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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. toddy0191
    They still sound great but it's a pain getting them in the right place. Foams worked on the ED15s so will try on the EDR1s.

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  2. toddy0191
    Quick update on the ED15s.

    Have switched to foams and the sound has really opened up. Mids and highs sound clearer with great separation and there's no mid bass bleed.

    The bass is extreme though, these are bass head level. Listening to "lose yourself to dance" by daft punk and my ear drums are shaking!!
  3. Bartig
    Received my KZ ZS10 and ZhiYin Z5000. Of course, I started comparing them instantly with my current personal favorite - the KZ ZSR. These are my first impressions:

    ZhiYin Z5000 - Really phat bass and dark sounding. They really opened up with the KZ Starline eartips on them, which they needed for my taste. Now, the bass is still very strong, but the mids and highs opened up. It feels like a ‘faster’, somewhat more upfront version of the ZSR. I like them!

    KZ ZS10 - Had great hopes for these, but seriously, they are like the ZSR with less bass and a little bit less soundstage, although they have more upfront mids and highs. I also have to press them in my ear to get all of the bass. My first impression? Little bit disappointed. I think the ZSR has a more fun signature, without losing too much detail at all.
  4. DocHoliday
    Thanks for your observations here, Otto, particularly regarding the HDS1. To my ears, the initial batch of the ZS3's sound like an HDS1 (rich vocals and slightly rolled treble) coupled to a subwoofer. Would it be reaching to suspect the ZS10 might be a more refined ZS3? I ask because the common thread in several posts regarding the ZS10 seems to be "rolled-off treble and elevated lower frequencies". The bass response in particular is why I included the "We're All We Need" track for comparison. Most of the other tracks are for evaluating the forwardness of lower-midrange to lower-treble frequencies since KZ "apparently" doubled the output (2 balanced armatures) per frequency range).

    Thanks for your time.
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  5. stryed
    I'm guessing the ZS10 won't be replacing my ZS5v2 anytime soon in the metro. ZSR might be a better choice but I'll be waiting for more imput and the rest of the upcoming ZS line with impatience.
  6. DocHoliday
    ED15 info is appreciated. Looking forward to a well-built and "fun" sounding micro-dynamic hybrid. Sure....it's "another" bass oriented IEM from KZ but that's a great option if you're listening to breakbeat or DnB.
    200w (0).gif

    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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  7. toddy0191
    That track sounds v good indeed on them! Bass oriented is seriously an understatement here! They're the most bass focused of my KZs.

    The important thing is it's bass heavy in a good way, on the track you linked the bass is fast and tight and they don't miss a beat and the mid range is unaffected.

    I'm happy as I don't have a signature like this in my collection. The only similar sound is from my Klipsch Image one (II) but the bass in them really impacts the lower mids.
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  8. HungryPanda
    from July 2016 but still gooood

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  9. B9Scrambler
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  10. toddy0191
    Great track!

    They're phenomenal value for sub £10, haven't had them out of my ears barely since getting back from work.

    They didn't wow me at first due to the vacuum seal issue but with foams they sound great.

    The soundstage is reasonably wide with good depth too. Imaging is good and they resolve way above their price.

    I promised myself I wouldn't be a one man hype train and would be cautious with my comments, but what the hell...

    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
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  11. Superluc
    And his cable ? Did you feel some microphonics using them ?
    It look the same as last upgrade cable of KZ, the one gifted now with the ZS10.

    Those ED15 look also a bit heavy, they are prone to fall of ?

    Isolation ?
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  12. zazaboy
    Wel i tested edr1 imho it beats my KZ ate and KZ zs6 easily when heavely eq ed it has better bas too.. Im really impressed with edr1 it has amazing mids and sound.. I think KZ ate and edr1 still better KZ zs6
  13. toddy0191
    Cable is great quality and looks very similar. No microphonics for me but I'm wearing them cable up.

    They're weighty but as long as you have good seal they won't fall out.
  14. Bartig
    OK OK! Man I shouldn't state things so quick. In order to get a good seal with the ZS10's, I tried the large tips for the first time. They're relatively comfortable and boy, does the sound clear up. The mids and highs are impressive and the bass can definitely go deep enough. It just doesn’t do it as easy as the ZSR.
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  15. paulindss
    Lol. I was already comforting myself that i could re-sell them relatively easy .
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