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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. vladstef
    I am sorry but I completely dissagree. That bass is bleeding into mid range up to 500Hz, and you can consider boosted 100-200Hz to be bass bleeding into mid range already. Mid range reaches 2K peak a bit soon but at least it's the right amount.
    Mid range as a whole is fighting with bass way too much, because we are not talking about a 4-5dB boost but 10dB of extra bass that is pushed a lot into the mid range.

    Strongly forward mids? That is objectively inaccurate reading from the graph or listening to it.
  2. Makahl

    Well, checking the Senfer's Aliexpress ad I've found that:


    The mids part is done by the DD instead of the BA which takes the control of the treble. Maybe that's why the mids sound more coherent to you. If you put a Knowles driver in the nozzle damperless you'll find that artificial too so I think the problem is the tuning and no drivers per se. if you do the Slater's mod on ZST putting a damper material on the BA it'll refine the peak taming that kind of artificial timbre.
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  3. phower
    Sorry for digressing. I already have 2 Senfer PT15(graphene drivers) and the new Senfer EN900 is very tempting. :smiley_cat:

  4. MyPants
    Wow, unless the companies are related that's a huge middle finger to Simgot.
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  5. phower
    Well, KZ ZS6 is inspired by Campfire Andromeda, isn't it?:thinking:
  6. bsoplinger
    Wow. Are they really showing that the crossover point between the DD and BA is at 5 kHz? Yikes why even bother with the BA at that point? Out of curiosity, which Senfer model is that?
  7. DocHoliday
    Source, please.
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  8. MyPants
    Yeah but that's a chi-fi company copying the design of a headphone that plays in a completely different universe. There's not really any competition. But the Senfer is copying the design of a headphone that's just $50 more from a fellow chi-fi manufacturer. Seems a little worse when there's the potential of actually confusing customers within the same product tier.
  9. Makahl
    I think Otto was talking about the Senfer UEs.The ad is saying the Knowles model is the WBFK-30042 which is usually designed as a tweeter so maybe the target is just getting a better treble extension? I'm not sure if they accomplish that since I don't own this IEM but I'd say that makes more sense.

    I don't know 1 word but here's showing at least on KZ ZST the classic Bellsing 30095: http://bisonicr.ldblog.jp/archives/55647129.html
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  10. Zerohour88
    honestly, both isn't really that far off. IP is IP, regardless of the price tier.

    seeing as most of the newly announced KZ is fairly generic designs, hopefully they learnt their lessons on blatant copying (which will be super weird for a chinese company, but people change)
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  11. phower
    From Google translate , KZ has changed the ZST 3 times from the beginning. Earlier, there was unmarked BA to Bellsing BA. That is what I infer
  12. MyPants
    Oh I agree, by the black letter of it. But when a court is deciding whether or not something is trade dress infringement, the actual likelihood of consumer confusion is a weighty factor. Now, Campfire's design likely has "independent significance" in the minds of audio consumers, so both cases ARE arguably infringement, but the chances of somebody looking for Andromedas buying the ZS6 by accident are basically zero compared to someone shopping for a Simgot EN700 being confused by the slightly cheaper EN900. Especially when you consider how Senfer is intentionally copying the naming scheme as well.
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  13. Slater
    In the past there have been teardowns, and some of the BA drivers have the Belsing logo on the casing. Most of the time they have the KZ logo, but that is just a private labeling thing.

    I'll see if I can find the info/photos.

    Edit: The above Japanese post isn't even the one I was thinking of, but that's a perfect example. The one I remember was of the ZS5. Besides, Belsing is one of the largest BA manufacturers in the world. I have posted info about them before - they have some sort of relationship with Knowles, but it is not publicly clear exactly what that relationship is. Whatever it is, it is highly secret. Industry insiders believe that Knowles contracts out at least a portion of BA manufacturing work to Belsing.
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  14. Otto Motor
    OK, I turned the diagram around. Now the mids are recessed, the bass is bleeding, but the labelling is upside down. See also here:

    Last edited: May 6, 2018
  15. Otto Motor

    tuning is dependent on driver quality. I wrote in my ZS10 review: "...I am wondering whether KZ toned the midrange down so that not to create an overly harsh listening experience..."

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