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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. paulindss
    When i bought my Zsr from gearbest i choosed the unregistered Air mail by mistake.

    I've been worried since them, and unfortunaly after almost 100 days i had no news of the package. I reached gearbest worried If i would receive a solution.

    And differently than Joybuy.com that was making a fool out of me even after the post office confirmed a lost package, Gearbest Just did the formal procedure and after that they are going to send a New package for me without any further question.

    This is a Very Active thread. And i wanted to give a shout out for the good service and attention that gearbest has offered me. Differently from joybuy that has made me reach PayPal.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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  2. lucasbrea
    Nice I'm interested in your opinion of the senfer xba 6 in 1, can you compare this against the other ones, thanks in advance
  3. Slater
    On Aliexpress, search 'TRN bluetooth' and dozens will come up. You want the 2-pin version (not MMCX).
  4. Otto Motor
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  5. Otto Motor
    Don't worry. Gearbest unregistered hs taken up to 165 days to Canada in the past. I still have one shipment from 23 Nov. outstanding. All my stuff has arrived so far.
  6. Otto Motor
    I was actually in a Camden town store called "Rock'n'Roll Rescue" last October. I was served by a really old guy. He turned out to be the lead singer with the Vibrators (I found out months later). In my youth, I was on the Hull University Entertainments committee (for a few months) hiring Peter Murphy and the Fall.

    Hey, and I got tickets for David Byrne...

    This is the Vibrators guy:
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  7. riffrafff
    I was gonna take issue with that "really old guy" crack, until I realized Knox is older than me. lol. :beyersmile: :metal:
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  8. DocHoliday
    Yeah, I've tested the Image One a few years back but I didn't like the midrange or the sub-par isolation. If I remember correctly, out of the gate they were $150 and on sale they were $100.

    At any rate, see if those ED15's can keep their composure with these tracks

    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  9. Slater
    6 months?!?

  10. maxxevv
    As I have highlighted previously, there are 2 versions of the TRN BT module. One with and one without AptX support.

    Do look carefully at the listing specifications first before committing to buying. One other member here has bought the non-Aptx version without realising it.
  11. lmfboy01
    Hey anybody from KZ I can get in touch with? One of my earpieces are defective, as the bass on the left side is no where near the right side...almost like the dynamic driver ain't pumping... appreciate the help if you could direct me in the right direction! thank you!
  12. Otto Motor
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  13. riffrafff
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  14. WildSeven
    Is there physical difference or marking on the module specify is AptX? or price difference that can give me a tell tell sign which is better?
  15. maxxevv
    I'm not aware of the physical differences as I have not handled both.

    But if you're searching on Aliexpress, a quick indicator would be a US$5~7/- difference between the 2 variants. The non-AptX one being cheaper than comparable AptX enabled ones. But you still have to check the listing specifications to be completely sure.

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