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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. NinjaX1
    I swear I tried to search, but to no avail. I'm using a translator to communicate here, maybe something was missing at the time of searching
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  2. pbui44
    I hope that someone does not mind me saying this, but you can private message @paulindss for their e-mail or phone number and have them explain the KZ newest Bluetooth cable or any other product to you.
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  3. Slater
    The new KZ cable is junk and should be avoided. Choose the aptX version of the BT3 TRN cable instead.

    There’s also a TRN BT10 cable, but no one has it yet to know if it’s ok or not.

    I hope that helps.
  4. NinjaX1
    Does this "BT3 TRN" cable have the sound delay problem?

    And you already helped yes, thank you.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  5. Slater
    Mine doesn't (and if it does it's not noticeable). But note that there's (2) different BT3 cables - 1 with and 1 without aptX. I can't speak for the one without aptX as I only have the aptX version.

    Also, I can't speak for the BT10 (yet anyways, as I just ordered it yesterday).

    And please note that I have an iPhone, so I don't technically even have/use aptX (I did when I had Android, but that was a while ago). So when I am connecting to my iPhone, it's using the default codec (not sure if they support AAC or not).
  6. DallaPo
    Dear Chi-Fi community,

    with a heavy heart I would like to separate from a part of my Knowledge Zenith (KZ) collection.
    I can't hear them all at once anyway and I invested a lot of money to review them. Now I want to give someone else the opportunity to dive deeper into the Chi-Fi world and make the comparison for himself. The condition of all IEMs is like new!

    This collection includes 11 IEMs:
    ED12, ZST, ES3, ZS3, ZS5, ZS6, ZSA, ES4, ZS10, ZSR, ED16|ZS6

    All are functional and already reviewed on my site:


    In addition I pack some cables, also a silver upgrade cable, a Bluetooth cable, 1 set of foam tips and different sizes of the KZ silicone tips (Starline). On top there are 2 softcases and the large one of the pictures.

    In total I would like 180 €, which is significantly below the purchase price.
    If you are interested, please contact me via Facebook or e-mail:

    Facebook: CHI-FIEAR
    Mail: chi-fiear@gmx.de

    20180829_221501.jpg 20180829_221512.jpg 20180829_221518.jpg 20180829_221523.jpg 20180829_221531.jpg 20180829_221536.jpg 20180829_221547.jpg 20180829_221703.jpg 20180829_223203.jpg
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  7. CardigdanWalk
    I followed this guide:


    And found out I must have the none apt-x / aac version of the BT3.

    Now I’m torn, I don’t have any problems with the BT3 except it doesn’t support AAC. The price is similar, but not sure if I’m falling into the newer = better!
  8. Slater
    Good luck with the sale friend. I would move this to the For Sale board though.
  9. DallaPo
    I didn't know there was anything like this around.
  10. paulindss
    If you need any help with communication in these forums i can help you, just pm me in portuguese, or try to reach me on Facebook, etc, i can give you my profile.
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  11. Wiljen
    I posted my comparison of the Zs6 to a bunch of the recent metal shell clones on my blog. Some like the PHB we can discuss openly here. others that I included I cannot so I put it there instead of here. Blog link in signature.
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  12. david8613
    How does the kz zs10 compare to the kz as10?
  13. Slater
    A quick search (10 seconds) yielded this:



    I’m sure if you search longer than I did, you’ll find more comparisons. Search is a very powerful tool, and is extremely helpful especially in this thread (which has thousands of pages)! Info gets lost quickly, which is why searching is so important.
  14. carltonh
    Wow, I'm not sure how many months it took me to catch up with this thread. I've been reading since I got a pre-release ZS10. (Plus years before of dozens of KZs I've bought and know.) I've had most of the "ancient" KZs before it, but only the ES3 of the hybrid KZs. The others were catastrophic IMO from an unequalized perspective. I'm a bit of a metalhead basshead. The ZS10 was IMO, quite bad with KZ Starlines, but great with Whirlwind or related type JVC/Tennmak tips for my ears that require the largest possible tips. With that adjustment the ZS10 is better than anything I expect from KZ in 2 years into the future. With an EQ of 2 Db down at 3 Khz with a width of 2-4 Khz, this is so far above anything I've heard before, it is hard to compare. The Pioneer CH9T and CH5T and Magaosi K3 Pro are uncompariblly a level (or many levels) below.
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