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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. weedophile
    I think what @snip3r77 is trying to say is not criticising KZ, but its just the hype that surrounds their latest IEM whenever a new one is released. Same goes for their motto which is something along the line of u will get one IEM from us which u like, eventually.

    So it pretty sums up what KZ is trying to do, its either hit or miss for some of us. Like the ZS6 is always mentioned for piercing trebles, or the ZS3 being too bassy for some. They dont really have a "mainstream IEM" that satisfy all of us. So every new product is like a clinical trial and we are their lab rats lol, just that if its cheap, we will just say "**** it" and move on

    For the price point, i think the performance is amazing, but once u get to a decent price level (say $50 or even $35 during the sale) u can get so much out of the money then trying dat phat new KZ IEM. Like for example the TA T2, Yersen, Z5000, or even the proven ZSR.

    Not many people can burn that $50 for a new meh IEM and for myself even if i can afford it, i just take the passive approach by getting on the hype train when its not hyped anymore xD

    PS: I've owned some KZ iems previously but sold all of them as i didnt liked the fit. The one that i still miss today is the ZST. If only they were compatible with my source (Walnut and Zishan DSD then), i would have kept them (love the brightish signature). They go well with my Benjie S5 but it wasnt my go to daily source
  2. Podster
  3. Zerohour88
    KZ has made people realize that you don't need to pay obscene amount of money for multi-drivers and subversively that cramming multiple drivers into an IEM isn't gonna make it better (though I kinda learnt that first from Dita Answer)

    I just like checking up on new models they come out with to see how far these crazy productive makers have gone. Even if each model isn't as mind-blowing as its supposed to be ("BUT ITS A 4+1 HYBRID, IT SHOULD SOUND AMAZING!!"), as long as they improve upon each iteration while providing good value and only stumble a few times (cough*ED12*cough), it should be good enough.

    as someone has pointed out, there's lots of other brands and models out there at various price brackets, we're more spoiled for choice now than ever
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  4. loomisjohnson
    the emi is a completely different animal--brighter, more energetic/juiced and more treble emphasized; bass also has more impact and it's more of a party piece. the ues is neutral/balanced and tuned more for accuracy and absence of coloration.
  5. Otto Motor
    Opinion is interpretation and by default subjective. Analysis is observation and is objective. Both need to be separated. Competent reviewers do that.
    If this is done properly, you know an iem can for you even if the reviewer personally does not like it.

    One of my favourites is the Focal Sphear. To me they are ear candy albeit I couldn't say they are technically outstanding. The discontinued Fostex TE-02 are praised by critics because of their natural tuning but may be perceived as sterile and boring by many. Although I only use the Fostex occasionally I hold them in very high regards.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  6. Zerohour88
    should be around a 90 usd? I usually just use an agent or one of those buyer sites like ezbuy or superbuy
  7. Otto Motor
    Recessed refers to the shape of FR curve ("V") and distant to the sonic result of the recession imo.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  8. Zerohour88
    now that's interesting, tried both the UE900S and also the UERR (damn that thing is flat-sounding), I might like to have something neutral for A/B-ing tracks, thanks for the reply
  9. Podster
    Well I took the first pair last pair comment as pretty succinct! Hit or miss mixed with individual subjectivity covers a lot of ground IMO? The good thing about KZ hype is none of them really cost that much to try, with so many different opinions of how this one or that one sounds hype is in the ear of the beholder and always something to be taken with a grain of salt until you yourself have tried it. I happen to love both my ZST's (Carbon and Colorful) and yes they are awesome with my V2/Fi combo, recently bought a balanced SP cable and once again in this old man's opinion this setup can challenge many of the rigs I have costing 4 times as much!
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  10. snip3r77
    Thanks for the support :)

    BTW, niceHCK finally shipped the T2
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  11. snip3r77
    I would like to caution this "cheap" and you can afford to try.

    Imagine what you can buy if you skip being a clinical rat. You can buy something of a better quality and of course better SQ.
  12. paulindss
    I understood what you mean. But i want to share something. I don't believe in plain objectivity in any kind of human observation as well as the process of sharing information. It's like journalism and human sciences. The observer Will never reach neutrality. It's Just How our mind Works, subjectivity is part of the game, and the best we can do to be ethic is assume that. And try to read what is under the line. Now, Thinking of sound. When someone says a something "objective" as fast Bass, they are dealing with a concept conceived in different experiences and informations. What you mean is'nt exaclty what other's read. This is specially true when people - like me. Without proper knowledge in sound try to give a small description of our experiences. And, we are the vast majority.
    Or course. Describing the sound is way better objetive than saiyng. "Awesome", "Fun". But subjectivity plays way bigger role than objetivity here. In my point of view.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  13. toddy0191
    Aha! Analysis (FR curve) and opinion (the sonic result as interpreted by the listener)!

    I totally get what your saying, and agree about needing to separate the science and the subjectivity when making decisions.

    It would be a boring world if we all agreed and personally, II think KZ are doing a sterling job.

    @Podster I had a listen to the ZST again the other day and land completely agree that it's still a great IEM., along with the ZS5 v1, Zs6, EDR1, ED15 and now ZS10.

    It apears that I'm a card carrying KZ fan boy!
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  14. Otto Motor
    What you are saying is that we try but nevertheless fail to be completely objective. Sure! What will help us here is understanding the preferences of the reviewer. For example, Vidal at aproar likes bright signatures and is sensitive to bass.

    But: read any review on headflux.de where they go on about "peaks at 4K", purely descriptive stuff from measurements serving geeks. Now that's not only objective but it also helps one falling asleep.
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  15. Podster
    I knew that you would want to make this some sort of challenge of which I have no time! This hobby is really based on what one can afford and as we all hear them all differently I won't try to go back and fourth with you. Of course one can literally spend thousands upon thousands in this hobby and inch their way up the scale. You can direct others to some of your choices but they may sound no better to someone else than the KZ's. I've had a high end rig since I was 10 years old when my older brother sent me his outgoing system from Germany in 1968 (Grundig Short Wave Stereo with a DIN to a Dual 1200 series table) it nor my current rig (see photo) may sound very good to any other person but the main thing is that I like them and it is about individual choice based on what sounds good to that individual. I have to say for you to come in here where a whole lot of people like a whole bunch of different KZ iem's and suggest they are cheap and not worthy is just another persons opinion which I stated you were entitled too but let everyone be their own judge especially when budget matters and it's a $5 pair of iem's or even $20 for that matter :wink::beerchug:


    This system is driving B&W Nautilus 804's if that matters:relaxed:
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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