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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. VibrantHarmonics
    My music source will be Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (I plan to buy a portable DAC in the future) I will use the IEM to relax on my bed at night, working out and listening to music that helps me concentrate. It will be an all-around machine.
  2. mbwilson111
    You might want to consider the KZ ED16. Not very many people have it yet but it is very nice. I know that it will stay in place well for working out and has a sturdy cable. It is flat enough in the ear that you could lie on your side if you were to fall asleep listening. I find it to have a very pleasing sound signature but am not good at describing exactly. I love my ZS6 but this ED16 might be a better all-rounder. I only briefly head the ES4 and the ZSA (which was out of phase at the time) so I can't comment on those. I also love my ZS10 but it is quite bulky in my ear... not sure how good it would be for working out. I have only relaxed in my recliner or sat at my PC with it. Maybe someone else has worked out with the ZS10?
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  3. Slater
    Yup, that's another awesome option for OP :)
  4. Zlivan
    I use them in the gym almost every day with BT cable. They isolate wery well (for me) and they fit perfectly in my KZ certified earlobes. I don't use extreme volume and I can't hear bad gym music nor people trying to tell me something.

    I used to wear ZS3, but I find the ZS10 sound much better and the fit is almost as good for me.
  5. VibrantHarmonics
    I understand your view. The ED16 is a great all-around. Knowing that, what do you think about the ZS6 and Zs10 if you compare them?
  6. DrevnyKocur
    What about Senfer 6in1, is it comparable? And that BGVP DM5 has 1 BA + 1 DD per earphone so overall they have 2 BA + 2 DD right? BGVP doesn't look nice in terms of isolation (just looking at photos tho)
  7. Slater
    Keep in mine that they're just that - opinions.

    Everyone has different hearing, different tastes, different source gear, different physical characteristics that affect fit, etc. You're not going to find any 1 product that all 7 billion people on Earth universally agree upon. That's just reality.

    I have IEMs that I love and others don't like at all (and vice versa). Consider movies - do you always agree with every movie critic or rotten tomato/imdb review? I'm willing to bet you don't.

    By listening to more than 1 headphone, you hone your skills and build an understanding of what you like and what you don't like.

    The good news is that the majority of ChiFi is quite affordable and there are options for every budget. Perhaps instead of trying to get the "perfect" $35 IEM if that's your budget, maybe consider getting 2-3 IEMs (the 'most recommended' one in the $5, $10, and $20 range)?

    You can also buy your gear from Amazon, where you can return it easily if you don't like it.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  8. neo_styles
    Just got home and had the chance to put the included tips back on. Seems like the whole FR is a lot more flattened out, though at the expense of some of the bass extension and presence. It's probably a good match for someone looking for something a little more neutral.

    You guys weren't kidding when you said KZs were really tip-dependent.
  9. Audrix
    As it were similar to what @VibrantHarmonics sound sig prefers, how could ed16s compares to ZSRs?
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  10. GamerGuppy
    Hey everyone. So far I've been very satisfied with my ZS6. It's is incredibly detailed, has a wide soundstage and has an open & laid-back sound for just a 30 euro IEM. It sounds almost like a full scale open headphone. I'm a little less happy with the ZSR, despite the many positive things I've read on this forum about them. But it might just be me. Namely the enormous nozzle makes it have an uncomfortable fit and an almost pneumatic seal that makes the bass very punchy. I do think they have a better treble response and sound less sibilant then the ZS6's. I was planning to use the ZSR for running/sport, but find myself picking it's younger brother the ZST for comfort reasons, though the ZSTs mids are very recessed.

    I've been eyeing for an upgrade to my ZS6 and was hoping to find something a little less sibilant but that keeps many of the good aspects of the ZS6. I really love listening through my HD600's and Oppo PM-3's, which are generally regarded as neutral headphones. Therefore I first looked at the Tin Audio T2. However the sheer beauty of the Ibasso IT01 (and it's cable!) is compelling too. I've owned and liked several slightly v-shaped earphones in the past, so I guess the IT01 would be allright. Especially since I'm mainly searching for an IEM for fun listening sessions and not so much for critical listening.

    • Would you guys recommend me the IT01?
    • Maybe someone can tell me how they compare to the ZS6/ZSR (Ive searched this forum extensively and read several impressions already)?
    • Could anyone that has the IT01 provide me with a picture of the IT01 next to a ZS6/ZSR/ZST, since after the ZSR I am slightly afraid to buy an IEM that is not comfortable.
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  11. stryed
    I'm as appreciative of the KZ5v2 which is similar to the KZ6, apparently (although some say that the upgrade to KZ6 is more than esthetics). Others say there's slightly less soundstage wowness with the KZ6.
    I later pulled the trigger on the IT01 and it has "coherence" that somehow makes everything sound nicer, fuller, although slightly narrower. Technical abilities are better, as seperation is clearer on the bright side and it dives deep in the bass (something the KZ ZS5 cannot replicate), is never sibilant while remaining clear. The KZ ZS5 does have a surround sound effect that is very enjoyable for commuting especially.
    Price wise, the two are not in the same league and I was a bit disappointed by the soundstage of the IT01 at first but I have no doubt in my mind that the IT01 is what i'd listen to ALWAYS if I was'nt worried about losing it or being mugged :D

    It was my first >50eu IEM purchase and I don't regret it. Makes me wonder about the HK6 and things in the 200+eu..but I shouldn't as I'm totally happy. As I pondered about my 100ish euro purchase, I wondered if they'd really be better than my KZ5v2 that was also responding well to EQ, and truth is, it's not that far appart except for subass. I'm guessing that with diminishing returns, the 200+eu will not be a even less of a jump in quality, and I'll be buying more fruits and vegetables for the time being :)

    Definitely recommend the IT01...If you don't like it (which is a rarity), you still get a nice MMCX cable for anything else.
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  12. mbwilson111
    I will take a picture and add it to this post.
  13. bhazard
    So what should be my next KZ? ED16 or ES4?

    I barely use the ZSR anymore, and my ZS10 are exclusively God of War / Console IEMs based on their tuning and recessed mids.

    I gave over 30 pairs of really old KZ models to a Veteran's charity this past weekend. There were a few gems in there, like the ZS5v1, EDR1, etc.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
  14. kennyhack
    look at my first impressions on ED16 vs ZSR in the previous page.
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  15. stryed
    WP_20180602_01_14_27_Pro.jpg WP_20180602_01_16_53_Pro.jpg

    Both are similar in terms of size. The IT01 moves around a little. I had comfort issues with the angular KZ ZS5 to the point of giving up due to soreness for 1mth or so, but my ears got used to it and now I get the angular choice. The IT01 can be moved around a few degrees too much and makes it filmpsy to fit. IT01 is comfy, for sure, even without a proper fit
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2018
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