and less so ZS10 have rid me of that feeling. I love the 64 audio too fourte, but no way I'm spending 2 grand on iems anytime soon, lol.
  14. HAMS
    Interesting after comparing a few measurement, Tin audio T2 actually has 'etymotic flat' bass? Slight less mid and extra treble?
  15. dhruvmeena96
    Okay guys, This would be the best KZ setup...

    Perfect, actually better than anything I have ever heard.

    KZ ES4
    20ohm adapter from penon(smartphone users)
    75ohm adapter dunu(High power amp and DAP users)
    Silver cable
    Neutraliser(adapter made the tuning even more easier and less distorty)
    Viper(spectrum extension to get high end air treble back )

    1 word


    It is better than AS10, TinAudio T2 and many champion.
    Channel imbalance is way better.
    Soundstage is correct
    Timbre is phenomenal
    Sorta made the fuzzy bass(due to its inherited KZ gene and narrow starline) clear.....I mean way clear
    Smoother and dammed.....this resolution takes iBasso it01..
    Something a little darker than neutral, way more relaxing..bass got control.

    If somebody wants the exaggeration, it is somewhat sounding like King Pro and Final E5000 son or daughter....

    King pro like bass and E5000 like mids...

    And I m serious.

    Mother swear.

    And if you want a real time comparison..

    Way better than AS10 in positional cues and timbre. AS10 has advantage in clarity though.....but the ES4 makes me sleep due to its stage depth and reach IMG_20180911_184239.jpg
    Screenshot_ViPER4Android_FX_20180911-183141.png Screenshot_Neutralizer_20180911-183132.png Screenshot_ViPER4Android_FX_20180911-183144.png
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