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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Bartig
    Took my new bike for a ride. It’s as good as a daily commute as the KZ ZSR I listened during the trip. I don’t think I have any other earphone that has so little wind noise during walking, running or biking.

    <3 ZSR. B60E5C90-EA33-4D06-AF7E-414217C756ED.jpeg
  2. basshead11
    Finally my zs10 arrived! After reading this thread i understand zs10 Will provide decent SQ but no outstanding. my expectations were low. Well, here i am. After 1 or 2 hours of brain burn in i think this iem worth every penny. Only with 2 hours of listening I can say its clearly a upgrade from my kz zs5 v1. Ill test them more to confirm more perceptions about this gem.
  3. skajohyros
    Any brakes?
  4. riffrafff
    I see you chose the shorter, more inoffensive version of that gif. LOL. :beyersmile:
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  5. Otto Motor
    The phonograph's hype generation for the 16-driver earphone - quantity over quality again? At $$80 too risky an experiment for me. The phonograph are a bunch of cheeseballs hidden between ads, sorry.

    the phonograph-1.jpg
    Last edited: May 12, 2018
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  6. Zerohour88
    I consider them as a fluff piece, other than for announcement, specs and pics, I don't know why people even trust most of what they say.

    an $80 8BA IEM, I'd be intrigued if I hadn't tested a $100 DIY SK846 that quite possibly matches the SE846 in sound sig
  7. loomisjohnson
    which diy is that zero?
  8. TheVortex
    A variety of shops on AliExpress sell a clone of the Shure SE846
  9. zazaboy
    Last edited: May 12, 2018
  10. groucho69
    I agree
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  11. Superluc
  12. misterchao
    ES4 and ZSA are both dual hybrid drivers?
  13. Zerohour88
    as other have stated, yeah, not really elaborating as despite the renamed convention, still technically a copy.
  14. Cruelhand Luke
    I love when you have a chance to introduce a fellow music lover to good headphones. Earlier today I let my boss listen to my ZS5....this happened in the span of less than a minute after putting the music on:
    WHOA!......how much were they.....can you get me some??
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2018
  15. handwander
    ZSA shell looks nice but 16 BAs? Starting to feel like the 2000s era megapixel wars.

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