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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. ChaoticKinesis
    For now I'm just using the large stock tips, as those are among my favorites. When I have time to do some proper listening tests, I'll also compare with Spiral Dots, Spinfits, and Whirlwinds. I'm not expecting much from the Spinfits, as I've never gotten those to work, but these seem like that rare earphone that could hold the Whirlwinds well, with their thick nozzle and large lip.
  2. ka-tsu-don
    It is normal that the BA of the ZS10 is hot glued?
  3. ssnjrthgr8
    I guess its normal as long as there is none on the BA nozzle
  4. KainHighwind
    You don't use foam tips? Can you recommend some cheap silicon tips? Thanks.
  5. tamburash
    Got my ZSA yesterday. So far I like them quite a bit. They have a similar "KZ sound" that we hear in all of their latest offerings - they are more like a toned down ZS6 (similar punchy bass, good mids, but with less high peaks). So in that way I can actually listen to them loud and without EQ, mods or other means of managing the highs (like ZS6).
    They are very small, have a great mojo look (red and black is cool as hell) and putting them on is a breeze, Enjoying them so far, even thinking of using them for my daily IEM (ZS10 was the latest in that role, but quite bulky to wear in public and a little too flat in highs for my taste). PS. they sound better with the TRN cable then with all KZ cables (old rubber ones, silver ones and this new copper one). Maybe subjective, but i tried chaging for like half and hour and it really popped up as a little clearer.

    PS. waiting for ZS4 now, my favourite fit so far is ZS3, so hoping for a same housing with a better sound (ZSR, ZSA, ZS5,6,10 soundalikes)
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  6. Slater
    That’s an issue with Aliexpress’s search algorithm. Basically, their search engine sucks. So does Amazon’s.

    Ebay’s is the bees knees though. It can be zeroed in with laser precision using a ton of parameters (like Google).
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
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  7. BadReligionPunk
    ZS10 is just a harsh sounding phone. Got to eq if you wanna smooth em out. Eq works pretty well though. With the right tips(took awhile), and eq, the phones can actually sound really good.
  8. BadReligionPunk
    Funny ironic you posted this. I had been using some really thin soft rubbery wide bore tips that I believe came from ATH cks1000 phones I used to have. The tips pushed all the way back put the screens almost flush with the end of the tip. It allowed deep insertion, but killed a bit of the low end. Anyway, both screens ended up coming unglued, so after work had to glue them back on. Grabbed my big box of tips and went to these little black tips with red cores. After tip rolling bunch these are the best for these. They are hard rubber which sucks but the low end punch is really good and some of the harshness of the upper mids has been squashed, which is win win for me. Was about to ask the exact same thing you asked about where did these tips come from, when I saw your post. The ones I have are black with red core, but I do have the grey with red cores too. I want to say that they came with HAVI B3 Pro1, but I'm not sure. I know that my Havi's came with a boatload of tips tho.

    Can anybody confirm this?
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
  9. mbwilson111
    I have a lot of tips with the red core but only this one where the core protrudes below the bottom of the bowl shaped part..as shown in the photo . Is yours like that? That is what I hope to find more of.

    Meanwhile ED16 is in the house and in my ears:)
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  10. ChaoticKinesis
    I never liked the weak seal of foam and the majority of silicone tips don't work for me because most of the time their large is too small for my ears. Honestly, my favorite cheap silicone tips are the stock KZ Starlines. If you happen to not like those, I'm sure you can find plenty of recommendations in this thread/site.
  11. TheVortex

    What are your impressions of the ED16?
  12. SciOC
    You guys should start a band called "the serious tip rollers". I assume most of us here own a ton of different tips, and while there are some that are clearly junk, let's not pretend that it doesn't all come down to personal preference (still don't understand all the love for spinfits).

    Kz starline tips are great IMO, but I generally prefer foam tips for long term wear. The large starlines are great when I need to take IEMs in and out a lot.
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  13. KipNix
  14. ChaoticKinesis
    This. I realize it's personal but they are without a doubt the most uncomfortable tips I've ever tried and incredibly difficult to get a good seal with. For me they fail in the very thing they were seemingly meant to do of accommodating the different insertion angles of various earphones because if my insertion angle/depth is even slightly off they just don't seal at all. If most silicone tips take 1-2 seconds and a single try to insert properly, those usually take me 10 or more tries and on at least half the earphones don't work at all.

    Starlines all the way. I think they are my #1 tip of choice on more earphones than any other tip. They also work better for me than every expensive tip I've tried except Spiral Dots, which I consider to be their equal but different.
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