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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. ssnjrthgr8
    So, is the T2 better than the ZS10? If you don't mind, a comparison would be appreciated :)
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  2. Chronofreak
    I just realized the stock tips for the ZS6 and ZST are different. The ZS6 tips are slightly harder (made of thicker silicone) and have a rougher surface as compared to the ZST tips (softer and more glossy surface). I find the ZST tips more comfortable when paired with the ZS6 earphones.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2018
  3. Bartig
    The T2 is a lot better. More advanced in clarity, balance, instrument placement and soundstage. It leaves music likes it’s supposed to be, instead of dragging everything into a warm electronic sound like the ZS10 does.

    Still, if you only listen to EDM, you still might like the ZS10 better for it’s electronic music tuning.
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  4. maxxevv
    That's highly subjective too.

    Its easier to pick up sibilance in tracks on the T2 compared to the ZS10 too. So in some vocal tracks that have have been heavily processed, the sibilance can be a nuisance to the overall listening experience. Of course, neither the T2 nor the ZS10 has sibilance issues anywhere near that of the ZS6. Also, the sound signature of the ZS10 is easier to live with for extended listening sessions compared to the T2.

    The T2 shines when you have singular or acoustic tracks. It places the vocal or instruments such as solo guitars or flute instruments front stage center, very addictive in these kind of tracks.

    But as for tonality wise, I personally like it better with the ZS10. Its sounds closer to my HD6XX which I take as a benchmark when it comes to tonality.

    T2 can make certain vocal tracks sound 'nasal' in my experience. Was just listening to Adele's "I miss you". She definitely sounded tonally off there, and the faint hint of sibilance was there as well.
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  5. Otto Motor
    Good question! Complex question! What does "better" mean? Quite frankly, I could not answer this out of the hip. For sure are they very different!
  6. DocHoliday
    That's quite a reference point (regarding tonality) and it's high praise for the ZS10. What source pairs best with your ZS10?
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  7. Otto Motor
    I have the Sennheiser HD600 (a slightly leaner HD6xx) and there is no comparison to any of my iems. The UE900S may have a similar resolution but not the glaze and force. A comparison to Sennheiser iems would be interesting...but those are all single drivers and would go more towards the iBasso IT01.
  8. DocHoliday

    In other words you are in disagreement with the OP's comments:
  9. F4yze
    My KZ ABS case has arrived! Quite worth the price since I only paid 2 sgd dollars for it. There's a rubber seal so I assume it'll have decent waterproofing. At least against the rain. The case itself feels pretty solid too.

    IMG_20180428_234618.jpg IMG_20180428_234643.jpg
  10. maxxevv
    "Closer" is a relative term, its to be taken in comparison to the Tin Audio T2.

    As for source, it likes a bit more juice. Its fairly alright straight out of my LG G6. But the bass to mids transition area sounds slightly cleaner when I invoke the phones "External Device" mode.
    At the desk, at work, I pair it with my portable ES9028Q2M DAC Amp. At home, it really comes alive with a ES9038Pro DAC, you really appreciate the multi-drivers in the ZS10 with the amount of detail and layering that this pairing derives.

    I wasn't referring to the power of course, that's totally different experience when it comes to headphones and earphones, can't compare them in those areas. Was referring to how the nature of how the sound is rendered. Whether is sounded coherent, sound natural, sounded 'correct'.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2018
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  11. eggnogg
    for those having bad fitting with ZS10, try this :)
    its me, if u wondering.
  12. DocHoliday
    Thanks for the clarification. I understood your meaning right away (i.e. - hamburger tastes "closer" to steak than chicken ever will).

    Thanks also for the info about power. It was just as I expected since the ZS10 is a multi-driver IEM, hence my inquiry.

    I'm looking forward to hearing the ZS10 for myself.

    Thanks again.
  13. alex5908
    Can I get a link to buy it from?
  14. Otto Motor
    Yes! That's a big luxury Mercedes against a small Mazda. These Senns are perennial favourites of audiophiles and rightly so (check wall of fame at innerfidelity.com) that deserve their own sophisticated amp/dac combinations, and the ZS10 has received mixed reviews even within its own $40 category.

    I hope you are not pulling my leg.
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  15. bsoplinger
    That's what I tried to describe.

    IEMs should not be designed so that contortions are required just to get a decent fit. I mean really KZ? With all the other manufacturers' designs that you've copied couldn't you at least pick good ones?

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