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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. loomisjohnson
    what i will concede is that while kz is still the go-to in the $5-10 space, the competition has really caught up in the $>20 category, with makers like senfer, adv and innumerable others pushing out models that are better built and arguably better-sounding. it's also important to keep some time perspective, which is to say that while a current $30 budget champ may very well outperform a $200 model from a few years ago, it's unlikley you'll find a great current $30 model which outperforms a great current $200 model
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  2. toddy0191
    @Otto Motor

    Straight from my rockboxed Xduoo X3 whilst A/B ing, but have had the ZS10s straight out of my Exynos S8 and don't notice the same level of difference as I do with the ZS5 between phone and DAP.

    Not tried with an amp in the chain but do have the Fiio E6 and the topping NX2.

    I don't think the mids are too recessed for my taste and think guitars pianos and vocals sound good on both. I'm a guitarist and the sound of guitars both acoustic and electric are the first things I listen for when trying earphones, as it's a sound I'm completely ocd about!
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  3. Otto Motor
    There was one qualified ZS5 v1. review in particular that reported nasal and hollow, recessed mids in the ZS5 v1. And you say, the mids in the ZS5 are more forward than in the ZS10 (although not hollow). I am just counting 1 and 1 together.

    Somebody on this thread summarized the comments on the ZS10 as negative. I don't see any colouring: if something is analyzed and reported as it is, there is no flavour to it. The comments are simply less favourable when a product does not fulfill expectations.

    It is what it is!
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  4. snip3r77
    Honestly What is good is good haha.
    Yeah yeah yeah I'd keep the zs5v1
    Yeah as a backup iem
  5. willjie90
    My sources are iPhone 7+, Hidizs Ap60, Fiio X5iii with or without Fiio A5. Amping certainly helps with ZS10 but still pretty meh. Though I can't comment much, my ears are spoiled by the sweet sweet mids of UM mentor V1.
  6. Otto Motor
    The UM Mentor V1 retails at $1449. Don't you think that's a bit much mentoring for the poor ZS10?

    I am going for the Senfer UE as recommended not only by Loomis. Appears to be another underappreciated 2016 jewel (like the Fidue A65). Hey, and the Senfer UE tops the Phonograph's chart above the ZS10.
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  7. Podster
    I've come to the realization that all the Chi-Fi clear sheath cables turn green eventually,

    I'd go with a darker sheath SP cable.

    Well you are entitled to your opinion but I think you are dead wrong in your view of KZ which I'm entitled to as well. Nice of you to stop by though:wink:
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  8. Zerohour88
  9. paulindss
    I have always been curious about these. Looking forward.
  10. willjie90
    I agree and that's why I said I can't comment much because I am utterly spoiled. I do own a few KZs and I would say ZSR and ZS5v1 are great (faithful office companions). KZ went great with ZSR and I had high hope for ZS10.
  11. Comebackboy
    IMG_20180420_210956.jpg IMG_20180420_211049.jpg IMG_20180420_211226.jpg IMG_20180420_211235.jpg
    Hello all! Finally got my ZS10. I had been listening to me ZS6 the whole day, now I'm on the ZS10. First impressions:

    Warm-sounding, and darker than the ZS6. Definitely does not have the treble issues that ZS6 had. Much more comfortable at high volumes.

    Bass is less punchy, but sounds more deep. Still pretty good for me imo, though I do not think bassheads will appreciate it.

    Once again, vocals are still lacking. I've had ZS3, ZST, ZS5v1, ZS6 and now ZS10. Up til now I still feel KZ fails to address the problem with vocals. It is better on the ZS10 no doubt, but I don't think its forward driven and full enough. Still feels recessed compared to everything else. Though I appreciate the effort from KZ to try to address this.

    Soundstage is very impressive. I thought the ZS6 was impressive but ZS10 is even better. Separation is also very good. Quite crisp, does not miss out much details.

    Overall I feel that it sounds more well-rounded(?) as compared to the ZS6. ZS6 is still really good, but I feel lacked abit of cohesiveness. The ZS10 improves this.

    Will try to update as I continue to test it! So far I'm satisfied with my purchase. It's definitely an upgrade from ZS6/ZS5 in my opinion. Works well with pretty much all kinds of music.
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  12. Otto Motor
    The General Problem With Human Ears...

    Some ear shapes may harmonize better with the ZS10 than others. The phonograph reports natural vent blockage by the wrong ears (such as mine, model "Prince Charles"), which leads to a boomy bass that bleeds into the mids.

    Cosmetic surgery may remove this problem.

    KZ ZS10 - Review | ThePhonograph.net.jpg zs10.jpg
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  13. Zerohour88
    if you're going to compare the Senfer UES with the UE900S, can you also compare it to the EMI-CI880/Estron C630? tested the UE900S and owned the EMI (and liked it very much), so quite interested in your opinion

    might order it along with the Rose North Forest
  14. toddy0191
    Recessed / distant, not sure if these terms are interchangeable, but I feel this is how the the larger soundtage of the ZS10 is created.

    One of the frustrating things about this hobby is how subjective people's opions are, based upon our own tastes, music preference and general hearing / anatomy. Because of this people argue over things that are irrelelvant to each of the indivduals involved, when, like you say "it is what it is!"

    One thing you can't deny about the ZS10 is that if someone had said 2 years ago that you would be able to by a 4+1 hybrid with a crossover for £21 in 2 years they would have been certified!

    For ithe price I paid it's great value IMO.

    On another note, I'm certain you would love the Tennmark Crazy Cello, it has some of he loveliest mids out of my collection and is still one of my favourites.
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  15. willjie90
    Totally agree with this fine statement :beerchug:
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