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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Otto Motor
    I don't know the ZS3 very well as mine sound awful - from memory the ZS3 sounded dark with a small soundstage and recessed, however harsh mids. I can't see a relationship between the ZS3 and ZS10. The ZS10's allegedly elevated lower frequencies are contradicting the phonograph's review. And another head fier writes that the ZS10 sound like the ZSR but with less bass. To me, the ZS10's mid bass is overemphasized.
  2. rfsux

    I regret ordering this silver cable.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  3. Slater
    Yes, good point. I assume everyone would want the aptX version. But still good to mention nontheless.
  4. Slater
    For warranty claims you must go through your dealer, not KZ directly.

    So, for example, if you bought them from Gearbest, work with Gearbest customer support to get the problem resolved.

    Good luck!
  5. Freetrademan
    I don't know how to tell. I have four ZS5's, and they all sound the same.
  6. phower
    May be you already know. Your smartphone also has to support aptX and in some smartphones, support is disabled even though the specs say that its is supported. Bluetooth reception is more important than the codec since the default codec SBC isn't bad. It can't encode some types of music which is a minor issue.
  7. WildSeven
    Finally my KZ10 is shipped with air. They gave me another tracking with the original stuck for 2 weeks.
  8. WildSeven
    Well in that case is the TRN better in reception and connectivity compare to the KZ one? I carry my phone in a pocket so it will be close by.
    Source will be my Nexus 6 with Spotify premium.
  9. Slater
    Yes, much better. I discovered a design flaw in the KZ module antenna, which causes range and interference issues. I came up with a fix for the antenna flaw, but it requires disassembly and soldering skills.

    The TRN module has no such issues.
  10. Slater
    To tell which version you have, you shine a light a foor ot so above the nozzle, and look for small 'circles' as you move the light around. The light moving around casts shadows on the BA drivers in the nozzle, and you will be able to see them easily.

    If you have only 1, you have the ZS5 v1. If you have 2, then you have the c.

    In this photo, you can see (2) circles, which means it's a ZS5 v2:

    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
  11. CoiL
    I wonder how Rose North Forest compares against KZ "flagship" ZS10 :D
    Otto, when I receive it, I will definitely give You feedback about it compared to IT01 and ZS5v1, so You can maybe try them Yourself if they are new "killers" as some claim in sub-100$ thread.
    If they are, then KZ train will "run off the track" and spending money on those flashy multi-hybrid cheapo KZs gets pointless imho. Well, it actually already is "pointless" in many ways as there are much better value and SQ offerings out there...
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
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  12. DocHoliday
    I gathered from your experience that the mid-bass is too forward and bleeds slightly into the vocals. I took some quotations for clarification but there was no mention of sub-bass which leads me to believe that the 10mm DD is focused mainly on mid-bass.

    Thus far, your experience (without the dragonfly) has been over-emphasized mid-bass that forces the midrange into submission.

    Thus far, your experience (without the dragonfly) has been that they can be shallow and congested while the imaging is annoying

    In general you found the vocals to be recessed but with good resolution

    Thank you for your input.

    In retrospect I should have chosen another song in place of "King Of Sorrow" because the lack of resolution in Sade's voice is present in the actual recording which is unfortunate.

    Thus far it appears that without your dragonfly the ZS10 has left a bittersweet taste in your mouth. Perhaps a good set of wide-bore silicones will clean up some of the mid-bass by offering a more diffuse presentation.

    Please keep us posted if you spend any time having the ZS10 coupled to your dragonfly.

    I'd be lying if I said that I was surprised to learn that your ZS10 sounded a bit wonky without the Dragonfly (possible impedance curves); I would expect that using your dragonfly would clean up the sound signature quite nicely.

    Looks like B9's ZS10 arrived also so a more clear picture should begin to take form.

    p.s. -
    My original (matte-finish) ZS3 has slightly rolled treble and a slightly forward midrange (that is not strident in any way). The soundstage is slightly above average but it holds no candle to the ZSR, ZS6 or ZS5(i). The description of your ZS3 sounds quite different from my own.

    Again, thanks for the input.
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  13. Viber
    I'm glad the ZSR are so well liked here. I was afraid of being accused for over-hyping them when i gave them that 5/5 review :beerchug:
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  14. jeromeaparis
    I do like the ZST colorfull a lot, but the ZSR is better (exept the fit in narrow earcanal) Bass are deeper and tighter, voices less recessed, trebles detailed and rarely sybillant
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2018
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  15. Superluc
    Not if you taking vents into account. We can aspect the graph to be do without closing a single vent, but placing them on the ears can change that.

    Some have already pointed some flaws on the vent's positions of the ZS10.

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