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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Podster
    Well I'm thinking 8 BA's per shell is going to be entering LZ territory because I'm sure KZ cannot build these for no $50 or hard to believe even $80! I may be wrong that's like one BA more than the Dippers right? All in all though $80 is at least 1/2 if not a third of what other multi Chi-Fi BA's go for and if they are built as well as the ZS6 KZ may really put the Big Hurt (Obviously a major league fan) on some of it's competitors and quite possibly move KZ into the next echelon of iem's:thinking:
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
  2. DSebastiao
    It's not for me but i've give them a listen for sure.

    For me, i plan to get either the ZS6 or ZS10 in 1 month time or so, is there a concensous on the ZS10?
  3. oneula
    anyone use their ZS10s with the KZ bluetooth cable for the ZS3/4/5/6?
  4. zazaboy
    hi guys which is better kz zsr or kz es4.. which has better bass, soundstage and vocals thanks
  5. 1clearhead
    Has anyone here try the KZ ED15 :point_left: ...I would like to hear some impressions on these.

    Plus, I would like to know how it compares to the KZ ES4. :ok_hand:
  6. toddy0191
    Only @dhruvmeena96 has the ES4 so far.

    I love the ED15s with foams on. Massive bass, well controlled and goes very deep. Usual recessed mids but very detailed elevated highs. Big V with subwoofer bass, great for EDM

    @B9Scrambler found them sibilant but they aren't to me so not sure if there is a QC issue going on.
  7. Dickymint
    Hello folks, lurker in your midst! Just splashed out and bought a pair of the KZ 10BA units, they sound great, when I can get them to stay in my ears! Try though I might, I cannot get them to stay in, I have a large range of ear buds, the biggest of which don't fit the nozzles, I have some long silicone bi-flanges, they fit but don't seal properly. I just find that the nozzles need to be about another 5 to 8 mm longer, does anyone else find this?
  8. Otto Motor
    The ED15 are sibilant...but not more so than the Focal Sphear or the Sennheiser in-ear Momentum.
  9. Otto Motor
  10. toddy0191
    I've only listened with foams as can't use silicone tips due to them creating a vacuum like seal. Maybe this takes the edge of the sibilance as sss and ttts are genuinely not troublesome for me with them. Or I may be I'm going deaf!

    Just noticed:

    "Sibilance: None!"

    From your initial impressions!
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
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  11. Podster
    I'm just thinking here everyone is wondering where you got a 10BA KZ since latest tease was announcing an 8BA model:confused: Which ones are these and splash us some photo's:thumbsup: I'm sure Slater can give you some tip mods that may help those babies stay in:wink:
  12. manukmanohar
    I'm assuming he meant KZ ZS10, 10 driver, not 10 BA unit. I have had similar problems with the ZS10 sticking out, and it being not very comfortable when listening for a long time. But I am able to get good seal.
  13. Zerohour88
    with the advent of another multi-BA unit, maybe a PSA should be made that people should focus on the price of the model itself rather than the number of drivers. Though I'm sure it'll fall on deaf ears.

    My first thought is that 80 bux seems a bit much for a KZ, but with so many other models releasing that would most likely be cheaper (not to mention other non-KZ models), not really an issue anymore. 80 bux is dangerously close to the IT01.

    who here have used the KZ ZS5/ZS6 with a Sabaj DAC? the DA3 looks mighty tempting, though if the impedance might be an issue, I'd settle with the DA2.
  14. Slater
    I don't have the ZS10, but for IEMs that wouldn't stay put (like the ZSE) I always get 1 of the following methods to work every time:
    • Foam tips
    • Silicone double/triple flange tips
    • DIY foam silicone (DIY Symbio Mandarins)
    • Bump up to the next larger tips size
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  15. Aparker2005
    Geeze now I'm amped up to see these 16 driver ears. Very ,very interesting
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