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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Lord Rexter
    Got you, well I did burn them in using a New speaker and headphone burn in track for around 25 hours (not at single stretch) at 47 Volume on FiiO X5 3rd gen 2.5mm Balanced output with Turbo mode on. (I know that burn in at higher volumes is bad thanks to Head Fi folks). Today started listening to couple of my favorites with my Amp and just after 1 hour the right ear cup died and there was driver flex on the right side. I ordered all 3 colors Red/Blue/Black all at the same time and same seller, only tested Blue one may be 10 hours of burn in. Now I'm fret that using KZ ZS10s with iFi iDSD BL would be risky.
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  2. Mr. Browstone
    So I am the only one having really big QC control regarding KZ ZS6? I have already searched the thread to see if someone has encountered something like this but I haven't had much luck. The left IEM's female connector is incredible loose and the right one is slightly wiggly. They have been like this since day one and (I know, stupid me) didn't reach KZ or Gearbest regarding this issue since they were a xmas gift. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9uip1217cqqf4ea/kz.mp4/file

    I have already contacted Kz in their Facebook page and the Aliexpress official store, let's see wha they have to say about this.

    Also, hello, it's been literally years since I post in this lovely community.
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  3. Slater
    Many of them wiggle, but they are not in danger of falling out. The shell has a notch machined into the aluminum, and there is a molded protrusion on the 2-pin connector that fits into the machined notch. It is physically impossible for the 2-pin connector to fall out.

    There is a slight size tolerance of a few thousands of an inch for CNC machining of the aluminum shell, and also a slight size tolerance of a few thousands of an inch for the injection molded plastic 2-pin connector body. On some combinations of shells and connector bodies, you will get a slightly tight fit, while on other combinations you will get a slightly loose fit.

    But in all cases, the molded protrusion that mates with the machined notch fully captures the 2-pin plug and it will not fall out.

    Also in all cases (assuming you are using a genuine KZ 0.75mm cable), the male pins on the cable plug will still make solid contact with the female pins in the 2-pin socket, regardless of how tight or loose the 2-pin socket body is situated in the aluminum shell.

    So bottom line is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your ZS6, and the looseness you are experiencing is well within totally normal manufacturing tolerances.

    If it would be helpful to visualize this, let me know and I can show you what I’m talking about by taking photos.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
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  4. Mr. Browstone

    Wow. Thank you for the detailed and incredibly clear answer, Slater. I will feel much better wearing them in the public transportation without the fear of them falling out .

    I will still report back on what KZ has to say about this.

    Cheers, buddy.
  5. Slater
    No problem, glad to help.

    I also want to clarify, after you plug the cable into the 2-pin socket (ignoring any wiggling of the socket itself), does the cable stay in tight and not UNPLUG easily?
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
  6. Mr. Browstone

    Oh, wait. Maybe I didn't make myself clear in the first post. I am able to unplug the left monitor with VERY LITTLE force (with a single hand, actually) as shown in the video I uploaded to Mediafire (which I also sent to KZ) in the first post.
  7. Zerohour88
    this was me before, sort of :beyersmile:

    not exactly max volume, but more or less ear-bleed level. Though I usually only do it to IEMs that I don't like OOTB and will go to the pile regardless.
  8. Slater
    OK, I apologize, I misunderstood what the issue was.

    I thought the cable plugged into the jack tightly, but the 2-pin socket itself wiggled in the housing. In that case, that is normal and there is no risk of anything falling out.

    Now that I've watched the video, I see that the cable does NOT plug in tightly, and unplugs with little force. That is NOT normal, and there is obviously a risk of the cable falling out and you losing the IEM.

    So you need to try and determine if the problem is with the cable or the IEM.

    1. Do you have another cable you can test to see if it fits any better?
    2. Also, since your LEFT earpiece of loose when you plug the LEFT cable in, what happens if you switch the sides of the cable (Right cable into Left earpiece and vice versa). It would only be a test. If the looseness follows the LEFT cable, then this means that the cable is the problem (and replacing the cable should solve the issue). However, if the looseness follows the LEFT earpiece, then this means that the left earpiece has an issue.

    You can tweak the cable and/or socket to get a tighter fit, but I would do the above tests and post the results 1st before we go any further.
  9. Mr. Browstone
    I own the Bluetooth upgrade module and the results are the same, so I'm positive it's an issue with the femaleplug and not the cables. Switching sides of the same cable (right plug in left iem and vice versa) results in the same overly loose fit. I was actually wondering is there was any way to make it tighter.

    I already tried putting plastic wrappers around the cable connector to try to make it tighter but it barely helps at all. Gluing the plugs would be my last resort but I like having the possibility of connecting the Bluetooth module when I go running.
  10. CoiL
    Waiting for that! Decided to put my ZSA & ES4 buy "on hold" and wait more impressions. Your ears seem to "align" with mine, so, waiting for Your impressions...
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  11. avionzero
    Or use a 0.78mm cable, i think gluing it will not last long.

    Btw i tried to measure the ZS10 0.75mm cable with a caliper and I'm getting a 0.77mm reading.
  12. kennyhack
    ED16 is clearly an upgrade from both ZSA and ES4 . It has a biggger dynamic driver (8mm on ZSA vs 10mm on ED16) and the extra balanced armature on ED16 makes a difference on sound clarity and quality.

    So far I'm really happy I chose ED16, it's way better than ZSR, and a bit better than ZSA and ES4. You can read my impressions on ED16 in previous pages.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
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  13. Slater
    Here’s your options:

    1. Use a 0.78mm cable.

    2. Splay the legs of the male 2-pin cable a few degrees. Not much, but just enough so the plug stays in the socket.

    3. Get the 8-braid silver upgrade cable, and trim the excess plastic from the make ends. This exposes much more of the male pins, which will make them long enough to reach deeper into the female socket for a more secure fit.

    4. Use a needle to close the female pins in the 2-pin socket slightly. The female pins are split to allow flex, and you can use this flex to your advantage and make the pins smaller.

    5: Obviously you can glue the plug in place using plastic bonding epoxy, but there’s no need to resort to that extreme, if you can just do steps 1-4 instead.

    Let me know if you’re confused about any of those options, and I can clarify, add photos, etc.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2018
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  14. deaftpunk
    So do you own the ZSA and ES4 as well? or are you just comparing your ED16s to thin air? You should know specs don't always make better sound.
  15. CoiL

    Driver size and BA presence does not mean anything!

    You seem to be "beginner" in IEMs ? Collecting posts? No insult intended :wink:

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