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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Aparker2005
    Ah. Any preference on that from you guys? Will this be a huge difference? I'm new to iems
  2. pbui44
    All-BA vs. Hybrid-BA-Dynamic? All-BA has a generally clearer sound, but at the expense of dynamic characteristics, like bass and tonality. This is at least with $300+ models and might not be the same with KZ models.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2018
  3. Incel
    I have had nicer brands, perhaps nicer isn't the right word, they are more expensive. Sennheiser 280, Grado SR225, Sennheiser 558, with IEMs I used to get Etymotic IEM as well (they were pretty durable and very nice sound quality). I either got older and my ears degraded significantly but I got some ATR on a whim and I fell in love with KZ. Wow, these aren't etymotic but they sure beat paying for one! Bought EVERY KZ they had at that point since the newest one was I think the ZSTs. I tried all of the removable cable ones, and used the ZST the most since I assumed it was the most expensive and therefore the best. I removed the cables on the ZS3 and those became my new favorite. I kept losing the starlines and whatnot and I didn't know why. I realized that there was no rim to hold my tips in and that's why the always fell out. I don;t know why they don't fix this.

    I got the ZS5 after a few months thinking it was gonna be much better. It was nice but I didn't really like it more. It wasn't comfortable. It was clunky and hurt my ears after a while. The tips would fall out even more often. Now one of the drivers died on the side.

    I slowed down way more after that but I got the ES3 since I had to replace my ZS3 (one side fell out of the cable, a downside of the replaceable cables). I got it stolen with a few of my things and I was looking to get a replacement one, but they jacked up the price and now the new version exists. So I was curious to see if it was a good idea to buy it.

    I don't disagree with this at all. KZ is good at making cheap IEM with one or two drivers, and then when they get big those tuning issues become a bigger deal than the problems they had before. I think my ZS5 taught me that lesson, its why I never touched the ZS6 or the more expensive ones that have more drivers and not more quality. they are bigger and less comfortable. They fit more drivers but not better sound. They are trying very hard to make a compelling product and they are not bad, but I think that they can't beat their own low end, at least to me.

    Its why I wanted to see if there was a KZ like brand or a clone like I mentioned the bro as a possible replacement. Not sure if little problems are fixed versus the original KZs or what you guys think. I am not much of an audiophile, I like the KZ sound but the comfort is not good enough for me and I prefer replaceable cables. I have small ears. Will the ES4 be the same as the ES3? Should I go with another brand? I am sure you experts know more than me, I am just a simple incel.
  4. Slater
    No one has heard it yet. There are definitely going to be differences though.

    How the sound differs will depend on the exact drivers used and the tuning.

    In general, you should probably at least expect much less sub bass on the all-BA A10, as most BA drivers are usually not capable of reproducing sub-bass frequencies.

    I sure hope KZ isn’t planning on simply sticking in a bunch of 30095 and 50060 drivers and calling it a day...
  5. hiflofi
    I'm hoping KZ goes bass-light with a neutral-bright signature. However, the typical KZ sound is nothing like that so I don't have any real expectations.
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  6. HungryPanda
    I have a few multi all BA iems and good bass on those, it is all in the BA tuning
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  7. audionab
    they would probably cost more than 20 ES4s
  8. Drinkyoghurt
    Still waiting for my Gearbest order to arrive, but I've ordered the ES4 after reading reviews here. I was initially interested in the ED16's, but I like my bass and I usually like a bit of a warmer tone. So far, best chifi sound for me has been the Xiaomi Piston 2.0. Is the ES4 also similarly V-shaped?

    I get that a lot of people are into balanced sound signatures here, but for me that makes listening to music too clinical. A good, strong and clear bassline can really make or break a track for me.
  9. HungryPanda
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  10. Wiljen
    I posted my ES4 notes tonight. Might be worth a read to see if it sounds like something you'd want.


    To me, the ES4 is probably the best thing KZ has released to date for casual listening. It isnt reference or anywhere close, but it is very energetic and very engaging and makes long listening sessions pleasant.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2018
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  11. scottySK
    Received my trn v80's today. First impressions are positive, love the metallic blue colour. Bass is present but not over powering and they aren't particularly sibilant. Seem sort of similar to the ZSA's. Mids are slightly recessed, definitely not a neutral tuning.

    Enjoying them so far
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2018
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  12. audionab
    mid bass bleed?
    how about the soundstage comparing any of your other iems?
  13. dhruvmeena96
    Many of people here don't get what BA vs dynamic is in bass department.

    BA are sensitive to signal but move way less air. It is like very fast bass but the eardrum take it as a air movement and not air canal pressure change. Most of people multi BA in custom iem to seal the whole ear so that they can get the proper bass.

    Dynamic driver is way bigger and is very capable of moving air(ask @Slater how much Philips 3300 moves air).

    But the fact is multi BA driver or multi Dynamic is easy to tune

    BA tuning is done by frequency pressure equivalent way and dynamic is tuned by total air mass spring tuning.

    BA distorts in lower bass due to narrowband nature and low bass pressure instead of energy of high frequency.

    So Bassy BA are made way bigger in size(Knowles CI driver or Sonion 38x series) or sometimes sandwiched (Knowles HODVTEC or Sonion 38xj), sometimes bigger than dynamic driver(westone proprietary Knowles or UERM).

    For example

    64audio u18t has 8 Bass DTEC balanced armature which still produce less bass than 13mm+CI 64audio tia Fourté. But u18t control is way more than Fourté, but to enjoy bass I have to use symbio tips
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  14. Shuikit
    Yes - I've really struggled getting the zsr to fit well. I normally use small silicone tips and struggle to get any over the nozzle, which is bigger than all the other KZs I have and makes the tips stretch. Having tried every tip that I have including foam ones which others have had success with but I don't get along with, I have given up on the zsr.
  15. scottySK
    I'm no audiophile but I don't think there's much mid bass bleed going on.

    Soundstage is similar to es3 and ZSA but maybe a touch wider, but not as good as zs10
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