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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. neo_styles
    I just keep the unit with a mic in case I get phone calls while on the road. First world problems, but I get tired of holding a handset to my ear after about a minute.

    For the 7N 2-pin model:
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  2. mbwilson111
    I have no desire to carry a phone:) I use DAPs with my iems and buds...and some of my headphones. So I really meant it when I said I have no need for a mic... or any kind of remote as I listen to whole albums.
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  3. neo_styles
    Don't get me wrong; I do 90% of my listening on the A45 or M0 and I'm definitely an album listener, but it's nice to have the option.
  4. tripside
    There was a time when I would listen to entire albums and would even find nuggets that often went under the radar. I used to read so many blogs and music sites to find new musi ...Now I just find all of that work and listen to playlists. After a long time I did listen to an entire album, Greta Van Fleet. I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)
  5. neo_styles
    Wait until you find out that some albums have hidden first tracks...This is why I have to re-rip my entire collection now.

    Nothing wrong with playlists, either. It's nice to have the ability to sequence to your preferences, too. That's half the fun of playlisting; a modern-day mixtape.
  6. mbwilson111
    For most people. I am just weird. I do not own a smartphone which probably surprises people if they see how much electronics I do have. If I did have one I would not answer it anyway. Why do we have to be available every second of the day?. Getting way off topic now.

    Speaking of options, I wish we could always choose between a straight or an angled plug. I would always choose straight if I had the choice. My best DAPs have an OTG function which I do use to expand my music storage. An angled plug gets in the way.
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  7. Tobsen88
    Is there any recommendation for true heavy metal iem's? I think the ibasso it01 is quite there, maybe any other has a rec. Thinking about the dmg for quite a while now cause of the good rec of Hawaiian bad boy. Love his reviews...
  8. neo_styles
    I 100% agree with this; those slim 1/8" connections are a total boon. Seems like every right-angle plug gets in my way more than it helps.

    And don't feel like you have to explain not having a smartphone; if I didn't need one for work, I probably wouldn't have one, either. Too much or a distraction
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  9. Slater
    I love the Sennheiser plug as used on some headphones (such as the Momentum). It is hinged, and can be made straight or 90 degrees (or any angle in between).

    Here’s what it looks like in both configurations:

    You can buy the adjustable Sennheiser end on Aliexpress by itself, so it can be adapted to any cable or IEM. Or, you can just buy and solder on whatever kind of ends you want (straight, 90, etc).
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
  10. pbui44
    Man, all of this cable talk reminded me that I still have not tried my ZSA with my Audeze iSine Cypher V1 cable! On my ZS6, the Cypher cable just sounded too much like Beats, even with 150-hour-burn-in. On my ZSA, the Cypher cable sounds absolutely brah-mazing! Okay, back to my music, but thanks for reminding me, folks!:sunglasses::thinking::sunglasses:
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  11. antdroid
    Thanks for the feedback. If I continue to write any future reviews, I'll probably start putting this type of comparison graph in. I think it does help. For me personally, I prefer something in-between the two target curves, and have made my own target curve in-between both of them that I am still continuing to work on based on listening to several different headphones and messing with EQ. It's interesting that KZ newer IEMs actually fall close in-line with harman target in my measurements. I can't say I prefer it over the T2 though, which is closer to the old standard.

    On a diff topic - still hoping to hear more about the BA10 when that comes out and what sound that'll produce. It seems like KZ is actually improving over-time to me, as a new company should over-time.
  12. antdroid
    Have you played with EQ settings with Cipher Apple app + KZ iems? that's a pretty slick way to get EQ on iOS devices. :)

    All this talk of cables -- I actually prefer no memory wire at all, even for over-ear style. I like using soft-braided cables and just wear them over-ears without the memory wires. It makes it easier to adjust, if needed, and roll-up and store away for me.
  13. SilverEars
    I never completely understood the point of angled plug. Is it for stability of the jack itself so that it doesn't bend with force if something were to hit it or the device dropped on the plug?

    I didn't understand what the benefits were as I preferred the straight one for the reason of it fitting it my pocket better. When I started using angled plugs, it felt awkward with the cable not facing up when putting it in my pocket. And then finally I banged a straight connector plug, which got bent, and realized the possible reason for angled plugs. LOL. This happened once over a couple decades, but it may happen more to somebody or another (it's all about how you handle stuff and chance).
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2018
  14. pbui44
    I just used it and it does sound even better, just wish the EQ was more than 10 bands. Oh well, I will check graphs later. I think the BA driver in the ZSA is mid-high, as vocals still shine with or without EQ.
  15. Slater
    It’s great when using with a laptop for example. Makes the cable much more compact where it comes out of the jack.

    It depends a lot on the device. On some devices straight plugs get in the way and an angled ones work better. And other devices it’s the other way around.

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