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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    What tips are you using with the ZST? Have you tried Starline tips, or going 1 size larger to prevent them from falling out?

    The ZST body is a lot smaller compared to the ZSR, so I'm a little surprised that you're having fit issues with the ZST.

    The ZSA is pretty compact; perhaps that would work for you? Also, the EDR1 is a cylindrical piston style earphone, and I know that would fit well. It sounds amazing too, and is only about $4usd!
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
  2. zazaboy
    Anyone has info that KZ changed there tuning in KZ zs10 .. Which means we have a v2.. @Otto Motor says that Chinese audio forums claims that they changed it which results in a v2 with different tuning
  3. Bartig
    We’re relying on one source on a forum we don’t read - and the mentioned changes aren’t even announced, let alone tested and compared. I think we’re all going a little too fast on this. :)
  4. mkwhai
    I tried different tips, Starlines, KZ tips with blue core and red core, foam tips, silicon from Zircons and any other. I resigned now from try with ZST, this not for my ears.
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  5. CYoung234
    I do not think it is that you are not discerning enough. I appreciate your observations as well as your husbands. Let me explain it this way. As a musician, I was trained in what was called freedom through discipline. By training yourself to play an instrument so well that the process became automatic, so you did not need to think about how to do things technically, you could focus your efforts on making music. Because you are listening to the music, you do not need to concentrate on the technical aspects of the equipment, but instead just focus on experiencing the music. For me, the best equipment is the equipment that just gets out of the way, and lets you focus on the music.

    So, when I read your posts, that is what I am seeing - you are focused on the music and not the equipment.
  6. mbwilson111
    Yes. I have loved music since I was a small child. When people ask me to compare things I often get lost in the music and forget to try to compare. If I do try I cannot enjoy the music so it becomes a chore...that I often put off.

    The reason I have so much...too much ...is not because I am dissatisfied...it is because I am curious and some things just look cool:)

    Off topic: My husband and I met through music. He is a musician, I am not. I wish I was a drummer:)
  7. Slater
    It’s never too late to start!

    Look up Mike Boyd on YouTube. The guy is amazing. One of my favorite YouTube people, and very inspirational.
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  8. SciOC
    I doubt it's about not being discerning... As yanny versus Laurel proved, we all hear differently I listen to a lot of different sets most days and switch a lot and generally prefer IEMs to closed or open headphones. The staging experience is more natural to me (all headphones have inaccurate staging, but I like the way IEMs tend to stage). When I listen to the zs10 for longer periods of time, I get used to it and like the sound, even when not using EQ. EQ'd it's pretty great for the price.

    Part of why I love this as a hobby is that I tend to like everything I try..... I mainly complain about sets I think are bad values, like the oppo pm-3, which all things considered still sounds pretty good, just not for the price. Rarely do I find something I think is a pure disappointment...

    The one thing I definitely notice about the zs10 when I switch to it is that the drivers, at least between the DD and BAs, do not match up very well and the DD overpowers the BAs in the transition range and has a different timbre. You are definitely aware (at least until you get used to it) that there are multiple drivers that are not exactly smooth in their transition. With some tweaking it's a great set that I can get to sound about 90% of my brainwavz b400 (but with deeper bass)....
  9. BadReligionPunk
    Used my Zs10s for the past 2 weeks at work. They are in my ears from 9-10am till 3-4pm everyday. I used them exclusively with Sony NW-A45 Walkman EQ'd with the upper mids being brought down a bit to squash that nasty spike. That spike causes female vocals to be brash and hairy, and male vocals to be thin and boxy. Sounds like your listening to the Michigan Rag on an AM radio with old paper cone speakers to me.
    For tips, I switched to a wide bore tip that fits all the way down to the plastic body with he screen being almost even with the end of the tip. Don't know what tips they are. I used to have all my tips in little plastic baggies marked with markers on what they are, but it got to be overwhelming and I just dumped them into one of the little small parts divider boxes.

    Anyway, After the EQ and the tips the phones sound really natural and warm. I am almost completely satisfied. Listening to Johnny Cash, The Cranberries, Tanya Donelly, Ziggy Marley, David Gilmour, I can say that vocals are still forwards present with the roughness smoothed out and a bit a warmth added to them.

    As long as these last I will be wearing them at work this summer. :ksc75smile:
  10. groucho69
  11. phower
    I have read that using IEM continuously increases the temperature in the ear canal and promotes bacterial growth. The body tries to fight it with inflammation which results in gradual loss of hearing.

    Something to keep in mind and take regular breaks in usage.
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  12. romanrex
    Tested KZ ZS6

    Simple test reports for "dummies"

    Professional tests report:

    On-line comparison services with KZ ZS6

    Comparison of frequency response

    Comparison of change the frequency response of joint work of KZ ZS6 with different amplifiers

    Comparison of change of SPL and frequency response depending on the applied voltage level and the impedance of the audio source

    Definition of optimal voltage level for certain SPL which amplifier must be provided

    Comparison of characteristics:

    KZ ZS6 included in list for sound source (smartphones, DAPs, AMPs, etc.) match to headphones for certain listening conditions:
  13. BadReligionPunk
    Yea, I'm a delivery truck driver so I do mostly take them out when at a location where I will have to converse with other humans. Any specific article or study you read that I can read also? I would be interested in this as during the summer I am almost strictly in ear. While I prefer headphones, its just way to hot to wear comfortably in summer where its normally 95 with 60% humidity.
  14. mbwilson111

    I did not know it was legal to drive with iems in.

    As for taking them in and out a lot, that is what irritates my ears the most. If I have to try several tips on a new iem, I can't wear iems at all the next day.

    Buds are great when it is hot and when you don't want isolation...like right now I am waiting for an Amazon delivery and don't want to miss the doorbell:). There are some amazing buds these days.

    The delivery is not audio related...this time:)
    Last edited: May 26, 2018
  15. BadReligionPunk
    Depends on individual states. Most states including the one I live in is 100% legal to wear. The next state over, where I also drive quite a bit is only legal if Bluetooth hands free or corded in/on one ear.

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