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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. F4yze
    I highly recommend doing the washer ring mod on the zs6 if you want a more focused bass with a really nice "thump" to it. The zs6 is my favourite iem now.
  2. zazaboy
    any instructions how to it... I am not satisfied with KZ zs6 red it sounds weird too me... Kz es3 sound much better too me
  3. bsoplinger
    Unless you want them swum from China you have to go whole hog and splurge on the shipping. Just under $10 with e-packet for 2 pair. And since they're so good and cheap who wouldn't want a 2nd pair?

    In fact I'm waiting on my pair of them from your suggestion awhile back about sweat-proof earphones. You suggested that at a cost of about $4-$5 why not get a few pairs of the EDR1 or EDR2 and that I would go through a half dozen sets before I equalled the $30 cost of some other options. So that's what I did. Took the EDR2 I had with me when exercising and ordered 2 backup pairs. With the number of times I've snagged the cable already I'm sure I'll be replacing them soon enough. I'd be way more upset if I just ruined a $30 pair than a $5 one.
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  4. Otto Motor
    The bass as is is already 9 dB above neutral.
  5. Otto Motor
    The NAD Viso HP50 offers the flattest compensated curve on Tyll's implementation of the Harman target (below about 6k, anyway). I will have to listen to my HP50 and compare to the ZS5 in the upper mids and lower treble...

    First Test of Estimated Harman Target Response Curve on Various Headphones | InnerFidelity.jpg
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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  6. maxwelled
    Slater is talking about these o-rings for Mechanical Keyboards that you can buy on eBay; 120pcs for $1-2USD shipped from China, or $4-5USD(marked up) from here in the USA. I've been using them and they work great and easy to replace :L3000:[​IMG]

    ahh, this new site is hard to get used to.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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  7. F4yze
    It's for the bass heads out there who still appreciate good mids and highs. There are some here who still find the bass lacking the punch so that mod is for them.
  8. F4yze
    Slater provided the instructions a few pages back. It's really simple. Just buy some M2 washers and replace the metal nozzle screen with it. Use laser bond glue to keep it in place. While you're at it, you can glue one of the BA shut if you find the treble too strong as well.
  9. rendyG
    Nice graphs, what coupler / mic do you use?
  10. maxxevv
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  11. rayliam80
  12. rayliam80
    And if anyone is interested...Auvio wide-bore ear tips are on sale @ Radio Shack - Set of 2 tips (4 pieces) for $1 USD. Search for "replacement tips"
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  13. maxxevv
    Seems to be if that's the case. I'm part of the group, so I have problem viewing it. Its a 32s clip.

    Can't find the video clip elsewhere, but here's some other photos, showing 3 colour choices.

    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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  14. Viber
    Here's ZS10 promo vid
  15. CoiL
    Grrr.... me not want another KZ -.-

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