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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DocHoliday


    And for you EDM lovers:
    R-598895-1262171446.jpeg.jpg R-599578-1261919751.jpeg.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
  2. surfacecube
    I could but I feel like it would still be hella uncomfortable and big. Probably gonna keep them for games, thanks for the suggestion though !
  3. skedra
    I've got new bee and comply, the later is more comfortable and fits better to me. New bee are stiffer, and don't squisk as much. They also expand faster. However I don't find new bee uncomfortable so not sure how my experience will translate to you
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  4. zazaboy
  5. WildSeven
    Guys I really need your help.

    Lately I been noticing there are certain frequency are more "pronounced" in my left ear, I been using the ZS6 in the last 3 months, occasionally using the TFZ King and switching between my full size M1060 Planar. I did try to switch gear and listen to the difference and it all seems my left ear is more sensitive, hear more of the background sound on the left side. (Though this only happens to certain tracks in my play list)

    1.) I did several tonal test with the ZS6, it seams between 10k~11k is where my ear picks up more on the left.
    2.) I did change gears and noticed the sound is just tiny bit more pronounced on my left ear.

    My question is

    1.) is my right ear having hearing loss due to excessive IEM use? I wear them almost 10hrs a day but only with low-med volume.
    2.) is the BA driver on my ZS6 not balanced causing my ear picking up more on the left side?

    What can be done to determine the cause and culprit?
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
  6. DocHoliday
    See a doctor. Hopefully it's just a build up of earwax that needs to be removed.

  7. WildSeven
    I clean my ears regularly so I doubt there are any build up inside my right ear, but I will get someone to look at it with a scope tonight. Fingers crossed, I hope there's nothing wrong with my right ear.
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  8. phower
    Did you drop the ZS6? BA are quite fragile which nobody seems to discuss.
  9. WildSeven
    I baby my IEMs so they are not dropped. How do you check and see if the BA is working or not?
  10. skedra
    Try to put the right in left ear and left in right then see if the problem occurs in the other ear. Probably the easiest way to go about this
  11. phower
    In general, play a linear sine sweep (20Hz-20kHz) file. You should hear the same sound on both ears. If your hearing or IEM is damaged, you will feel that the volume goes up and down on one ear.
  12. WildSeven
    The up and down happen on certain frequency or all over the spectrum?
  13. DSebastiao
  14. toddy0191
    Anybody received their ED15s yet? Looks like mine should be here by Monday / Tuesday as they've just cleared customs .
  15. phower
    It might happen on certain frequencies only.

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