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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DSebastiao
    What about ones with removable cable? That would be ideal.
  2. B9Scrambler
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  3. Slater
    Well, the way I always view the EDR1, is that at $4 each you can afford to replace them when the cable goes bad. I mean think about it - a halfway decent MMCX costs $15-$30 for just the cable alone; you can get 4-7 pairs of EDR1 for that.
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  4. DSebastiao
    Why not the EDR2? Same price. I'm ok with spending a little more, and was expecting something like the ES3 or the ED9, ATE/ZSE, but then again i'm not familiar with the lower line of KZ's iems.
  5. Slater
    I like the sound of the EDR1 more, and it feels like it has better build quality due to the heavier zinc alloy body.

    Although if you're OK with spending more, then the ZSR is one of the best in the KZ lineup. I just thought you didn't want to spend any more than the ZST.
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  6. Otto Motor
    I also got myself a few: 5 pints...which prohibit me from reading/comprehending B9's presumably very interesting review of the ZS10 right now.
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  7. ShakyJake
    We are all winners!

    Just for grins, I plugged in my red KZ6 tonight to listen to Beethoven's 9th Symphony to compare with the Tin Audio T2s. Both are really good, with the KZ6 taking the price for soundstage and presence, while the neutrality of the T2 gives more details to each instrument. Maybe it is just that my T2 is newer and thus more "shiny" and alluring :) The KZ6 was my favorite before getting the T2. I consider myself lucky to not be bothered by the so-called "treble cannons" in the KZ6, except on some poor recordings.

    There are so many parameters involved here. One of my biggest lessons has been to find the right tips for my iems. I tend to prefer the (Anrui) foams from Aliexpress, since they give me a very good seal for my tiny ear openings. But this choice may also bias my choice towards certain iems.
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  8. DocHoliday
    Great review, B9! Glad to know that KZ has offered up another warm, yet detailed IEM. The most interesting bit, if I'm reading in between the lines correctly, is that, apparently, the ZS10 offers impressive resolution for the midrange without sounding analytical (typical BA presentation).

    When I first received my ZS5(i) I was a little disappointed in the slightly recessed midrange but once I discovered a source that can bring them to life.......well, let's just say that they're almost magical.

    It seems that the ZS10, like the ZS5(i) will be enjoyed by hobbyists that appreciate a laid back sense of detail with even better layering and separation.

    My ZS6 is loaded with detail from top to bottom and I think it was wise of KZ not to go down the same road twice; the ZS6 and the ZS10 appear to sit at opposite ends of the spectrum with each holding their own at a welcome price-to-performance ratio. Looking forward to getting a set of ZS10's for myself.

    I'll post feedback when I've spent some time with them (early impressions were all over the place and the knee-jerk reactions were dubious). Thanks for a level-headed point of view.

    By the way, great photo!

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  9. nxnje
    I'm trying everything but i can't fix this issue.
    What's annoying is that i really wanna buy a pair of kz zsr but i've heard that like zs3 can't be wear with foam tips as it makes the bass muddy and it ruins listening experience.
    That's why i'm trying in many ways to fix this.. why always me? :frowning2:
  10. afico
    did someone of you make a comparison of kz zs6 and fiio f9 pro? well i did it..i prefer Kz (after massive burn in cable change).
    The Fiio are treble hammers ...really.
  11. rayliam80
    Between the ZS6 and the ZS10, at first I wasn't hearing major differences that really set them apart from each other. Sure, the ZS10 seems to have rolled off the middle to upper treble region versus the ZS6 with it's tendency towards sizzling shhhh highs on certain tracks. This leads to the ZS6 being brighter overall in comparison. But with the roll off going on somewhere in the treble region, is this leading to the missing micro details in the ZS10 I've come to love in the ZS6? Hmm.

    Using the same cable and swapping the ZS10 and ZS6 with the same tips, the ZS6 are noticeably louder. Also, the ZS10 bass in the deep to midbass region seems to have been rolled off too. Finally, I want to say that vocals, overall, are just a tiny bit thicker on the ZS10 but I have to listen very closely for it to catch it. Vocals seem to come off slightly better on the ZS10 but for me, it's nowhere near the IT01 when it comes to vocals. So for the time being and to my ears, I'm concluding that the ZS10 is just a tamer, less bright version of the ZS6 that's less prone to listening fatigue at the sacrifice of some micro detail.

    And when I first heard the ZS6 at the end of last year, I was extremely impressed with them and it was those (and the LG V30) that got me back into buying IEMs again. Maybe the ZS6 has a soft spot in my heart since they've given me more of a "wow" factor out of all the KZ I've tried despite their flaws. Between them, I feel like the ZS10 is the sort of IEM you could start to build a life around, dedicate more time to, and look towards having a long, healthy and positive relationship with. But the green ZS6, it's that contact in your phone, the IEM who you fantasize about when the ZS10 is beside you sleeping soundly in bed and you still long for the ZS6 even though you know it's probably never going to work, even though you know that it always leads to some sort of disagreement but there is something there that keeps drawing you back for more...
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  12. xxxreyxxx
    which spinfit ?
  13. pbui44
    Spinfit CP100 for the KZ ZS6.
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  14. nxnje
    If you're searching for a fun sounding headphone, then ath m50x is not for u. Same thing if u plan buying another studio set like dt770pro or sennheiser hd380, dt990pro, hd600

    They are not fun sounding headphones and they have to be listened just for what they were made.
    I use my superlux hd681f while i produce my music (that are 90% comparable to my akg k240mkll) and i don't like them so hard when i listen to music.
    They are very precise and feel flat, perfect for tracking, equalizing, hearing the sound how it was created, but if i wanna have a listening session that gives me energy and fun, i just go over with other sets.
  15. loomisjohnson
    scrambler, this was a very well-written review which was refreshingly free of the typical cliched formula.

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