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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    Interesting... we never have bought any Spinfits. Nothing seems to spin on it... should I be able to spin the outer part around?

    If they are Spinfits I have checked and found out they are very expensive. Does anyone know of a cheap source?
    Last edited: May 29, 2018
  2. B9Scrambler
    Hmm...maybe on closer look they're not. I think Spinfit cores extend further. They also kinda look like Dunu tips but I see you don't have anything from that brand in your gear list. Welp....disregard everything I've said, haha.
  3. psygeist
    ZS10 is more clean and the soundstage is wider. Better imaging and separation. But not so comfortable for longer listening because of huge size.

    ES4 is upgrade over ES3. Bass is more compared to ZS10. Mids are more smooth. These fit well compared to ZS10. I can see these as daily iems, close to MEMT x5. So much comfortable. Very inoffensive.

    I am using Rock Zircon tips for both of these.
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  4. pbui44
    TobyDeals is cheaper than Amazon’s UK store with CP100 (KZ) in XS-S-M-L and CP800 (small-bore like Shure) in S-M-L:

    Last edited: May 29, 2018
  5. misterchao
    So far so good for ES4. They are my second favorite pair now. A very natural sound compared to the others.

    Can’t dethrone the ZS6 yet though. But they are very good.
  6. CoiL
    Try these tips with long barrel, wide bore and "cone" shape (I use them with ZS5v1 and ATE FF-mod to get great seal and deep fit):
    They only come with this cheap IEM. I bought myself some backup because being "so special".
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
  7. Slater
    You can also use this trick with any of your favorite tips (such as Starlines).

    You just remove the tip, slip on one of these silicone keyboard orings, and put the tip back on. The keyboard oring "spaces" the tip out a little bit, accomplishing the same thing as your longer red core. The advantage being that it can be used with any tip, no matter how long or short the core is.

    They cost well under $1 for a bag of 100-150pcs, and they are available in many colors (clear, red, blue, purple, black, etc).

    (click for larger view)
    oring spacer.jpg

    You can see the before and after view of how it spaces out the tip (ie the one on the left):
    oring spacer 2.jpg

    You can buy them here:
    Last edited: May 30, 2018
  8. basshead11
    Yes, i have the same impression. harsh mids in the upper region. its posible this is because a mid BA driver out of phase?
  9. ChaoticKinesis
    No, harsh upper mids are just a characteristic of the ZS10 because they have a wide peak of 10-15 dB in amplitude in the 2-4 kHz range.
  10. chi-fi mel
    I have had very poor results with those tips. I'm a serious tip tester and the only ones I can recommend is JVC spiral dots.
  11. zozito
    Any link for those rings, please?
  12. CoiL
    Depends totally on ear-canal-shape - it`s individual. All I can say is that I have small ears & ear-canals, use only small size tips, deep fit and generally prefer wide-bore tips.
    Btw, I`m also quite "serious" tip-roller and have about 50 different S size tips in my collection. Those @ link I provided are HQ made, soft silicone outer "skirt", firm inner barrel and wide bore.
    They are little longer than usual "ball" shaped generic tips and due to their "cone" shape, extend sealing/contact surface with ear-canal walls and go quite deep.
    I also have JVC spiral dots and like them a lot but they affect high fr area sometimes too much (depending on how much they are "exposed" from inner dotted core over nozzle edge).
    Dots usually give very good result but are very dependable on insertion depth - if You get it wrong, they wont seal enough and tend to get loose.
    That`s why those "cone" tips have their profit over Dots - they extend further and provide more secure fit.
  13. Bartig
    This is exactly how I want the ES4 to sound. Way to pump up the hype! :D
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  14. KainHighwind
    Yass, good to hear a positive ES4 experience, I ordered 1 pair some days ago. Do you use stock tips or which tips?

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