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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. TheVortex
    They are the same and it's pot luck that you get a version with a small lip on the nozzle. But I think the ED16 is better than ZS6 as it is much more balanced sounding.
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  2. mbwilson111
    I love both the ED16 and the ZS6. I would not give either of them up. I ended up needing Spin Fit tips on my ED16. Using the stock Starlines on the ZS6. I am not using the stock cable on either but I did not spend too much money on new cables... just the nice braided looking ones from aliexpress... less than $10.
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  3. dhruvmeena96
    There is a V2, but the only change is better treble channel matching and a lip on nozzle. No change in signature.

    There is a meme v3 which is a 4BA + DD and a NiceHCK upgraded Knowles driver and mmcx connector version of ZS6.
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  4. fluteloop
    Fee-fi-fo-fum ....
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  5. dhruvmeena96
    BGVP DS1 2BA DD Balanced Armature 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid Earphone MMCX Audiophile IEMS HIFI Music Monitor In-ear Earphone
    http://s.aliexpress.com/vYvIBJbY?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard

    BGVP DS1v3 released

    New transparent colors and neutral tuning
  6. Slater
    No, that was the right post.

    The OP asked if there have been any changes to the ZS6, because for a while there was a belief that there was a ZS6 v2. This rumor began when KZ released the grey “extra bass” model.

    In the post I linked, I debunked that rumor.

    All ZS6 are the same except for the color and some having a nozzle lip. There is no “extra bass”, no tuning changes. It was just KZ marketing mumbo jumbo.
  7. Slater
    There is NO ZS6 v2.

    The only difference is that SOME of the most recent production runs have a nozzle lip. That’s it. No tuning changes, no “extra bass”.

    I own a pile of different ZS6, all bought at different times, and I summed it all up here, including FR graphs to prove that there’s ZERO sonic differences:


    @mbwilson111 is exactly right. Just choose your favorite color and find the best price. That’s the only decisions you need to make. At least until KZ DOES decide to revise the tuning and come out with a true ZS6 v2. But I doubt that will happen, because they are too busy with all of the new models.

    And in some ways, that had already kind of happened (where a different version has come out that resolved the tuning issues with the ZS6). But it is not branded as a KZ (although it is made in the exact same factory as the ZS6 though). That’s all I can say about it though.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2018
  8. dhruvmeena96
    It is the lips on nozzle and 2pin connector stability...otherwise no sound quality change
  9. Slater
    That’s simple. The spike is at 10k. Just cut 10k until you are happy with the results. The amount is different for everyone. It depends on the tips you’re using, your hearing, and your individual sensitivity to treble.
  10. Slater
    These people mean sound tuning. Someone could consider the colors as different versions too. So with all of the colors available that would be (4) versions of the ZS6, right?

    I don’t want people to get new members confused. Other than very minor cosmetic improvements, which is only available randomly like a lottery, there is currently only 1 version of the ZS6 with regards to sound tuning.
  11. jeromeaparis
    Nobody has ever reported here there is a ZS6 V2 (with different sound)
    At the time the question was in the air, pushed by new descriptions as: "GREY Extra Bass" we thought maybe, but finaly not.

    ED16 "ZS7" is very different, more neutral, as ZS6 is more "show off" or "on steroids" with more bass all the time, more trebles (& sibillant)
    There is less trebles on the ED16, not sibillant, the bass can go very deep & strong (with special tips) sometimes only: when needed.
    ED16 sounds more natural, more Jazz, when ZS6 is pure Rock n' Roll.
    Details are more evident with ZS6 but it is a bit exagerated, you have to listen more with ED16
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2018
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  12. TheVortex
    I finally received my KZ ED15 today and it took over 3 weeks to arrive from China.

    They are heavier than I thought they would be and the build quality is really nice for the price point. I paid just over £10 for the black version with microphone.

    Sound signature is kind of V shaped but not too strong and it's refreshing to have a KZ that is not the over the ear style.

    It's also nice that it has the newer type copper cable but it's a shame it is not detachable.

    I thought I would do a post about as it is not spoken about much these days and was strangely kind of hard to source and I couldn't even purchase a version without the microphone as everywhere was sold out so is this a discontinued model?
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2018
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  13. AndrewCanDo
    Correct me if i'm wrong but do the ZSAs share the same type of pin as the ZS5 and ZS3? Thanks in advance!
  14. TheVortex
    Incorrect as the ZSA shares the same angled connector as the ES3, ES4, ZST, ZSR, ZS10 etc.
  15. B9Scrambler
    ZSA's pin size is the same but the connectors are smaller. ZS3/5/6/ST/SR/10/ES3, etc. cables aren't compatible. Can't recall what connectors the ES4 uses.
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