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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. bsoplinger
    Although there are some KZ models that are OK I'd argue that you might better spend $50 on other choices. There's a best under $100 Chinese IEMs thread. Just peruse the last few months worth of posts to find numerous choices along with at least a sketchy description of their sound profile. Most have better descriptions than just sketchy.
  2. Nikostr8
    pardon for my ignorance but , what is that black circle in the middle of the earphone?? it does has a vent hole?
  3. skedra
    It has 3 vent holes as far as I can tell looking at it now
  4. Nikostr8
    yeah but im talking about that black circle , i can see that there is a hole in the middle of it.

    I already know about the other 2 vent holes, just want to know what is that black circle.
  5. skedra
    Yes it is the vent for the DD.
  6. Nikostr8
    thank you , the thing is ... that hole is sealed in my ZST , is it supposed to be sealed or open??

    thank you again.
  7. skedra
    I have no idea if it's supposed to be sealed or open in the zst. Here it looks like there's a filter in it rather than it being completely open
  8. WalterTorino
    Better not to seal these hole cuz it work for dd not to be lapped.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
  9. HungryPanda
    Yay my ZS10 has shipped
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  10. WalterTorino
    Waiting for a review :)
  11. Nikostr8
    do u recommend me to poke it with a needle?
  12. Sito Lupion
    I already have zs10 at home
    first positive impressions, they are big but they fit well and do not move from their place no matter how much you move your head, very good comfort. good bass with punching and sub, the media is well placed ... the highs seem to me somewhat artificial ... but I guess with the hours they will improve ...
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  13. WalterTorino
    Some people seal this hole to reach more powerful bass but it is kinda dangerous - dd may broke after some time. But there is a chance that everything will be ok.
    Actually, you to decide. If I were you, I would have pierced it. But you must do it carefully.
    For a beginning take a look on your headphones - may be there is a hole somewhere else so it is not necessary to poke another one.
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
    Nikostr8 likes this.
  14. Nikostr8
    yeah i think im going to poke it , there is some kind of glue there blocking it, like glueing that black circle to the shell of the earphone ... if it supposed to be open then why did they even sealed it xd
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  15. Saoshyant
    Panda you have about 600 other things to listen to at least while you wait
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