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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. andry.dvt
    hello can you find the reactive impedence of kz es4? I would like to evaluate how much worse The sound can be with an amp with 4.6 ohm output
  2. dhruvmeena96
    CI is Knowles bass driver without vent. So you are partially wrong bro

    The vent on KZ BA10 has 2 specific usage.

    1. As stated by piotrus-g of CustomArt, the venting on faceplate can tighten the decay of vented BA. Graphs were on a head fi thread I don't remember. Compliance of air on vented BA is reduced thus improving distortion figures.

    2. The vent can be traced to earphine nozzle to reduce internal pressurinfront of eardrum
  3. vladstef
    But my statement is much more general, it's not just HODVTEC but a huge number of the most popular BAs on the planet are vented - many ED drivers and every TWFK driver, every RAB driver, every RAF driver, 2 vents on DWFK...
    Also, we can only speculate about upcoming full BA IEMs from Knowles and my point has only been there to stop people from automatically bashing KZ cuz they've included something that looks like house venting on an only BA IEM.

    Lastly, unless you know more than we do, you can't definitively say "The vent on KZ BA10 has 2 specific usage." It could be just decoration (in fact, it almost certainly isn't used as a front vent which is your 2. point - it would be way too expensive and complicated to do).
  4. dhruvmeena96
    I meant to say it can have that purpose.

    SWFK, RFA and CI are non vented.

    Most of the Sonion drivers are not vented.

    Opening the shell of iem with vented driver reduces decay and increases bass.

    And if they get a small tubing from nozzle to back, it can be a wonderful thing
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  5. RvTrav
    @Wiljen thanks for clarifying the phase issue for me. Once I knew what I was looking for it became much easier to identify. I found this video that demonstrates the effect very nicely.

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  6. Miki811
    Just wanna ask this up again.

    I've tried looking for reviews and comparisons of KZ's USB-C cable vs the traditional ES4 stock cable (basically the same, except for the connectors). Is it worth it to purchase the USB-C? I'm currently using my phone (P20 lite) as the means for music playing, and knowing that the USB-C has its own DAC, I'm not so confident anymore about my mobile's internal DAC.

    I've did some research but it was just a general USB-C vs 3.5mm comparisons. Did search in the forums as well and it was only mentioned but no reviews.
  7. Drinkyoghurt
    Ok, I've been comparing the KZ ES4 vs Piston 2.1 and Piston IV.

    The KZ ES4 sounds very close to my Piston 2.1, a bit less muffled, a bit less bass as well. Still, pretty good sound. Soundstage is very compressed and there isn't much positioning of instruments. Also some instruments don't come out super clear. The Piston IV is in a different league IMHO even though it's cheaper. In one song, the difference between the guitar was so big where with the Piston IV it sounds like you're sitting close to the guitarist and with the KZ ES4 it sounds like the guitar is hiding away in a sound dampened room. Sound stage on the Piston IV is also a lot better. With the ES4 the music feels a bit more removed/far away if that makes sense.

    The KZ ES4 shines more with HipHop, where its more prominent bass really lifts the songs and makes them fun to listen to. The Piston IV are a bit more analytical and detailed, but that can get really fatiguing if you listen to them for a long time. Piston IV really shine in acoustic songs (i.e. acoustic guitar).
  8. Wiljen
    Glad that helped. It can be tough to identify if only one driver in a multi-driver array is out but, what generally you notice first and the video does a good job of showing, is that the more components that are out of phase, the more distant the sound is. So with my Zs10 for example, most of the signature sounded pretty good but the vocals (mid driver was the one wired wrong) sounded as if they were coming from a mic at the back of the auditorium while the bass and treble sounded like they were being mic'd from the front of the stage.
  9. aspire5550
    Hi guys, just wanted to know does KZ ZSR or any low impedence IEM that KZ release works well with ZIshan Z2 which is said to have 100ohm output impedence?
  10. Slater
    You could always just get one and try it out.

    Many of us are often the 1st “guinea pigs” to try something. It benefits the whole community, because others will come along down the road and as the same question. Then we can say “Miki811 has one, and he said blah blah blah...
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2018
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  11. dhruvmeena96
    Dude, did you try wide bore tips

    These are tip sensitive iem. Try wide bore and guitars will level up plus bass bleed will be fixed with airy treble. Try spinfit twinblade and sibilance will be tamed and mid will rise in Cardi B tracks. Stock star lines are good for isolation but not for sound in this specific iem.
  12. monitoringsound70
    Finally went back to my ES4 this evening, give them another try, although this time I had an idea of using the wide bore red tips from my Betron, Result.....Marvellous.

    Aftet ditching the startips which ive found tend to nasal the sound of the 4s, these new tips Really have opened up the sound.

    Now I would say these are a wonderful monitor, especially for the stage. Nothing is harsh now.
    Everything from bass to treble is very smooth but with a nice bite, especially for Rock and metal.
    Thoroughly enjoying these now.
  13. Drinkyoghurt
    Yes I did, it did make it a bit more clear, but no amount of wide boring is going to make that big of a difference compared to the Piston IV. I'm not saying they're bad IEMs, they're just not that detailed for a multi-driver but still fun to listen to.
  14. pbui44
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2018
  15. Slater
    So I stumbled onto something verrry interesting yesterday.

    Estron, a large manufacturer of BA drivers, also makes a number of their own consumer earphones (in addition to hearing aids and other products). You may have seen their handiwork as the EMI CI-880 (which they also sell under the Timmkoo brand name (the CI-880 also being known as Timmkoo C630). They also make a brother of the CI-880, known as the Timmkoo C610.

    02798161-8932-4A71-910A-EC3ACCC3FF27.jpeg 0E855C9A-9AAA-4618-9139-72271EAA9E67.png

    Well, they also do a LOT of ODM work, designing and manufacturing hybrid earphones for other companies to sell as “theirs”.

    Well, here’s a triple driver (1DD + 2BA) Estron released, being sold as the Timmkoo ES633. It is also referred to as the “EST”.


    Well, you may recognize the logo on the faceplate by another name:


    Now, granted the KZ ZST is not a triple hybrid, but I am convinced that Estron designed and manufactured this for KZ. And it is quite possible that they have or still are responsible for other KZ models as well (not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just a little nugget of information to add to our collective KZ databanks).
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2018

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