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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. eggnogg
    yes, ur welcome


    hmm, can't do.
    but here short comparison
    ZS10 > tenore
  2. Asimov90
    Has anyone modded any earphones using the MMCX connectors? they're very affordable but many complain about how wonky they are and how easy they break.
    I would like to mod my KZ ATE to use detachable cable, they have a spacious casing size and the model fits perfectly the design of detachable cable earphones. I would love to mod them to use standard KZ 2 pin connectors but nobody sells them unfortunately.
  3. Devodonaldson
    I've seen your posts on other threads. You have a number of phones and more importantly an appreciation for music in general. Zs6 or Zsr, and why, please.
  4. rfsux
    rfsx7.JPG rfsx6.JPG rfsx8.JPG
    More ZS10 photos. I spent too much time taking these. I've been listening to the ZS10 so much I didn't sleep for a day.
  5. DeltaAudio
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  6. ssnjrthgr8
    Sound wise which is better? Which has the most detailed audio? From different reviews I gather that the T2 might be better imo because of the balanced sound signature. I don't particularly like V-shaped sound signatures especially considering the zs10 is more v-shaped than other kz flagships
  7. stimuz
    Gonna take back what I said, T2 is great for majority of rock and I'm sure a bunch of stuff I don't listen to. My biggest china iem purchases are IT01, ZS10 and T2 though I do have a bunch of lesser IEMs, the only one of which I don't consider redundant is the CM5 which still has a pretty distinct sound that I enjoy vs the other 3. I would honestly suggest just getting a ZS10 and T2 instead of an IT01 if there was a choice between that. Just covers way more bases for less money.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
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  8. Bartig
    Falling in love with an earphone is just <3
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  9. CardigdanWalk
  10. bsoplinger
    In KZ's case, especially with their poor or nonexistent tuning, I'd say marketing. But yes, more can be better. You can break up the spectrum more and use each BA in just its ideal range. Limiting it to just the frequencies it reproduces well.
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  11. TLDRonin
    It looks like it will have 2 DD, which is what I was hoping the ZS10 would have

    Speaking of the ZS10 and DD, does anyone else get driver flex, particularly on their left side? I've yet to experience driver flex on my right side, but my left side gets its fairly often when I'm trying to get a deep fit.

    I made sure the 3 vents aren't plugged/getting blocked inside my ears, but still get driver flex.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2018
  12. bsoplinger
    Yes. Me too. I too use a very deep fit with them. I get it with both ears because I assumed that I was going for such a deep fit that I was effectively at least partially blocking the venting.
  13. stimuz
    just do a shallow insert with foam tips imo
  14. alex5908
  15. Aparker2005
    Very tempted to order the ES4 but I just really don't think I need it. I've now got the zst es3 and zs10. Kz has me on their hype train :/

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