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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Bartig
    Wow, NOT good! :frowning2:
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  2. HungryPanda
    I have been really enjoying my ZS10's, they have a sound signature I like and understand why KZ have tuned them this way. for high treble the ZS6 is fine but for a more balanced laid back sound the ZS10 does it well
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  3. Aparker2005
    Finally got my ZS10. Upon initial fit, I can easily tell I like my ES3 way more. Those seem like true in ear molds for my ears. The ZS10 sticks out awkwardly.

    Sound is excellent but I guess I was expecting more from 5 drivers per side. Bass isn't as high as I'd hoped. I'll try them out with the band Friday.

    So far my ES3 are still my favorite. Hoping the ES4 beats them both and I can be done for a while lol
  4. CYoung234
    I spent a few hours listening to my ED15's. Still waiting for the EDR1, ZS10 and Rose Forest North. The ED15's so far are pretty underwhelming. For being bass monsters, mine do not appear to be. My ZS6's or even my UiSii CM5's seem to carve them up. My ZS6's are so far my overall favorites, but the CM5's do so many things right. When you consider their price, they are crazy good. Very enjoyable to listen to.
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  5. Aparker2005
    I am starting to like the not so much highs of these. Also hearing a few things I haven't heard in some songs. Taylor Swifts Reputation album has a few nice layers I haven't heard as clearly

    Needtobreathe's latest album is another good one for me to test on.
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  6. mbwilson111
    My red KZ ZS10 arrived in the country this afternoon and is on its way to my local mailing center. Could be here tomorrow (Tuesday)

    I already have a case ready for them...

  7. Asimov90
    Has anyone tried the Plextone X41M? Some say they're real bass monsters? Is there a KZ model that can be called bass monsters? I had the ZS1 but they were a little uncomfortable and didn't block any outer noise at all... I couldn't listen to them while in the street which was a total letdown. But they had a very nice and rumbling bass and sub bass.
  8. toddy0191
    AK Audio are asking me to send my defective left zs10 earpiece back to them so they can repair it.

    Is this normal for a budget ear phone like the zs10 as if I've had a problem with other sellers, they have just sent a replacement?
  9. maxxevv
    You are another one who needs to pick up your reading glasses to read the thread again. When was it ever about the HD600 ?
    And the key word here is 'closer'.... not 'close'.
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  10. Otto Motor
    The Plextone X41M are no bass canons but the Plextone X36M are...the rest is identical between them.

    The Plextone X41M are rather natural sounding but lack a bit of a punch.

    My KZ ES3 are pretty bassy and even more so are the KZ ED15. The latter have a strong and firm bass, the former have a muddy bass.

    The Boarseman KR49 also have a rather strong bass.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
  11. DocHoliday
    Due to multiple episodes of driver flex with my first set of HDS3's one of the dynamic drivers failed to deliver any output. What worked for me was letting them sit for a few days and the diaphragm reset to its natural state. It was my first set of HDS3's. I ordered two more pair and the seller sent me a replacement pair but after approximately 24-48 hours the diaphragm returned to its natural state and my HDS3 was good as new. I have multiple sets of the HDS3 now but my first set are still going strong and they probably have about 300+ hours on them.

    I had the same problem with my second ED3 "Perfection" and I used the same remedy. I tried to readjust the diaphragm manually on my first ED3 "Perfection" but I just ruined them. I'm still a bit sad about ruining a good set of IEMs, regardless of price.....so, best to let your ZS10 sit and see if the diaphragm resets itself.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
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  12. TLDRonin
    Oh man. I currently get driver flex on my left side 90% of the time, and almost never on my right side. I've been liking wide bores on them, but they make the driver flex even worse, so I'll switch back to starlines
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  13. tomatosauce
    I bought the QKZ VK1 based on your endorsement and the marketing materials (graphene, ~1 tesla magnet, Helmholtz resonating double cavity??, Red Dot product design award, other statements that may have no bearing at all on sound quality but sure sounds sweet) before I saw the comparison with the TRN V10. I'm optimistic that QKZ didn't simply rebrand the V10 but at the end of the day, who cares as long as you enjoy them, right? That being said, companies share reference designs all the time. This article shows what the environment looked like 8 years ago: https://gizmodo.com/5617200/the-secret-scam-of-cheap-earbuds. Granted, much has changed since then. "Cheap earbuds" sound better than ever, far from the "scam" described in the article. Chinese companies like KZ and QKZ (I'm still not sure what their relationship is) have come into their own and consumers are demanding higher quality products at lower prices. This is all a long-winded response to support my unproven theory that the TRN V10 and QKZ VK1 may look similarly on the outside due to the same reference design but may actually have unique engineering on the inside. Now, repeating what was said before, who wants to be the guinea pig who buys both and breaks them down to compare their innards? For the greater good, of course :pray: :wink:.
    Last edited: May 1, 2018
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  14. rayliam80
    I received the EDR1 and EDR2 from Gearbest over the weekend. I can't really tell much of a difference between the two other than color and weight. For comfort, I switched the tips to Auvio wide bore on both but for depth, I'm starting to like them even more with triple flange tips. I prefer the EDR2 because of it's lighter weight though neither are particularly heavy. And for the approximately $5 USD I paid for each of these, it's hard not to like them. They are pairing best with my Dragonfly Red on my Macbook Pro compared to the LG V30 quad dac or with the V30 and the DFR connected. Neither of the EDR1 or EDR2 left me fatigued after a few hours of listening to them. Warm, thick and slow bass, a bit thin on vocals at times but somehow a hell of a lot smoother sounding than they ought to be, price-wise.

  15. lmfboy01
    I got a VK1 on order, no V10 though:triportsad:

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