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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. charlescc2
    Thanks for this. I feel like I'm being given a similar runaround. I felt like I had to try the Rock Zircon's at $8 bucks after seeing them talked about a bit, and with how Audiobudget feels about them. If they don't give me a good response by mid week I'll try to get a cancellation.
  2. Slater
    Gearbest says right on the product page "Dispatch: Apr 17 - Apr 21". This means if you order it now, it won't ship out until between Apr 17 - Apr 21. So you are PRE ordering it.

    It's no different than pre-ordering a new model of anything - like a car that isn't in stock at your local dealerships yet.

    No one is forcing you buy any of these products. If pre-ordering the ZS10 makes you uneasy, then simply wait until it's widely in stock and order it via Amazon Prime. As I tell my teenage daughter in similar situations, "unless you can invent a time machine, you're just going to have to be patient like everyone else."
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2018
  3. Adide
    Two of the bigest and most reliable stores are AKAudioStore and NiceHCK. Go with them. Place an order for ZSR and ATR that should ship right away.

    Now you learned that ZS10 is pre-order and most people are waiting patiently (seems that asian customers have some sort of priority and have already received them that's where the few reviews are coming from). So either place an additional separate order for ZS10 and ready your smokes or wait some more for general availability and place an order later if that peaces your mind.
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  4. bsoplinger
    Speaking of pre-orders and not actually shipping yet… What about the ED15? The ED model that's a DD + BA hybrid? Is that actually released?
  5. HungryPanda
    My tracking still says waiting for pick up
  6. SciOC
    Before gear best was saying may 7th while the rest, if they weren't saying "in stock" were saying approx. April 16. Seems like some of the Ali sellers want to make it seem like they have it when they don't. I'm fine waiting, I just don't want to get straight up hustled...

    Thanks for the suggestions adide, that's what I was hoping for since I'm relatively new to Ali. It's already available on Amazon but ships from China. I've tried to order stuff with prime shipping before (the zsr) and have gotten the run-around with shipping delays that seemed fishy at best, so Amazon isn't immune to shady sellers. Makes you realize why people have authorized distributors....
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  7. Adide
    Well this is chi-fi. Caveats apply. Just make sure to set your expectations right. We will gladly help in this jungle, just remember you're not in the city anymore. Good luck and don't forget to visit, you'll learn more.

    PS: almost all stores posted a disclaimer about ZS10 shipping delays, you just have to visit Item Description page to get it. It's just part of AE learning curve where you won't get everything up front like you would expect. But overall AE is good (if you're willing to wait) and customer protection is top notch - you won't lose money.
  8. oneula
    allot of my orders from the recent Ali sale showed up with a week of two
    a couple are stuck in dispatch but I was expecting a month or so wait
  9. Sito Lupion
    I made my order of the ZS10 on 27/3 and now they are flying to my country, if I am lucky, I will be able to enjoy them at the weekend... :relaxed:
  10. Wiljen
    I've ordered mine as well, if and when it arrives, it arrives. Doesn't pay to get too worked up about things coming from Ali or Gear as it will send your blood pressure up, but it wont change them so nothing productive comes of it.
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  11. friuns
    can't wait somebody review zs10
  12. Makahl
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  13. Slater
  14. rokushoo
    The driver shell on the set I received four days ago is red.
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  15. DocHoliday

    A word of caution to those of you who are new to the thread. Be aware that some people that complain about KZ's hurting their ears is because they are connecting the cables incorrectly they way they are being connected in this video. If you are new to in-ear monitors with detachable cables then please refer to the included directions.

    Inserting the cables backwards would make any IEM unbearable for more than two minutes.

    When the cable is connected it should look like this.
    Not like this.
    2018-04-09 09.41.24.png 2018-04-09 09.40.36.png
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2018

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