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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. neo_styles
    I feel like this should be made its own post and stickied. So many people I know don't really think about some of these things when it comes to reviews.
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  2. neo_styles
    sigh...I did (shamefully raises hand). Negative effects of trimming one of the tip stems too short with the ZS10. Luckily, I had pliers nearby.
  3. dhruvmeena96
    Its not a ZS10 tuning, I am sure of it.

    Some people get psychologically effected when they see two similar things
  4. dhruvmeena96
    Wrong post in quote.

    An iem is always different to other iem, no matter how much you put equaliser onto it, because eq can't control decay, propagation, distortion and phases. You will need convolution program with math code to do that. Something we will call pure neutral is when you convolute a ety er4sr and take response to match other iem. Its very hard and needs a lot of math or audrino to create sound replicator and then find current signal affecting it and compare to original and then creating a circuit inside 3.5mm jack

    That way you can reach pure neutral.

    Neutraliser is not normalised because normalised normalise the volume, neutraliser helps you find your ear resonance and some other peaks to tame down. Always compare other frequency with 500Hz(my reference) or with 1kHz(companies reference, but I find it peaky).

    ZS10 reacts well to Neutraliser, I mean way pretty good but their is a slight incoherency, which some people may find good as it is resolving, but that single driver like sound from a multi driver setup is missing which I find ES4 excel in.
  5. audionab
    my rose north forest profile :p
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  6. Zlivan
    I said "zs10 like", meaning that it's similar, not the same. Looking at their fr graphs, they look quite close, apart from the treble region. Of course, sound differs with the driver count difference and all, but not that much, really.

    Some people didn't resell theirs right away, and can actually compare first hand :wink:
  7. dhruvmeena96
    You don't count upper mids in treble.

    ZS10 is boosted on 2kHz and above region and then falling on treble region.

    And today I eq'ed the ES4 to etymotic like sound on PEACE UI IMG_20180721_141307.jpg

    And now I was able to hear incoherency, which was still very little, just the bass sounded a little faraway, this doesn't happen with single driver or multi BA, but with hybrids. Because dynamic sound of propagation and BA is very different (BA is like Beam and Dynamic is like more air).

    But I was still able to enjoy ES4, even without bass(I dropped a lot). It sounded apparently better than etymotic er4 because of lower distortion.

    That is not the case with ZS10. It just gets clearer but at same time turns out to be incoherent. This may sound like detailing to someone or separated instruments but when I listened to sine tones, I was shocked his much 2kHz was still inside my head(forward) and 98Hz to 1.3Khz to much back. And this us after Eq. This gave me a sense of backstage but the upper mids and lower treble makes things metalic(after Eq, before Eq it was borderline to nasal or you can say nasal on some tracks).
  8. Zlivan

    Yeah, massive differences all the way up to 4K... Upper mids are not boosted at all on the ES4, I can see it now.
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  9. deco cat
    Anyone can provide good EQ settings for KZ ZS6 (limiting sibilance etc..)?
  10. Ferrosa
    Here we go:
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  11. randomnin
    Actually, all the latest KZ products look like this, maybe except ZSR. There's the hump starting at 1k, then the drop at 4k, and then the zigzag random thing, sometimes including huge, short-lived drops like ESR at 16k. Not much hope they'll fix all of that any time soon.
    There's this one non-Chi-Fi budget series by Sennheiser, the CX series, I want some graph making reviewer to test, like Audiobudget. These have awesome graphs available, but not many reviews stacking them up against KZs and other Chi-Fi.

    Would be fun if this flipped the giant-killing narrative into a Chi-Fi-killing one. Too bad the design of this series is extremely basic and doesn't look robust, neither is it customizable. Aside from that, this is how a graph is supposed to look at every price category (the source of this graph, RAA, also have tested a few of the same models as Audiobudget, and the graphs generally look similar, so they're comparable across models which only one of the two have tested). Maybe except under 5$, but I doubt anyone who's gotten as far as audiophile forums would expect anything of the sort.
  12. Tunaa
    Really? ZS6(II) ? There is no any V2 of ZS6.
  13. Tunaa
    Hey bro you keep saying ZS6(i) is there any second version of KZ ZS6? And if there is how can we make sure if its V2 or not ?
  14. Tunaa
    Hey guys please answer me back i will buy ZS6 and is there anything like V2 or V1 of ZS6? or just every color is same ?
  15. mbwilson111
    Somewhere in the middle of this thread it was finally determined that there is no version two. All colors should be the same. Choose the color you like best. I love my green ones but the other colors are nice too. Some people have them all:)
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