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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. 1clearhead
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  2. loomisjohnson
    there's inevitably a challenge when a purveyor of budget products--whether it's kz, hyundai or mcdonald's--tries to go upscale. obviously, there's lack of luxury brand cachet (consumers balk at paying the same for a hyundai as they willingly pay for a lexus); more fundamentally the lower-end guys don't have the same tradition of qc and r & d (i.e. sennheisers may be overpriced for their intrinsic quality but are impeccably made). so, per otto i'm a huge fan of kz's downmarket ($5-10) offerings, while my enthusiasm for their more ambitious/pricier designs is decidely more muted.
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  3. Wiljen
    I think I am going to get off the hamster wheel and just have Eartech make me a nice Ciem that I can be happy with without chasing the impossible dream. Maybe I'll photo-document the process for a review since they are close by.
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  4. Otto Motor
    Or you get the banned but nevertheless outstanding UES from the banned seller...promoted by loomis and myself.
  5. 1clearhead
    Just saw these yesterday and they are super crazy low priced! I ordered a pair of them in "white" and "black":

    KZ HD9

    The price is just ridiculously low at the sale price of around $4.50 US Dollars! :astonished:
    TB2_UKHdUOWBKNjSZKzXXXfWFXa_!!95043761.jpg TB2oDIBm41YBuNjy1zcXXbNcXXa_!!95043761.jpg HTB1tYOenpuWBuNjSszbq6AS7FXa5.jpg HTB1QJM4eZyYBuNkSnfoq6AWgVXaQ.jpg

    If you're interested in checking them out some more, below are three links...




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  6. DocHoliday
    Case in point:


  7. SciOC
    alternatively I'm VERY interested in the 8 BA model. Because it lacks the DD it shouldn't be bigger than the zs10. Staging and separation should be really really really good for under $100. Let's just hope they tune it better and don't botch the low end with only BA. Most 8 BA models start around $600, just the idea of them applying downward pressure on prices, if they're decent, will be good for everyone.

    And honestly there is a lot of empty space in the zs10 that either had to do with ease of manufacturing or air for the DD. 8 BA could literally be half the size of the zs10 if designed well.
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  8. loomisjohnson
    very good analogy--i believe that's the phaeton (my wife used to sell vws). helluva nice car, with the same engine as the audi v8, but it sold virtually not at all in the states before they killed the model--noone would pay >$70k for a vw but eagerly paid more for the comparably-spec'd luxury brands.
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  9. B9Scrambler
    There was also a W12 version which was pretty nuts.
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  10. Zerohour88
    had a similar discussion with a like-minded friend.

    My thought of train is that they've reached the limit of tuning the BA or DD directly (since I think they don't really produce any of it themselves? or at least not all of them). They might not have the capacity to go further that route (not exactly a summit-fi company)

    Tuning via the shell (vents, shape, etc) would be tricky since you never know what you can get (a pretty design might not sound good)

    basically, get as much driver as you can into one shell and then tune it bit by bit (having more driver means things/variables to change that are simpler, via crossovers/resistors/switches). Quite a post-grad student way of doing thing, lol

    Honestly though, I'm pretty sure some are just miffed that they can't insta-buy $10 KZ IEM released every year that offers an upgrade.
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  11. SciOC
    There's more snobbery involved with that though. 80% of the general population is going to recognize a BMW, Lexus or Mercedes as a fancy car, but not understand a hyundai Genesis or Kia k900 is just as nice.

    I could walk around all day with a pair of CA Andromeda in and not have anyone look twice at them or know what they are or how much I paid. It's not quite as relevant to most of us, and as the real enthusiast level group, I could honestly care less about brand, 8ba per side for 80 dollars is something I just have got to hear.

    The other point is that these are 80 dollars, not $80,000. It's not going to break the bank to collect them. I have lots of gear of different prices, most people typically only own 1 car at a time. At these prices a lot more of us can act like really rich people do with cars and just collect them.
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
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  12. Podster
    That the VW Pheaton Doc? VW's 12 Cyl. $120K Wonder Wagon that you can now pick up second hand for as little as $10K! I'd love to have one myself as a VW fan (of course after the Diesel Scam wife absolutely hates them):scream: I still love VW but after owning 4 GTi's since there inception and now in the wife's favored Outback I miss my Pocket Rocket:cry: My last one 2008 was a scorcher:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Clean Machine 006.jpg

    '83 Rabbit GTi, '88 16V, '95 and '08:yum:

    My last 4 VduBs.jpg

    OK, back on track:rolling_eyes:

    Gorgeous Budget.JPG
  13. Zerohour88
    more like people who owns Andromeda might get miffed if someone mistook it for a ZS5/ZS6 :laughing:

    continuing the car analogy, reminded me when the Mitsubishi Lancer got rebranded by our national car maker, Lancer owners were furious when people went "ooh, nice Lancer convert brooo!!" as a joke.
  14. SciOC
    Yeah, but honestly, F those people.

    I've said it before, they could be called the kz tinypenis002 and be bright pink for all I care, if they attract me from a technical standpoint and physically fit my ears, I'm going to listen to them...
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  15. loomisjohnson
    actually i owned a genesis, having owned an ls400 before that. the genesis was perfectly okay, but (snoberry aside) it wasn't as tight and good as the lexus, which was built by fanatics--my sense is toyota had a much longer path to perfection. so (to segue back to relevance) you have kz cranking out models which are in many cases interesting and viable, but aren't as fully realized or carefully made as their more venerable competitors'. i do observe, however, that at least some of these chifi upstarts (dzat being a good example) really do seem obsessive about quality.
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