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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    Astrotec AM90 (been around for years)
    Nicehck DT100 (a few people have talked about it in other threads)
    newest that I know of - Ourart Tini (maybe no one has it yet)

    I think there may be others
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  2. mbwilson111
    I thought that one was a single dynamic driver..am I wrong?
  3. dhruvmeena96
    See the pics

    Ohh sorry

  4. crabdog
    Brainwavz B100, Brainwavz B150, ACS Evoke.
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  5. mathi8vadhanan
    Final Audio Design - F-Series, Heaven Series
    Klipsch X10, X11, X12
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  6. audionab
    crazy highs roll off
  7. limafranco
    I was thinking of a ZS10, but now with your description, I'm considering a pair of ES4 (half of ZS10 price at aliexpress)
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  8. gemmoglock
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  9. gemmoglock
    Hi everyone, I haven't gotten new KZs after my ATR and ZS3 so would like some advice what to get.

    I'm looking for something with a moderate v signature not too strong, something like the ZS3. Would I be better off with the ZS6, ZS10 or ZSR? I read that ZS10 has tonality issues and ZSR has some sibilance/boomy bass comments so not sure what to get. I enjoy both the ATR and ZS3 so that's the kind of sound that works for me.

    Also, if anyone has ideas on whether to order KZ upgrade cables or stick with stock, let me know too :)

    Last edited: Jul 17, 2018
  10. Zerohour88
    you mentioned not knowing KZ have a site. Well, they do, but its not terribly informative.


    most info comes from forums, their weibo page or even just them announcing products on their official tmall/aliexpress store
  11. ChaoticKinesis
    That looks a lot like your average KZ frequency response.
  12. ViperScull
    I can't tell for sure. It does have type-C USB, and on the Aliexpress page it says "Communication: Wireless + Wired", which is confusing to me.
    It will be difficult to get one nevertheless.

    Actually it's not just the T6s, it's like a Bluedio day on Aliexpress and it looks like everything will be on sale. I watched a review about the Speaker BS-6 which will cost about 25USD and all were impressive comments.
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  13. audionab
    you can get them for 10$ with phonograph coupon
  14. limafranco
    Thanks for the tip
    I'm trying now but it says available for new users only. (at gearbest)
  15. deaftpunk
    I received the KZ ES4, while it being my first KZ as well, I believe the hype has to die. Uncomfortable tips, hated the memory wire cable and I tested them against my TRN v20's, needless to say I much more prefer the v20s over them sound wise and comfort wise, they're quite the little gem for the price, I'll probably convert the ES4s into bluetooth earphones with one of their adapters and just leave them on the side, that's my piece for them!
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