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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. B9Scrambler
    That's why you take 1st impressions with a grain of salt. This thread can be pretty hilarious sometimes, what with all the flippin' and floppin'...
  2. FHSWarrior
    Question, how do the ZSR compare to the ZST pro?
  3. TheVortex
    I am lucky to own both. From my opinion the ZSR is more balanced sounding and is one of the best that KZ has made.
  4. riffrafff
    Agreed. (I have both, too.)
  5. TheVortex
    A couple of goodies has arrived today from the recent aliexpress sale from the shop that can't be named.

    I ordered the Tin Audio T2, Senfer XBA, KZ bluetooth adapter for ZS10/ZSR fitment and Yinyoo Pro. I also ordered 2 ZS10's from there and they have got dispatched last week but was on a different order.

    I noticed on the KZ bluetooth packaging it says bluetooth version 5.0 so looks like it has been revised?

    Just tried the Senfer XBA with my KZ MMCX cable and sounds very impressive for the money.



    Just have to test these against my ZSR and ZS5 V1 and see who wins.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  6. FHSWarrior
    I have the ZST pro and am on the search for a new set of budget iem's. Ahh, I hate when im on the search for new headphones because i spend days decided which to buy lol
  7. archy121
  8. paulindss
    The only thing i whished from KZ bluetooth adapter was a decent and stable connectivity and they do not even have that. Unfortunaly i don't have the abilities to do the slater mod.
  9. Otto Motor
    Taking The ZS10 For A Ride Downtown

    Listening at home is one thing, but taking an earphone out of the house is another. There, you have additional noises and you move, which may generate microphonics.
    Therefore, as discussed here before, an analytical iem such as the ZS6 may not show their full potential on a city bus or a noisy downtown street, and a more robust sounding earphone with a solid bass such as the Memt X5 will do better.

    I took the ZS10 on the city bus today just for relatively inattentive - and not analytical - listening. No dragonfly, just the iPhone 5S. After a while, the image became annoying: it appeared as if the mid bass was pushing a distant Diana Krall over the cliff and down into the ocean - including piano. Listening to more rustic music such as the new albums of the Vibrators and the Damned did not fare any better: bass and drums were overdone and the rhythm guitars didn't sound as full as they should. It was as if the different instruments were fighting each other and the drum 'n bass were winning. My ears considered this a very obvious flaw (others may like it). I am sure somebody will find a vent and some blue tack to increase this dilemma for pure pleasure.

    To me the ZS10 confirm how good the ZSR are.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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  10. Slater
    Yeah, it's a half baked KZ product for sure.

    I'm no computer or elecrical engineer, and even I knew enough to know how to calculate the correct length of a bluetooth antenna. Whoever designed their circuit board should have known better, or at least googled it and did a bit of research.

    The really sad thing, is that they could have corrected that issue when they released the v2 module.

    Until they correct that antenna problem, I'm only going to recommend the TRN adapter. It has a longer battery life and aptX to boot.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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  11. Slater
    I didn't have you pegged as a London punk guy!
  12. Slater
    Yeah, that was a big surprise to me as well, especially since Xiaomi makes Android phones. Who knows, maybe the next version of their adapter will support aptX?
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  13. WildSeven
    Which TRN adapter do you recommand? Would you be able to share me a AE link? I am looking for an adapter with good connectivity and long life.
  14. phower
    I received EDR1 (I ordered EDSE) and 2nd ED9 today. I find that ED9 with bass filters are the best KZ that I have heard when compared with ATE, EDR1 and HDS3. I still haven't ordered any KZ multi-drivers and I find EDR1 like the earphones supplied with smartphones. Nothing exceptional.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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