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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. bsoplinger
    If you can do the soldering for the fix which is just scrape off a bit of PCB coating and add a short wire at that spot the KZ cable is less than half the price of the TRN cable without AptX and about a third of the price of the version with it. Under $10 for a 2-3 hr charge which makes it good enough for gym, workouts, etc. For $26 you get about 6 hours of charge and AptX making it better for situations where you'll be listening longer than an hour or two.

    The fix with pictures is in this thread, posted by @Slater
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  2. maxxevv
  3. Viber
  4. WalterTorino
    So would you recommend me to buy the ed15 if I like a good deep bass?
  5. Aparker2005
    My zs10 shipped !
  6. toddy0191
    If you like your ear drums massaged them definitely yes. TBH you can't go wrong for the price.
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  7. WalterTorino
    That's what i expected to hear :) Thanks!
  8. Aparker2005
    So in waiting for my Zs10 to arrive, I'm wondering about these iems as I've become obsessed with them.

    I currently have the zst which I don't use much anymore and the es3 which I use constantly now. The es3 fits my ear perfectly and sounds amazing to me. I use my KZ for music listening and on stage performing on drums .

    Once the zs10 come in I hope to be using them constantly with the es3 as backup. After reading through some of these posts though is the ZSR worth getting if I have these 3 already? Don't want to be too repetitive. Thanks
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  9. anindyameister
    Ali KZ store has started showing ES4 banner.

  10. CardigdanWalk

    A red one, no mic from NiceHCK!

    First report I’ve had of a different colour to black shipping too!
  11. Aparker2005
    These guys have to stop pumping so many out. My wife is gonna be like okay exactly how much difference can there be between all of these lol. I almost want these and the zsr and I don't even have my zs10 in hand yet .
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  12. anindyameister
    Word floating around says KZ has about 7-8 more in the pipeline.
  13. Aparker2005
    Zs10 is supposed to be the flagship for the year though right?
  14. anindyameister
    In terms of driver count, yes. half of the upcoming ones are expected to be triple driver, while the other half dual driver.
  15. Qualcheduno
    You're talking about the manufacturer which pumped out the ZS5, then the ZS5v2, then the ZS6 and now the ZS10 in less than one year
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