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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. BadReligionPunk
    Just got the KZ10s from Ali today. First impressions are pretty good. Wide and spacious. Lots of low end rumble. Sub bass is quite good. Treble is fine for me. Sounds a bit dark to me, but I like it. No sibilance at all. Mids are a bit off. Male vocs sound thin and scratchy. Not a deal breaker at all though. Eq helps a bit. Things excel at EDM and modern hip hop/trap stuff. I personally find them quite comfortable and the stock tips made a nice seal and were fine. Have a ton of tips but loathe tip rolling. Anybody have some recommendations?

    Also got the EDR1 sent to me free for buying the KZ10s, but have not opened yet. been wearing the 10's all night.

    Listened to Belly, Hellecopters, Bad Religion, Awolnation, 12 girls band, Chronixx, Rebelution, Apathy, Blackalicious, Stevie Stone, and Silkie through Cayin N5 and Sony NW-A45.

    I like these much better then the ZST's.
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
  2. Otto Motor

    That's why it was the initial impression - there was none in the music used. I then checked borderline recordings with the ED15, Focal Sphear, the Senns, and the ZS10...and the ZS10 was the smoothest. The ED15 does not hide poor recording quality. There is real sibilance in the now forbidden UES and the ZSR.

    You can read between the lines: degree of sibilance is not any different from acclaimed brandname earphones.
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  3. Otto Motor
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  4. WildSeven
    Is a disaster to buy anything from Massdrop unless is exclusive Massdrop made. Custom and Tax usually kills the deal, in this case, it will be best to get from Ali.
    Don't see any saving in this drop when you are waiting a month for them to ship.:wink:
  5. Otto Motor
    Hmmm...massdrop didn't charge any Canadian taxes or imports fees on my $179 UE900S or the $25 Koss KPH30i. But yes, $42 is too high, considering it only ships on 11 June. I got mine for $33 within 15 days from China. Massdrop relies entirely on the phonograph's review in their appraisal which is questionable at best.
  6. DocHoliday
    A quick word to KZ Acoustics:

    Thank you for offering the new braided cables on your current models.

    The new cables have a decent "Y" restraint....

    ..... but your older "Y" restraint is a better design.

    Other manufacturers seem to gravitate toward the design you have employed for years;

    Might be a good idea to keep your original design because it is very durable, more pliable and less cumbersome when coiling/winding the cable for storage.

    It's great that the cables come in bronze, copper, silver-plated and yellow.

    Please consider offering them in all black (cable, restraints and 3.5mm jacks) like the TRN cable below because most of my silver-plated KZ cables have severe discoloration.

    Thank you

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  7. misterchao
    Man, the BA only suspected ones look like a must have. I’ll get them as a birthday gift to myself in July.

    I love my KZ ZS6. Is the ZS10 worth getting if I love the ZS6 sound signature?

    I want to collect KZ as well but don’t have enough money right now.
  8. Wiljen
    I may skip the next one. I am not in love with the Zs10 and think the "How many drivers can we cram in your ear" model of earphone development has taken over at KZ. I would much rather see a back to basics movement where they take an existing design and tweak it to make a really solid offering. I think they have the materials from the Zs5v1 to start from. Using those drivers and really working with the tuning and then placing them in a slightly smaller case (preferably metal and not a stolen Campfire design) would be a much more worthwhile pursuit than continuing to see how many we can get to fit in. The Zs10 is already too big, I can only imagine the Zs16 is going to be the size of an on-ear with a nozzle sticking out of it.
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  9. Podster
    I'm with you on this one Doc and my TFZ Series 1s cable is still not as green as your tri-braid!!! The bronze is my fave for sure and I love the length and pliability of this one:thumbsup:
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  10. Dickymint
    My apologies, getting old, can't remember the name of the headphones and yes, the ZS10 jobby!
  11. Podster
    What threw me was the 10BA as I was thinking the ZS10 is 1 DD and 4 BA per side? To tell the truth I've not even looked into the thing as it's butt ugly and looks far to large for my ears, not saying I can't change my mind but no one has really swayed me as of yet:rolling_eyes:
  12. Dickymint
    One other thing I personally would like changing is the memory plastic at the end of the connectors, they drive me nuts! Not far to drive either...
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  13. Podster
    Same here on both accounts! I generally surgically remove my ear wires and shrink wrap:wink:
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  14. Otto Motor
    I had said a while ago I wanted to skip the the ZS10 - and then caved in again. When the ZS10 were announced, Coil speculated they would be at around $30 and I put them at $80. As a trend, KZ earphones have become more expensive with every driver added. Gone are the $5 days...at least of new models. Now we are actually heading towards the $80 region.

    And that's how it always appears to go:

    1. KZ, often through the phonograph, announce a new model.
    2. There is lots of talk and speculation on discussion lists without any knowledge about them.
    3. This generates a hype.
    4. Sellers run a pre-sale at really good prices.
    5. People like me get sucked in.
    6. IEM is officially released at a substantially higher price than pre-sale.
    7. Early adopters rave about the new iem or they don't...both typically happens.
    8. The hype dies down.
    9. Some anniversary sale gives the cost conscious a second chance to get a good price.
    10. The next model is announced...hype, speculation etc. set in once again.
    11. "Old" model price drops by 30% permanently, three months after its release.
    12. Presale and sale of the latest model, "old" model added to the drawer with the other 15 KZ hybrids.
    13. etc. etc.
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
  15. 1clearhead

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