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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. riffrafff
    I received my green ZS6 a couple of days ago. :metal:
  2. bsoplinger
    My ZS10 just arrived today. Listened quick before putting it in the burn-in pile. I didn't get much bass so I'm going to assume I had a fitment issue but since it was a quick listen no tip rolling to find something that worked. Nicer smoother than ZS6 across mids and highs. Still bright. I wish that KZ would tune to a less hair splitting signature. Although bright not as bad, painful, awful, very bright (take your pick depending on tolerance for lots of highs) as the ZS6. I'd take the ZSR at this time too but these need some burn-in and tip rolling until I can get a good, comfortable fit that allows the bass to be heard. Then I can make an honest assessment.

    I don't understand why whether analog or digital recording equipment is used makes a difference as to whether microphone used, placement, etc could or could not introduce an endless set of variables that can skew…

    Or did you mean something different than what you've written?

    I received my set of green ZS6 so combined with my red ones I'm all set to swap covers for Xmas
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  3. Otto Motor
    Waiting For The Next Hype Train


    Canada Post - Track - Personal Results Details-1.jpg
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  4. Podster
    Oh man, that's the best KZ eva:rolling_eyes:
  5. toddy0191
    Well despite the focus on bass I'm not getting boomy with your test track "smooth operator".
  6. DSebastiao
    Thank you all, could you see if yours have this thing:

  7. liquidzoo
    There is no lip like that on my Amazon pair.
  8. DSebastiao
    So it's flat out better in every way no?
  9. DSebastiao
    Which seller on amazon?
  10. Bartig
    Yes. Well, the fit isn’t for everyone.
  11. toddy0191
    Only the bottom three play in the UK but I'd 100 percent say these are made for trance. The Tiesto track and the Emma Hewitt remix in particular sound great. The bass is powerful but the mids and highs are unaffected with sparkly cymbals and clear vocals. Very immersive.
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  12. liquidzoo
    This is the product listing I purchased from

    Edit In case the link is not allowed, it's from Topssale Inc, fulfilled by Amazon.
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  13. riffrafff
    No lip on mine, from NiceHCK.
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  14. Adide
    Finally my ZS10 started the long march (pun intended) from AK store.
    Figuratively and literally I hope they will fly.
  15. Otto Motor
    Good point. That's the general problem with consistency in both equipment and music. I was using a Japanese version that "bangs" somewhat more in the bass than the vinyl version and the remastered greatest hits version.

    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
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