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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. pbui44
    No, you have to look at the entire scope of Bezos and just realize that he is part of the New World Order, which sucks because you will probably have to wait more than two weeks ordering somewhere else. :floatsmile:

    $50 for an IEM that was $10 months ago? Well, considering that a JVC-FXT100-borrowed dual-dynamic-driver system with a JVC-FX-Wooden-series-borrowed ventilation system and CA-Nova-borrowed BA-driver system wrapped up in an CA-inspired-aluminum-alloy-housing and a nice shade of Andromeda-green-color all-round makes this a $50 IEM that is totally worth it. Oh yeah, and 96-straight-hours of album-playback-burn-in is totally real to a burn-in sceptic as well.:)
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  2. groucho69
    A buddy has been telling me to get the 40X. He says they are miles better. Personally I have no idea.
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  3. homerograco
    There's been a lot of talk about M40X vs. M50X lately, but I am not sure they are even correct. I own the M50X and know they are on par with my ZS5 (yeah... I was also one of the people not really impressed when I got them, specially coming from KZ)
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  4. KipNix
    You nailed it, Doc!
    I'm reading reports of "punchy", "blown up", "piercing", "fake" mids or upper mids.
    You saved me $60 CAD and I'll research the other KZ models mentioned.
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  5. chihwahli
    Hey all,

    Just sharing my thoughts about the KZ ZS10:

    Laptop --> USB --> Schiit Bifrost 4490 --> DT880 600 ohm / KZ ZS10
    Music: 16 bit Flac diverse

    There should be a difference between DT880 600 ohm and ZS10 , but I find it really difficult to hear the difference. I have been A-B'ing several times at a specific song / and part of the song and they sound almost identical.

    My ear aint traint, but even then I should hear difference.... any ideas or other people who tried the combo DT880 600 ohm vs KZ ZS10?

    Edit: I am listening to a electric Flac from Reyer "in jesus name" and I do hear difference! The DT880 sounds more clear, the sounds are more spacious. The funny part is that this depends on the music played.... in some songs I hardly hear difference.....

    Edit #2: Ofcourse a strange test, but I do not own that many headphones or IEM's. Only these 3, and the KZ ZST pro...

    I should have heared it before, the soundstage is much smaller. ZS10 bass sounds like I have my ear near it. It sounds much stronger. DT880, the bass is further away. Much more subtle
    Last edited: May 8, 2018
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  6. Bartig
    0D8E4FB2-C57F-4C19-8E1C-3168168BA076.jpeg Got myself a few. :p
  7. ChaoticKinesis
    That DAC/amp could be doing all sorts of weird things to the signal with its 75 ohm output impedance. Also all unbiased measurements I've ever seen of Schiit gear have indicated high distortion and poor resolution.

    With that said, I own the DT880 and ZS10 and the differences should be staggering in the midrange/treble region. Looking at frequency response graphs, they literally have their peaks and gaps reversed in the 2-5 kHz and 5-10 kHz regions.
  8. oneula
    I had the ATH50x modded them and the tried the ATH40X after seeing Zeos's review. End up giving away the 50's and keeping the 40's.
    for a closed back the y are great like the CB1s just a little more dynamic than the CB1s. I also have the beyerdynamic 770Pros closed backs

    The IEMs if you fine a good set that fits well eliminates the need to the big bulky over ears unless you want a planar like the HIFI mans or sennheisers.
    I'd rather travel with an IEM than an over ear where as at home I like the over ears.
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  9. xxxreyxxx
    Which one most suitable eartips for kz zs5:
    1. Spiral Dot
    2. Ortofon
    3. Comply
    Stock eartips seem not good for me..
  10. pbui44
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  11. DSebastiao
    Those are kinda off-budget, but how do they compate with the ZS6 or ZSR?
  12. HungryPanda
    I like RHA tips
  13. HerrXRDS
    Does burning in the ZS10 make any significant difference?
  14. Slater
    I would go with EDR1

    It's the perfect introduction to ChiFi, and runs about $4

    Plus you'd get an opportunity to hear them.
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  15. WildSeven
    Burn in only works for DD, BA will not benefit from burn in, but to each their own YMMV.

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