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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. bsoplinger
    There are a number of the inexpensive KZ offerings that are really good for the price. When it comes to under $15 KZ has a number of great options. I think that at least in part this is why the newer expensive designs had the big initial hype. They just seem to have missed using what they were doing with the earlier models in creating their newer I'm sure more profitable designs. Other than the ZSR and perhaps the KZ 5 v1, which I've never heard, what newer models don't have extra highs and bass, ie an extreme V tuning, that people actually like?

    I've been impressed enough with those earlier designs and the ZSR that I decided to get the ZS10 even though I didn't plan to initially and also the ED15 since I really liked the EDR2 and HDS3. If neither of these turn out well I'll probably stick with things like the Yersen FEN-2000 and TRN V20 both of which are more than $10 less than the ZS10 and deliver amazing musical tunings as opposed to the fun V which I don't generally like because I like midrange.
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  2. Slater
    So you bring up an interesting point.

    KZ was started by someone who left AT. As a new startup brand, they knew they had to try and produce a decent product at cut throat prices. This allows new and small companies to gain a following, and slowly start increasing revenue (which can be reinvested to grow the business).

    TRN was started by people who left KZ. I find it no surprise that they both of their IEMs were offered at cut throat prices. I am willing to bet that TRN is going to be a company to watch in the next few years. Sure, their 1st offering (V10) was a flop, but everyone stumbles at 1st (certainly a few of KZs 1st offerings were turds, before they found their 'groove').
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  3. bsoplinger
    Makes sense. I for one really like the Yersen FEN-2000 although I hate both cables in part because they most likely did do cut throat pricing. So I spent $7 to get a nice cheap MMCX cable to replace the stock offerings. Still barely broke $30.

    With the sound they managed with their second IEM the TRN V20 makes sure that I'll keep an eye out for their next one too.

    To get back to topic, I'm eagerly awaiting my ED15 and ED7? (the bamboo one, small sized) to see how these sound. I hear that the swimmer :swimmer:with mine made it to the US west coast so hopefully within the week.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  4. snip3r77
    Same I'd like to keep it too hehe.
    Guys don't envy me
  5. snip3r77
    Trn I feel is tons better than kz. Imho
  6. Bartig
    Stop trolling, please. :p I bought the KZ ATE and totally fell in love with it. Best purchase I ever did. Over 100 people bought it on my recommendation and everyone seemed to love it. I still receive Twitter DM’s from people thanking me for my blog and tweets about them. :)

    That doesn’t make any sense after two earphones.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  7. stimuz
    I haven't run into chifi IEMs yet that I would consider just better than 6XX but I have had quite a few that excel in certain areas over 6XX. I was super unimpressed by Piston 3s which was my last chifi IEMs, picked up a pair when I was late to the Piston 2 party. I was very unimpressed by them, gave them away in fact. Did the same with Rock Zircons this round on IEMs, the only thing I liked about rocks were how easy they were to insert.
  8. stimuz
    Damn, which I had a point of reference for ZSR. ZS10 on the way as well as 4 other IEMs, hopefully it doesn't go straight to the drawer for me. Is it at least good for movies and stuff?
  9. CoiL
    Not quite same but I prefer my ZS5v1 with my HW&FW modified DX50 over Fidelio X1 + HW modded desk source sometimes.
    Damn... was already hoping that You would sell it to me! ;P
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  10. F4yze
    I think it would work great with movies, especially action packed ones. Also, I think the sound is highly dependent on the source. The zs10 sounds good on my lg v30 hifi dac on normal mode. But after tricking my phone to switch to aux mode, the sound noticeably improved due to the higher power output.
  11. maxxevv
    New arrivals .... :)
  12. MariusAB
    Greetings with the new CHIFI :), it's really interesting which one you will prefer after listening,
  13. toddy0191
    How's much is shopping from the uk to Estonia as I have 3 pairs and would be willing to sell one? Never sold anything through HF before though so would need some guidance!

    Had the ZS10 for a day now and was A/B ing it with the Zs5 v1 last night and they have a very similar signature with the mids being slightly more forward in the ZS5. Believe it or not IMO the soundstage is wider in the ZS10.

    Technically the Zs10 is better and you can tell there is a crossover as separation is better as is the resolution. I want to spend more time before churning out hyperbole about them , but I'm confident they'll get a lot of use.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
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  14. willjie90
    Clocked in 100h+ of burning-in with the ZS10. The tiny bit of sibilance i heard out of the box is gone. Mids are still too recessed. Pretty meh IMO. Guess this will be the last KZ for me. This will serve as my backup for bad weather cycling.
  15. Otto Motor
    We are cementing the perception that the ZS10 lacks mids. Yep, even the ZS5 v1 was not blessed with forward mids at all. Driven with the dragonfly dac/amp, the ZS5 sounds airier with a/because of its cleaner bass. What source(s) are you guys using?

    With the ZS10 KZ are close to getting it right - but effed it up completely just by being a tinge off in the vocals department. Pulled out the iBasso IT01 for comparison last night: wonderfully full and warm voices on top of the baseline (and not struggling against and beaten up by it) ...sorry, there is no comparison between the two. None at all.

    Wonder whether the KZ guys like their product.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018

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