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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Zerohour88
    As they should, since its a higher price bracket. I'd love to know how close the B5+ and AS10 performs, though. I'd expect the AS10 to be priced around $50-ish from various resellers after the initial marked-up release.

    most 4/5 BAs chi-fi I've tested had a smooth sound sig, so the AS10 also having that similar style of tuning is quite a coincidence (I was hoping a bit more "zest" to the treble from AS10, as with all the previous hybrids, but without the minor sibilance and V-shaped tendency)
  2. hiflofi
    Thanks for you straightforward and honest review. Looks like I might wait for the BA10.

    I actually think the AS10's price has stabilised for now, at least until 11:11. Why I'm thinking this is because I felt the ZS10 was more of a response to the complaints about the ZS6 (i.e. hot treble) rather than a completely new "flagship". However, the AS10 and BA10 are meant to be a completely new direction at a higher pricepoint which KZ now wants to compete in.
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  3. Zerohour88
    unfortunately, if these gets some momentum due to favorable early reviews/impression, the prices are gonna stay jacked up until a few months or a few more model release from KZ (ZS10 dropped quite quickly, since it was polarizing). AS10 prices in taobao have actually increased from before, to the now-standard usd$60 (398 yuan). As usual, I can also find reseller here selling them for $50.

    china pricing is just baffling to me, honestly. Even more so now, when I can actually buy stuff cheaper from aliexpress/ebay/amazon than directly from taobao/brand's official store.

    that said, 11/11 is gonna be interesting this year, even if the shipping is a nightmare.
  4. antdroid
    Got a couple KZ's in the mail for reviewing today, and surprised by both IEMs - as I'm not a huge KZ fan at all. Will provide full reviews later.

    AS10 - 5 BA. Surprisingly good! Slightly V-shaped but closer to neutral than I expected from KZ. Good detail. Warm.


    KZ ZSA - ZS6 with less sibilance and harshness!


    Raw Frequency Chart (uncompensated)

    KZ ZSA vs KZ AS10 vs Tin Audio T2.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
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  5. TechnoidFR
    Interesting I wait as10 and I'll see to review tin audio
  6. sdja619
    Longtime Chifi lurker and I finally got a pair of KZ ED16 (Blue)
    Also got the blue tooth wires (angled B)
    The pin mold restricts the pins from being fully inserted so I filed mine down to fit.

    The stock tips (silicone?) do not fit in my ears. (Any suggestions on tips for ed16's?)

    At first I was wondering if these IEMs need to be burned-in but Im more concerned about getting a good pair of replacement tips. Then I can judge the sound from there.
  7. hoerlurar
    That seems to be a theme among chinese webshops; before gearbest i remember fasttech being one of the cheapest and best webshop, but after a year or two the prices weren't that good anymore. I know of a couple more webshops that i bought lots of stuff from for a while when they were new, but then the prices increased and i started shopping from other places.
    So maybe they do a calculated loss the first couple of years and hope to build a big customer base, that hopefully will continue buy things even after the prices increase after a couple of years.

    Unfortunately Sweden are enforcing taxes on imported goods since earlier this year, so i haven't bought anything since january because of that. If i buy something i will have to pay a fee of ~$8 + 25% of the value. So a $20 iem would cost me $33, so i am happy with my current iems for now.
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  8. CoiL
    There isn`t any competition between them but wonder how many % of SQ compared to B5+ AS10 is missing and is price of AS10 justified enough?
    Interesting.... that 3 to 5kHz valley @ AS10 doesn`t look good compared to ZSA & T2. Makes me rather want to get T2 but I really don`t like it`s fit.
    Maybe I should get T2 and mod it inside ZS4(red) shells? ;P Just wondering... no actual need. Money goes elsewhere :wink:


    From another thread:
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
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  9. dhruvmeena96
    That's some abs plastic inside as10

    Nicely done by KZ.

    But the most unreliable connection

    Zs3 failed
    Es4 failed(feviquick fix permanent non removable cable)
    Zs10 failed
    ZS6 still rocking.
  10. Podster
    I can't wait for 11/11 this year, building up my list now:wink:

    KZ helping me color coordinate these days:rolling_eyes: LOL

    Color Coordination.JPG
  11. phower
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  12. CardigdanWalk
    Thanks for sharing, intersting read however it feels like one of the things that is that is repeatedly mentioned (as a negative?) is that it has no inline mic in the cable.

    Which could have, you know, been resolved if they bought the version with the mic :shrug:
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  13. genki
    Hi guys, can someone enlight me if zs10 and as10 compared with ue tf10, ie7, ie8 and prophile 8 how it will fare?
    I saw rave review on it and i cannot imagine the performance since the price also quite different with the model i mentioned above
    If the performance is comparable i am thinking to use kz for gym or just go to iem
  14. hiflofi
    If you still have the ZS6 on hand, I'd like to request a FR comparison with the ZS6. Thanks!
  15. antdroid
    Hi, Sorry I sold my KZ ZS6 a while back and didnt have my current measurement rig (MiniDSP EARS) back then.

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