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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Aparker2005
    What's the ZS4 specs, anyone know yet?
  2. Otto Motor
    ZS10 vs. ZSR

    Fancy setup
    (this is not just a phone and the music used was flawless): iMac + audioquest jitterbug + audioquest dragonfly/Schiit Fulla

    Dug into audiophile recordings (Chesky Records, lossless). Burn-in of the ZS10 (just in case...): 25 hrs so far.

    There was not much between the two iems with this setup - they are rather similar. Really difficult to say which one has the more emphasized bass - but none of them is particularly tight. Overall, the ZS10 resolves slightly better. The biggest difference I found was in the voice department. The ZS10 renders the voices wider and therefore more recessed (and distant)...going back to previous models such as the ZS3 and ZS5. The ZSR reproduces voices slightly narrower which sets them a bit forward and adds some depth. Some prefer the former, some the latter.

    I find the ZSR's sound more natural...again, that's why it is perceived to do reasonably well when compared to more expensive iems (ZSR = "iBasso IT0! light")?. The Fidue A65 plays darker, more relaxed, and with a more focused bass.

    As to the ZS10's fancy stock cable: looks good, feels good...gets stuck everywhere and tangles up like crazy. Long live spaghetti...time for lunch! It will be a Bolognese.

    Photos.jpg kz.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
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  3. zazaboy
    @Otto Motor can you do a comparison between kz zs6 and the kz zs10... which one is better.. of the two... is it worth upgrading .. or is the kz zs6 still better then kz zs10.. and can you plz compare the soundstage, vocals and instrument accuracy ... which one is better?.. thanks
  4. Otto Motor
    I think I did this already. The ZS10 is similar to the ZSR. If you have the ZSR already, I would at least wait for some more opinions and reviews [anxious what B9 will come up with]. The ZS6 is possibly more technically accurate sounding than the ZS10. ZS10 and ZS6 are totally different.
    The ZS6 is also special because of its design and metal body. Voices sound better to me in the ZS6 if you can handle the 10K peak.

    If I had tested all three in a store, I would have taken the ZSR for sound and the ZS6 as a collector's item but would have left the ZS10 for somebody else and blown the money on beer :)

    But I am just one guy and others may assess them differently.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
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  5. zazaboy
    oke bro thanks for comparison :beyersmile:
  6. Bartig
    There we have it. The ZS10 is the most pricey KZ to date, but it definitely isn’t the best. Couldn’t describe it better.
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  7. Otto Motor
    Depends on how you define "best". I would say it is not the miracle earphone everybody had expected from the 5-driver design. The ZS10 is technically up there with the ZS6....but, sonically I still prefer the "inferior" ZSR. And the $33 I paid was ok.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  8. DocHoliday
    That's quite the list you have there. Just be mindful that orchestral recordings and jazz recordings prior to the digital revolution introduce an endless set of variables that can skew ones interpretation of what sounds "natural"(microphone used, placement of microphone, recording equipment, etc.). Then of course there is the supposed same track released on different compilations but the dynamics differ from one release to the next.


    ......and with the "loudness wars" in full bloom, to my ears, remastered tracks aren't always "better" than the unmolested original track. Just an observation to be considered when one is seeking recorded tracks to serve as a "control".
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  9. DSebastiao
    How do the ZST compare to the ZSR? Also, anyone got the ZS6 recently? Green?
  10. liquidzoo
    I got a ZS6 the other day from Amazon. Red, though, not green. I like them so far, but I haven't really listened to them too much yet.
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  11. Podster
    I'm sure Slater fixed you up but here is my last ZS6 Gray shell, tip ridge is clearly there:wink:

    ZS6 Nozzle Has Ridge.JPG
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2018
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  12. Otto Motor
    2 x 5 = 10?

    And now the fight of the giants: ZS5 v1 against ZS10.

    Setup: iMac + audioquest jitterbug + audioquest dragonfly

    Whoa, the ZS5 v1 kicks ass - can I believe it? It is less thick sounding than the ZS10 because of its less inflated bass. The whole image of the ZS5 is more transparent and fluffier. Diana Krall's voice gets some wonderful sparkle.

    Coil, no need for you to "upgrade". Here you have it:" the ZS5 v1 is a classic.

    Note: with the iPhone 5S the ZS5 sounds unbalanced and Diana Krall's voice is nasal and hollow. Most other iems sound just fine with the iPhone.

    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
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  13. SomeEntityThing
    15240822597871327895924.jpg 1524082280625271585402.jpg Just received the ZS10 as a gift from a friend. While I'm not proficient in terms of Audiophile lingo, I will give my impressions of the IEM when I return home from school today.
  14. WildSeven
    Mine (green) delivered today to mailbox, I will report back later after work.
  15. Bartig
    ZST + massive controlled amount of bass + warm sound - piercing highs = ZSR.
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