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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Otto Motor
    Distance is also objective. If one hears a voice distant, than everybody else does, too (when ruling out the variables: fit, eartips etc.). You can test this distance by comparing to a naturally tuned earphone you know very well. My benchmark is the UE900S.

    Interpretation/opinion would be to find the distant voices "awesome" or not.

    Several head fiers have reported the voices as distant in the ZS10. Unless there is a technical problem, this is real. You certainly will not get anybody reporting forward voices.

    P.S. I am aware that mids comprises more than voices.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  2. Podster
    For $90 I would expect it to be non-tarning (if that's even a word)! I've not paid over $38 for a silver plate clear sheath cable and for sub $50 iem's I probably won't but as I have been recently reminded one can get better quality should one shell out more $$$! I do however appreciate your input:beerchug:

    @toddy0191 , I'm only a Fan Boy for KZ in the fact that they offer a lot for a little in the grand scheme of this hobby. I can't see putting ZH88's $90 cable on my ZS6 but I can sure see one on my Mee P-1 or maybe my A4's however they have a pretty sweet $71 SP cable on them already:wink: IMO at least:thinking:

    A4 Opy 1.JPG

    @snip3r77 , just wanted to remind you that it is you who uses the word "Cheap" and not I as I consider KZ to be economical for those on a lower budget. I understand your point of getting more for a little more but once again what if someone buys that higher priced considered by you a better, more well built iem and then that person does not hear them like you and still likes their KZ more (subjectivity) and then they are actually out more money than buying those "Cheap" KZ's:thinking: Just sayin'
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  3. willjie90
    I totally agree with this as well. But as you know in this hobby people tend to be more subjective rather than objective, which indeed make it more interesting.
    The best way for me is to know our own subjective preference and to understand the analytical points of that subjective preference. Competent reviewers helps with their critical analysis for us to decide whether the iem is suitable for us.
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  4. toddy0191
    True, although i'm of the opinion that anything that can 't be physically measured / quantified is subjective.

    @Podster I was referring to me as the fan boy, but you're right, it's only because they offer a lot for cheap. I

    If it wasn't for the boss, I'd spend A LOT more money on this hobby. As it stands I like having a house to live in...
  5. Podster
    You know that's right, I just refer to her as the higher power. Mine actually turns 47 today! After 20 years with her and never buying what she wants or likes I thank whoever came up with the idea of the gift card as one can almost never go wrong (almost you know like that 99.9% of the population that think better sounding music is just a bunch of bunk):open_mouth: Sorry for straying gentlemen:grimacing:
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  6. Zerohour88
    haha, just a passing remark since I happened to be in the thread and was actually thinking of re-wiring the cables to balanced while repairing/replacing the MMCX. Friend of mine usually use the Litz cable from ALO for his IEMs like the Lyra II and its definitely the better choice at 149 usd. Still, the MMCX being loose while the Litz is a bit older is kinda weird

    honestly, any complaints on QC about chi-fi is moot point for me, the Dita Answer had to be sent back a couple of times for cable/filter repairs and the CA Lyra II nozzle somehow disconnected from the body since it seems CA used some cheapo glue to put it together
  7. Podster
    So it seems the same issues that sometime plague KZ can also be found with the higher end guys like DITA and CA:open_mouth: Costly hobby for the rich and the poor:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Don't even want to talk about what it cost to send home gear back to say BAT:scream:
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  8. Oscar-HiFi
    Funky ZS10 with a bit of PCB floating around inside... oh well it doesn't affect the sound.

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  9. DocHoliday
    Happy Birthday to the Mrs., Pod!

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  10. Podster
    THX @DocHoliday , going to Sam's to pick up her cake in just a few:wink:

    @Oscar-HiFi , not even a little rattle when your jogging:rolling_eyes: :slight_smile:
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  11. Otto Motor
    Cable Schmable Part 373: KZ's Rare 3-Button Remote

    My ZS5 v1 came with a three-button remote (June 2017) that works with my iPhone. Apparently, the remotes of later KS5 and all following KZ models have only one button.

    Who has a KZ 3-button remote and which model did it come with?

    IMG_6396 2.jpg
  12. DocHoliday
    We'll I can't sing much but, to Mrs. Pod, here ya go!
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  13. BattlePope
    This got buried so I'll try again. Hopefully nobody minds.

    Recently got a pair of ZS3's and really like them so far. One of the cables it came with was kinda ripped though so it doesn't stay in my ear nearly as well as the other (undamaged) cord. Figure I might as well get a cord replacement to remedy this. Was going to get the standard silver cable that everyone recommends (these, right?) but was wondering...is there a good Bluetooth cable alternative? I've seen them on Amazon but was curious if they're any good. Silver cable or Bluetooth? Interested in the Bluetooth for general convenience and running.

    I'm also wondering if the ZS3's aren't staying in as well due to the poor fit of the ear tips. Tried all 3 sizes that came with the ZS3's and (with virtually all of them) I'll get a great fit initially but then they slowly pop out a bit resulting in a noticeable difference in sound. This is my first pair of quality IEMs and as such don't have any other ear tips I can try out. I know it's hard to make a recommendation and that probably trial-and-error is the best way for me to find a tip that fits me well but...can anyone recommend an ear tip that typically provides a pretty good fit (for most users) that won't break the bank?
  14. Zlivan
    I have it. From ZS5 fancy box.
    The fact that no other model has it really annoys me, since I mostly listen to them on the go and I don't want to get my phone out of the pocket to control it.

    Bought another 2-pin cable with three buttons recently, better than KZ one.
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  15. maxxevv
    T400 foam off Aliexpress. Of the appropriate size of course.

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