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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Hey, I just realized something with the T6.

    It’s not just simply missing a 3.5mm jack; it’s TOTALLY missing the ability to run it in wired mode!

    The 4S and 5 has USB-C, but at least they could be run wired and included a USB-C to 3.5mm cable. The T6 has no such functionality; it’s wireless only.

    That’s not cool at all. You are screwed when the battery is run down. And when the battery eventually dies completely, you can’t even use the T6 as a wired-only headphone (like I do with 1 of my T3+). It will end up in the landfill.

    Such a shame.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
  2. CardigdanWalk
    See, I thought the same at first, but I think it might, although it might just be very poorly advertised ... or might not even include the right cable

    What gives me hope is it mentioning “audio jack” here and on the picture manual (albeit blurry)

    However, I honestly don’t hold much hope of getting one. It says there are 5000 available, but above that says that they are only releasing 10 every hour right above ... so I think the 5000 is markting fluff and we will see 10 x 24 available ... so 240. So everyone is going to be spamming AliExpress fighting for scraps.

    Does anyone know if these run AAC profile btw? Trying to search without much luck!

    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
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  3. Wiljen
    Batteries are often easier to replace than you might think. If you can get that T3 apart and get me dimensions and any #s off it, I can probably find a suitable replacement.
  4. Slater
    Nah, I wasn’t talking about me not being able to replace the batteries, but rather the average person. I do appreciate the offer to help though!

    The T3+ that died was actually not the battery but rather the microprocessor on the circuit board itself. I ended up removing all Bluetooth components (saving what I could as spare parts for my other pairs of T3s), swapping the stock 57mm drivers for 40mm graphene drivers, and converting it to an open-backed design. Although I’m planning on changing the graphenes for KSC75 drivers, as I’m not too impressed with the graphenes in the open cups (whereas the KSC75 would sound much better run open).

    795BFFAF-D4DC-4AF2-9C0A-D0788EDCA5BD.jpeg 084C1953-70CB-49CA-96E6-6F5AE2DCF029.jpeg
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
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  5. pbui44
    Try to find some used Magnum drivers, as those are used in Grado clones all the time.

    In regards to all of those who laughed at me buying KZ ZS6 in green with lip for $50, just remember that KZs can be made at hundreds, if not thousands, of different manufacturing sites in China. Because of this, fabrication processes and QC can vary greatly. If you are not careful, you might have your KZs made in one assembly area and fake fentanyl pills being packed in another assembly area on the same floor. So yeah, who’s laughing now???:floatsmile:
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  6. Virtu Fortuna
  7. dhruvmeena96
    T6 is using DAC mode for wired mode with battery powering up the phone. If QC is good, it is a good deal
  8. dhruvmeena96
    ZS10 has 4BA and 1 dynamic.

    You wrote 2BA and dynamic. So you can correct your review.

    Agree with tonality and timbre you said, but the review of your sounded too nice to be true from my side.

    I think you should try ES4 with ifi iem buddy and wide bore tips. This would be KZ flagship for me.(my damaged ES4, bass of one side at high volume distorts, is still beating ZSA, ZS6 and ZS10 in sound at 70% volume with ifi iem buddy).

    And it will still cost 5$ cheaper than ZS10.

    It goes to the level of iBasso it01 with more extension and somewhat lower distortion of hybrid(but I think iBasso is more coherent)
  9. Virtu Fortuna
    Arrgh. I was very tired when writing that part, sorry. I corrected.

    How does the ES4 beats the ZS10? Does it have a better tonality or something else?

    Thank you for the comment.
  10. audionab
    are single BA iems are possible to be made?
  11. Shuikit
    I have managed to get the tips onto the zsr, the problem is that the nozzle is bigger which stretches the tip making it physically harder and bigger than before so it's no longer comfortable in my ears. As I have said before, I have given up on the zsr and am currently enjoying es4 and ed16s, I was mainly replying to a question further up the thread. Thanks for your input though.
  12. mbwilson111
    Yes, there are single BA iems available.
  13. audionab
    can i get some names please?
  14. dhruvmeena96
    Yes they are....those are wide band transducer and are more luckily to have less distortion than narrowband but are not so clean sounding until or unless they are made in with better quality.

    Knowles RAB or ED series don't sound that nice even if you reach etymotic FR while doing a home project. Etymotic or warbler prelude can destroy your diy neutral single BA project.

    Yup, ES4 with wide bore and ifi iem buddy combo is more coherent, larger stage and way more proper tuning than the nasal ZS10. ES4 is on borderline of roll off and boosted but not neutral. This makes it more extended and sparkly while bass digs deeper than ZS10. Mids are more upfront and instrument have proper space.

    Did neutraliser eq on both and found that ES4 blends and smoothen instrument while retaining detailing(coherent) but ZS10 instrument sound separated and weird as violin and trumpets even after eq are a little brittle and decayish plus are still in front(not that much, but yeah) making its space to be weird. It does better job in songs with 1 or 2 instruments and vocalist, but complex track gets a weird stage(weird placement).

    I listened them to Benchmark media DAC3 HGC with low gain
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  15. dhruvmeena96
    Etymotic er4 series, campfire comet, warbler prelude, niceHCK dt100 and famous shure se215
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