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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. oyobass
    Amazon should be much faster, with a much better return policy.

    That being said, Gearbest gets most of my business, because the search for the bargain is part of the attraction of the Chi-Fi hobby for me.

    Of the 25 items I have ordered from GB, only one (a $6.oo smartwatch), arrived DOA (the second one, which I wear daily, is still working great), and a 2.99 item got lost in US Customs where it is probably still in a dark corner somewhere...
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  2. Roboturner913
    Tried ED4. I want to like them but the sibilance is just beating me up. I think maybe if I had some longer tips to go on them, maybe foam to dampen down the treble a bit, I'd like them more.

    Have ED9 and ZSE on the way. Want to try the IE8 clones too.
  3. Slater
    Don't even bother trying different things to make them sound better. Believe me, I've modded the ED4 every which way I can to no avail.

    The ED4 is an abomination in the KZ lineup. They should all be recalled and crushed. I would love to personally operate the crushing machine too LOL
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  4. CoiL
    I just don`t get why they have to stick 2X same BAs ? Seems stupid imho.
    If You look at pics, then they have left pretty large channel/chamber opening in front of BAs - which imho may leave too much "room" for doubled BAs sound.
  5. DocHoliday
    I thought these two would make a great combination but the cable price just seems to increase in price instead of decrease. KZ's silver upgrade or the TRN silver upgrade should compliment the blue ZS10 just fine at $10+/-.

    Deleted (banned seller)
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
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  6. CoiL
    I decided to go with route of 1.5m 8-wire braided CU/AGCU cable (~8€) + Neutrik 90-angle jack(~6€) + 2-pin ends (~3€) and build my own cable. My experience says that those cheaper (or even expensive) chi-fi cables have too much QC problems and tolerance issues. Waiting for 2-pin ends to arrive, then going to finish it. Cable itself already measures better (0.3Ohm) than most chi-fi cables I have tested.
    Making that cable for my modified ZS5v1 (which I love soooo much), which currently has ~0.5Ohm cable. No actual need but I wish better for my personal Chi-Fi "king".
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
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  7. vegetaleb
    The game is On!
    Which seller is better? NiceHCK or AK Audio? AK is cheaper of about 1.5$ so I can keep the change for something else on AE but if the seller is slow to send the item or does error then I will stick to Nice HCK
  8. nkramer
    coil, can you give us some info on where you get your DIY cable components?
    - wire (what gague, etc.)
    - .75mm DIY connectors

    i have a couple iems that are in need of a recable, but i've had a hard time trying to find premade cables (or cheap iems to cannibalize) that have close to a 5 foot (60 inch, 1.667 meter) cable.
  9. snip3r77
    Both are ok. Roll the dice or buy the cheaper one
  10. kramercosmo
    Hmm... what should i buy?

    Tennmak pro + Piano earpices 20€

    Kz zs10 22€

    Anyone have any information about Kz zs10? I already have zs5 and a few other kz but not Tennmak.
  11. TLDRonin
    Aside from the drivers and what it looks like, no one knows anything about the ZS10. Apparently stores don't even have them in hand
  12. vegetaleb
    About the TRN BT cable/adapter, does it have memory wires as good as the ones on KZ ZS iems so I can use it while running?
  13. CoiL
    I used this cable (FP-8101AG+CU): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Headphone-Wire/32767554889.html
    It isn`t extremely soft like KZ or IT01 cable but holds itself nice and is not too stiff either.
    Going to open braiding about 25cm and continue 4-strand braiding to each side myself, without extra soldering between.

    Neutrik plug can be bought on AE but probably You`ll find it even cheaper in Your local HQ electronics store (as I did):
    .75mm connectors going to use these: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Tra...-Plug-For-DIY-Cable-LN002215/32811122902.html
    But probably going to chop off KZ cable 2-pin ends and make custom shells for them (just for experience and fun).

    About Neutrik NTP3RC - it`s the best 90' 3.5mm jack I`ve ever tried, worth the price, period. I prefer the black/gold-plated but both are same HQ.
    e-bay has the black verison too: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_fr...TRC0.H0.XNTP3RC-B.TRS0&_nkw=NTP3RC-B&_sacat=0
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2018
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  14. kramercosmo
    Okay, so i doesn't need to be better than zs5/6, maybe i should go for Tennmak then.
  15. CoiL
    Why not TinAudio T2 or something else with widely appreciated feedback?

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