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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Bartig
    Impressions on the ZSA so far:

    + Very comfy because they’re so tiny
    + Beautifully built
    + Typical KZ sound signature with deep bass and emphasized upper mids
    - No need to buy when you have the ES4; they sound almost exactly the same. Apart from:
    - Almost no soundstage

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
  2. neo_styles
    This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks!
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  3. Slater
    Yeah, good point.

    We’ll just have to wait and see.
  4. B9Scrambler
    In the few hours I've listened to mine, my thoughts on the above are;

    + Very comfy because they’re so tiny - Definitely. Every time I look at them I'm shocked at just how small they are. I keep expecting something ZS5/6 in size but it's way smaller.
    + Beautifully built - Without a doubt.
    + Typical KZ sound signature with deep bass and emphasized upper mids - Not quite. They seem tuned like older KZs like the ED3 Perfection, though more refined. Compared to the ZS6 it seems to focus on upper instead of lower treble. Bit thinner and more airy with a more natural reproduction of cymbals. Also slightly tighter and more controlled, at least compared to my ZS6 which is a slightly splashy next to the ZSA. Bass digs deep, but is only lightly elevated and doesn't have a lot of presence in sub regions. My usual test track for this (Kavinski's 'Solli') shows this off pretty well. Also noticeable on Big Boi's 'Kill Jill ft. Killer Mike & Jeezy', but to a lesser extent. I'd say they're less bassy than the ZS6, ZSR and ZS10. I suspect less bassy than the ZST too, but I haven't A/B'd them yet. Mids also seem quite balanced, though a bit thin. They're not recessed but not emphasized either. Smartly placed imo since the low end is reasonably reserved and doesn't bleed over at all. Stringed instruments and the sax like those through Supertramp's 'Crime of the Century' sound amazing.
    - No need to buy when you have the ES4; they sound almost exactly the same. - No comment. Don't have the ES4 and not particularly interested. That said, if they really are that close I'd sell the ES4 (well, I wouldn't because I collect KZs, but others could) and get the ZSA for the sexy shells, haha.
    - Almost no soundstage - Naaaaaaaa. Great sound stage, at least as good as the ZS6 but not as impressive as the ZSR. Imaging is impressive too. The smoothness in the way it sweeps effects from channel to channel is fantastic for a cheapo. They can do intimate like the closing moments of Culprate's 'Undefined' and more open areas, like the portrayal of the train station in the opening of Supetramp's 'Rudy' quite well.

    So far my thoughts are that it's continued the trend of the ZSR and ZS10 in refining the output of the BAs. These are quite smooth yet detailed. Timbre accuracy is also quite good, like the ZS10. They lack the flamboyancy of the ZSR though. That model has a very uplifting quality to it. It's an event. ZSA comes across more analytic than musical, like the ZS6. Either way, these new models have me pumped for the all BA model. Curious to see how that'll handle low end though since they've only used mid and treble BAs up to this point.

    Edit: Regarding the vents on the all-BA model, maybe they're just aesthetic so as to keep a uniform design theme to go along with the ZS6 and ZSA.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
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  5. SciOC
    Nah, that's the other way I listen generally, gotta test out new music somehow...
    I only have a couple of playlists that are mixes of my favorite songs, and one inexplicable playlist I keep of a mix of Sarah McLachlan and rage against the machine. I did that as a joke about 15 years ago and really grew to like it....

    And @Bartig , unfortunately I keep all my music locally and have no experience streaming, which is fine as my company has locked that down now, along with all USB devices.... once in a while I'll hear a random song that has really good staging and add it, most of it is pretty predictable, but then there are weird random songs like "face to face" by daft punk that are just out of left field.

    Anyway, when are we going to get that 16 ba pair or at least some more info?
  6. scottySK
    I'm no expert when it comes to iems, and I only could compare it with the ZS10 and ES3, as I am yet to own a ZS6 - although I am tempted..
    I would have A/B'd them tonight for you against the ZS10 but from my first impressions I have to agree with the recent post from B9Scrambler - nothing he has mentioned there goes against my first thoughts
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  7. DocHoliday
    B9, the ZSA appears to be right up my alley. A beautifully built CNC shell with a more refined ED3 "Perfection" sound signature" at $21+/- is a steal. Personally, my "Perfection" sound signature and build is worth more than $20 to my ears so I'm looking forward to improvements across the board at the ZSA's price-point.

    That pic shows off it's satin-like finish as well.

    Thanks for the impressions.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2018
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  8. Bartig
    Whoah, solid impressions.

    About the soundstage: I will try more than the tips of KZ and my current favorite, but compared to the ES4, ZS10 and ZSR I miss the lovely airiness on this one. Whereas drums on the ES4 can be all around you, even songs that excel in soundstage sound a bit (but not worthlessly - just in comparison!) closed in on the ZSA.

    There will be just one IEM I’ll listen to today for further testing. That’s for sure. :)
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
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  9. CoiL
    Glad I got ES4 instead ZSA. Personally don`t care much about looks - fit and sound are important! And I can always give those cheapos some wood-overhauling ;P
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  10. nxnje
    Yo guys
    My credit card is going to expire in july, and i'm actually thinkin about what can i buy in order to use the last €€ i got on it.
    I have like 20 euros there that i saved to buy some audio stuff but i'm really confused.

    I saw zsa and es4 came out while my choice would have been zsr, even if i think it will be so painful to my ears as i have small years.

    I have at the moment a pair of memt x5 which i love with foam tips, but i wanna do a little step up.

    I listen to edm melodic tracks and raw tracks such as future bass, bass house, dubstep, progressive house, future house, trap and chill trap.
    So it's needed a good bass which can go pretty low for the great 808 extension, good mids for clear synths and voices and good treble for claps, hats and so on.

    What would you tip me?
    Zsa? Es4? Zsr (even if big)?
    Can u tell the differences between these? Which of them can satisfy a basshead?

    Ps: i can't get comfy with silicon tips, i always find out a garbage vacuum feeling like the common driver flex problem and even opening my mouth while putting in my headphones doesn't help.. :frowning2:
  11. B9Scrambler
    Cheers. Note that the finish isn't as pronounced as on that pic. Was originally posted to my Instagram and I threw a filter on. It's slightly exaggerated.
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  12. KarmaPhala
    Try search on Ali, hisenior b5+, 10 Knowles ba for $99, scroll down for item description, knowles 30265, 31116 and 29689
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
  13. scottySK
    After a bit of a listening session between the ZSA and ZS10, it's clear that (for me at least) the ZS10 is far superior. Wider soundstage and better separation/layering. ZSA is slightly brighter though and I do enjoy the sparkle they have on symbals without being sibilant. Seems like the ZSA is a more refined ES3, which I guess fits with the comments about it sounding similar to ES4.

    The ZSA fits my ears much better though and the build quality is nice. ZS10 requires me to use foam tips backwards to compensate for the short nozzel and size of the iem(they kind of stick out a bit). This may also tame the treble even further, but to me this seems to bring the mids more forward sort of. Detail is still there in the treble just not as V shaped as the ZSA

    Price wise I got the ZS10 for $40AUD and the ZSA for about $20, so if cash is tight and/or you have small ears (or just love the metal housing) grab the ZSA, but at double the price the ZS10 is still my preferred choice. I just wish it didn't take me 30 seconds of ear manipulation to get a good seal with them every time I pop them in!
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  14. 1clearhead
    +1 ...Really seems odd.
  15. Dickymint
    Maybe I am wrong but I thought there was two options on the IEM's, one is a closed back design and the other an open back? I could be wrong but I thought I seen that further back in the thread.

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