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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    Here are a couple of photos... hope it shows what you are looking to see

    from left to right... ZSR / ZST / ZS6 / IT01

    R0013367.JPG R0013371.JPG
  2. MDH12AX7
    I don't have the other you mentioned but the BGVP is actually 2dd and 2 ba per side. The isolation isn't great but it has more sub bass than anything else I own. I cant recommend it for all music types but for edm, dubstep or even metal its good. Mids are a but thin but eq can help. For a better all rounder with good sub bass the V20 is hard to beat in my opinion.
  3. neo_styles
    TRN Bluetooth cable and SpinFit tips just arrived. I'm an instant fan. These tips are so effing comfortable.

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  4. vladstef
    I have the same tips and they are very uncomforable for me unless I use a very shallow fit which defeats the purpose. They are also very expensive and have a narrow bore which is not optimal for the sound in many cases.
    I assume that for some these will be amazing but I wouldn't recommend them unless you can try them before buying.
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  5. neo_styles
    I guess I should explain that I'm used to Shure's triple-flange tips, which go much further into your ear than the CP240. Comparing the softness of the silicone between the two, the SpinFits come out on top, which is probably why I think they're comfortable. I totally understand how that might not be the case for some people.
  6. pbui44
    Wow, great pictures.
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  7. vladstef
    Yeah, that's understandable. I kept trying to push these Spinfits as much as I could in my ears and it could be that I'm not exactly using them properly, that is, always expecting a deep fit. I have the smallest (blue CP240) and I usually use medium sized tips which might be nudging me to trying to insert them further in than I should. Maybe they should be worn somewhere in between deep and shallow fit.
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  8. neo_styles
    Best way I've found to insert my tips is to do it with an open jaw. If you can feel some sort of seal there, you're definitely going to have one with your mouth closed. If you went a size down on the tips, that's probably where you're getting your fit issues. I went with Medium and almost feel like I could go a size up and be better off.

    The SFs are definitely somewhere in between right in and all-the-way in terms of insertion. With my Dekoni, they barely have to rest inside the canal for a nice fit. Thinking that spin was in the name, I did have better luck if I slowly rotated these on insertion. Also, it might not be completely sanitary, but when the tips are moist, finding a good seal is pretty easy.
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  9. xinn47
    Hello! New to the forums here, Can anybody tell if the ES4s are a worthwhile upgrade from ZS3s? What's their main difference? and which has better soundstage? I'm kinda looking for a new IEMs that are less "in your face" sound. ZS3s are great but in my ears, they sound really, really direct in your face (if I'm not making sense sorry!)
  10. mbwilson111
    Yes, the TRN V20 is a great all rounder. Love mine.

    There are products you can buy to moisten tips. Using saliva does not seem like a good idea.
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  11. MDH12AX7
    Mineral oil is good for that and safe for ears. Actually my doctor recommended it to help clean out ear wax.
  12. mbwilson111
    Great idea. I have some here for use on wood surfaces. I will try that. My ears might get less irritated. I hope it doesn't matter that the oil is at least 10 years old. One reason I don't like to do a-b comparisons between iems is because doing so does irritate my ears. It's like a dry friction. Of course a-b comparisons also do my head in but that's another story.
  13. FettaBiscottata
    (My english skills are a bit rusty, sorry for that in advance)

    Hey, there. I'm new here and i just received my first IEM. KZ ES4.
    Maybe my espectations were a bit higher, or maybe i'm evalutating them wrong.
    I had already a 10 years old pair of earbuds (1 neodymium driver 9mm each) , and i'm using them as a comparasion.
    The amount of bass frequency is the same
    Mids are somewhat lacking, and there are to much highs for my taste.
    Now, my old earbuds were a 80$ pair, and the KZ ES4 only costs 15$.
    Thinking like that, in that case they exceed a lot my expectations, but if i think as they have the same performance as a 10y old pair of earbuds, eh.

    However, they are beautiful and confortable, and the detachable cable is amazing (i got the extra white cable as a early pre-order)

    I'm looking for some criticism of my way of thinking.

    Edit: I'm using the ALC1220 as amplifier, also, seems that they are getting better over-time.

    Posting some photos:

    [click to enlarge]




    Last edited: Jun 2, 2018
  14. MDH12AX7
    Dang! Wish I got the cyan. Looks nice. It was out of stock so I have a black one. Love that green tho.....
  15. VibrantHarmonics
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2018

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