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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. durwood
    If you liked the ZST, it might make sense to buy another one because the fit is good. Not a KZ, but I think the TRN V20 is bit better in terms of clarity and has a similar sound signature, but it's slightly less comfortable than the ZST. The TRN V20 has a bit more bass as well making it more fun. The TRN V20 dynamic is actually a concentric dual driver, so that might be why it has a little more midrange clarity.
    Last edited: May 4, 2018
  2. WildSeven
    Finally my ZS10 arrived, after reading several impressions and short reviews I have to say I agree that the mids are too recessed. Bass and sub bass is very good, will let it burn for sometime then give it a good listen.

    I wouldn't say this is an upgrade to the ZS6, the sound signature (I like treble) and the build on the ZS6 is far superior then the ZS10. But aesthetically the PCB adds some cool factor from the transparent shell.

    Comfort wise I will give it to the ZS10, it sits right in my ear (medium size), not a super snug fit like my T7A but it won't fall out even I shake my head so hard (similar fit to my TFZ King), this is with stock tip (will change to spin fit after burn it).

    IMG_20180504_224203_154.jpg IMG_20180504_224319_883.jpg

    Bass: ZS10 > ZS6
    Mids: ZS6 > ZS10
    Highs: ZS6 > ZS10
    Sound Stage: ZS10 > ZS6
    Imaging: ZS6 > ZS10
    Fit: ZS10 > ZS6
    Looks: ZS6 > ZS10

    ZS10 didn't wow me like the ZS6 when I first got it, I'd say KZ turned their head too hard and looked at the wrong way. With the amount of models they are pumping out they should spent more time on R&D and improve tuning on existing models.
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  3. bsoplinger
    I never believed in burn-in myself. But when I received my iBasso IT01 I listened and heard some of the things that folks were raving about but the midrange was so recessed it felt almost nonexistent. Male and female voices were OK sounding but so hidden by everything else I just couldn't believe that I had the same earphone as everyone else. Played around with tip rolling and found a more comfortable fit with the Whirlwind style but no real change to the mids. So I put them on a cheap Benjie K9 and played pink noise for a day then random tracks for 3 days. Call it appropriately 100 hours. Didn't listen to them at all during. Once done, still awful mids. Bad enough that I posted to the thread about my problem. Got a number of 200 hours replies. So back on the Benjie for 2 more days. Figured 150 was enough. Nope, perhaps mids weren't so bad but still crazy recessed. Another pair of days and this time when I had them settled in my ears I actually heard decent vocals. Quickly went through the half dozen tracks I'd tried initially and there was a huge difference in the amount of midrange. Still not convinced that burn-in may exists or perhaps only in special cases and specific circumstances but I know what I heard. Since I wasn't listening to them during the burn-in it wasn't a case of my brain and ears adjusting to the sound. I was using other IEMs to listen to music while the iBasso were cooking.

    Since it doesn't cost me anything to just toss a new pair of IEMs on the cheap DAP for 4 days I've been doing the same 100 burn-in for everything I have. One day of pink noise then 3 of random tracks. Even went back and redid things I've listened to before. I haven't heard anything like what I did with the iBasso. In a few cases things improved slightly. Original thoughts might have been loose, muddy bass and now just not well controlled. Or very sibilant to occasionally. But mostly the same impressions before and after.

    I even used the same cycle on the ZhiYin Z5000 which is another Tesla design. Special diaphragm material, custom sound chamber and high magnetic flex. Mids were recessed some, not nearly as bad as the iBasso started out as and they stayed about where they were, perhaps moving forward slightly, and behind where the iBasso ended up. So even another IEM with a similar construction and design didn't change much at all.
  4. gazzington
    I've paired my zst with ipod touch 6th gen and fiio q5. I played some acdc earlier and it sounded amazing and that was just using apple music. What kz 's should I go for next?
  5. mbwilson111
    Maybe the ZSR if you think it will fit you (I have no problem with it). Quite a lot has been said about it if you search the thread. All I can say right now is that I like it more than my ZST.
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  6. snip3r77
    Is there any tuning to begin with
  7. B9Scrambler
    Why are you here? Just to troll. Jesus, you're annoying.
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  8. mbwilson111
    I like my ZS10 and do not find the mids to be recessed with my music. Singer Songwriter, Blues, Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Alternative (whatever that actually means), Soundtracks and more... I really hate trying to separate music into genres. There are two genres for me.... good music and bad music. If it is good I will try anything.
  9. Otto Motor
    That's why reviewers often justify their break-in times with the phrase "just in case". I don't even know whether I broke my iBasso IT01 in but I think I did. The best test would be two pairs, one "broken in" and the other one fresh out of the box. Do you have some spare cash?
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  10. Otto Motor
    Your next KZ may be a Senfer! The Senfer UES at $24. Compared it this morning with the real KZ ZST. Both are dual hybrids. Difference: the Senfer was coherent and smooth and the ZST had needly, squeezed but distant mids smothered by a boomy bass.

    On medium volume in particular, the Senfer gives you are very relaxed listening.

    Why was the Senfer not hyped in 2016? It is not flashy and sounds like "mustard" (German: Senf).

    I think you can't improve on your ZSR with another KZ model.
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
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  11. maxxevv
    I don't find them as recessed as I remember them to be as when I first got it either.

    I kept finding it weird that people actually find the ZS10's mids recessed. Had a little bit of time to run through a few of my IEMS, namely the T2, ZS6, ZS5v2, Urbanfun Hi-fi and the i880.
    And I think its the volumes which people are listening to them. Almost all of the above are more than uncomfortably loud by the time I set my volume up to 25~28 / 75 on the "external device" mode of my LG G6. For the ZS10, if I set the volume blind and to a point which I enjoy the sound signature, it goes up to 30~32/75 in the same mode.

    All listening to the same tracks.

    Perhaps, its worth a try to see if the feedback on the sound signature still holds once the volume is adjusted and adjusted blind if possible.
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  12. DocHoliday
    tumblr_inline_mr0rgcAcQK1qz4rgp (0).gif
    tumblr_inline_mr0rgsdG3l1qz4rgp (0).gif
  13. Otto Motor
    Once and for all I am establishing here that the mids of the ZS10 are not recessed. The measurements clearly show that.

    Disclaimer: the diagram is upside down. But who says that's not ok.

    KZ ZS10 FR copy.jpg
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
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  14. Otto Motor
    Knowles drivers vs. Bellsing drivers

    Senfer uses Knowles BAs, KZ uses Bellsing BAs. The biggest criticism of KZ hybrids is the quality of their mids, even in the ZS10 with 4 BA drivers per earpiece. No wonder that Senfer iems are more expensive.

    Counting 2 + 2 together: unless the next KZ models have better drivers, there is no expectation to get better mids.

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  15. Mr.HiAudio
    In stok sound is so so, but, if you doun(i dont know how it in eng) in you eq mid on 1kHz and 2kHz, after this zs10 sound so pretty :)
    In zishan z3:
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