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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Otto Motor

    That Harman target response curve is a target for a particular measurement system (of the HATS - head-and-torso-simulator - type) and used for headphones not IEMs.
  2. MDH12AX7
    Yes, my gray ZS6 came in a white box with the qq address. No lip on the nozzle.
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  3. Otto Motor
    Do the red filters make a difference for these ugly treble peaks?
  4. Slater
    Nope, unfortunately not at all.

    I had already sent you a PM regarding the FR testing of nylon nozzle filters :)

    Basically, they scoop out the midrange, making IEMs MORE v-shaped. No effect on bass, no effect on treble.

    Knowing what I know now, I'm only going to use nylon filters in very limited cases (such as on W shaped or extremely mid-forward IEMs, because I don't like how they have that sound like a cross between a cheap transistor radio and your head being down inside of a garbage can).

    Before I knew this info, I had tried them on the ZS6 thinking they would help filter some of the treble spikes. Once I finished my FR testing, off the nylon filters came!
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
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  5. maxxevv
    My grey ZS6 that came last Friday has the lip too.
    Haven't looked at the box details though.

    But sound quality seems identical. At least to my ears. Certain vocal tracks will generate sibilance as per my green one.. But its still very good for instrumental tracks and most male vocals where the sibilance is not really noticeable.
  6. Slater
    Oh yeah, don't get me wrong, the ZS6 is an awesome IEM (despite some sibilance), and as you said very good for a lot of genres.

    My goal was just to get to the bottom of all of the "v2 speculation".
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  7. oyobass
    Nothing like empirical data to move you in the right direction direction... Followed of course with listening tests to see if the empirical data actually means anything, lol.
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  8. CoiL
    Then, can You please post Harman target response curve meant for IEMs? Would like to see differences. Sorry, I don`t have time to do research atm.
    Imo, doesn`t matter, FR target is still what hits&enters our ears/eardrums.
  9. bsoplinger
    Out of curiosity is there at least a semi-common material that handles highs? I'd assume that those tiny Knowles filters would work but the idea of something designed for that tiny nozzle seems like a very fiddly thing for the average person. I also thought that they were expensive.

    What about that one brand of ear tips that have built in filters? Can't remember the name but they had 3 amounts of filtering to choose from.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  10. nkramer
    i actually picked up some knowles filters & tubing to try adding a proper filter to the BAs (but haven't got around to to it yet)

    the tips with filters you're talking about are the ostry tips http://a.co/0fITdjW (OS100 lightest change --> OS300 heaviest change)
    comply also has similar ones that they sell as "WaxGuard" ones, only available in the TX series & not sure what effect (if any) they have on sound
  11. Slater
    Now that I have my measurement rig set up, that’s my next step (ie to tackle measuring the different filters).
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  12. rendyG
    Last weekend when I was at local audio show I got lucky and grabbed many Comply samples for free, including these TX series you are talking about.
    I can show you an effect it has on my blitzwolf T400 vs TX400 (built in filter).
    Note that these measurements are taken with cheap JOYO I-MIC in my smartphone, so only relative changes can be observed.
    Blitz L comply .png Blitz L comply filter.png
    T400 left, TX400 right
    If you download the pictures and then switch back and forth, you can spot differences more easily. (12k peak probably coupler resonance, thus not affected by filter).

    I can measure different iems, if you find it beneficial.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
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  13. rendyG
    You are right, but still, if you look HERE, you can see that IEM actually bypasses the ear shapes and therefore it isn´t boosted in these frequencies.. again thanks Tyll for awesome writeup.
    Yea, understanding iems I think is harder than headphones, but from what I´ve heard, Etymotic sounded the most "neutral" to me AND they follow the Harman target, pretty closely, so I still believe it also somewhat applies to iems...
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  14. Otto Motor
    Doesn't exist as far as I know. And again, the curve has been developed for a certain measurement system only.
  15. nkramer
    Radek, thanks for the measurements/effect, good to know. (relativity/accuracy with these type of comparisons don't matter because you're only looking for the differences) kudos!

    also, that was the same inner fidelity article i was just going to mention....

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