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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. MSQRD
    I have pretty much every KZ earphone and the Dragonfly / ZS5v1 Combo is by far my favorite. I wish the ZS5v1 was a little bit more comfortable, but they are not uncomfortable.
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  2. Otto Motor
    That sounds encouraging. I never hear a huge difference between my iPhone 5S with and without the dragonfly.
  3. MSQRD
    Also, If you're into EQing... the ZS6, once dialed in, sounds phenomenal as well
  4. Otto Motor
    The ZS6 should arrive any day. Which setting can you advise? I have not been into eying yet.
  5. Slater
    +1 on witch hazel.

    The stuff is awesome, and has a variety of uses. It works great for infections, cleaning piercings, and even clearing up teenage acne (when used daily).
  6. CoiL
    Let me remind You (again) that it`s not all about output impedance source alone. Your DFB has 1,2V output but I couldn`t find how much mA per channel it can feed?

    Yeah, I`m very satisfied with modified DX50 that it will stay my portable DAP until it dies (can`t see it coming).
    So far it works very well with all IEMs I have, also earbuds (Asura 2.0) and drives my X1 (which can take up to 500mA) without sound regress coming from desk setup (which I run with ~400mA medium gain).
    Good review.
    Let us know if You find differences with "latest" ZS5 vs. ZS5v2.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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  7. EISENbricher
    Hi, could anyone please let me know how ZSR stand up against ZS5 V2? Just a one-two liner description is totally fine.
    I tried digging this thread but given the number of posts made in the thread every day I failed in finding the information.
  8. HiFindersKeepers
    Hi all, have been reading this forum (and topic) for the past months and thought I'd finally join.

    I invested in an ZS6 (with the new packaging), which was on sale at some point. Since I'm very new to the audiophile game / community I don't dare write a review just yet, but overall I'm pretty happy with it as a first step into this world (apart from some headphones B&W P5, LSTN headphones).

    They took some getting used to, with the lack bass noticeable for me. I wouldn't consider myself a bass head at all, but sounds like applause on live recordings sounded really "flat" to me and I guess i was in general used to a warmer sound with the P5s etc? Anyway, since I've changed to the slightly bigger ear tips that were included and I think I'm growing used to it, or the bass has indeed improved by switching.

    This week I bought a bundle on aliexpress with the ZST (I thought they would be good as a cheap alternative with the BT module for my runs) and an upgrade cable included, which I can then try with the ZS6, and see whether I notice any improvement.

    I don't feel comfortable with modding just yet, but would there be any quick-wins to improve on the ZS6 sound? No doubt there's quite a lot of info in these pages but I'm not sure where the start and what all the benefits are.
    Also, in a few weeks I'lll have the ZST to use, what would be a great next step to get used to different sound profiles and get more wise about understanding IEM and sound quality etc? I'm open to other brands than KZ for that, but since this is a KZ topic and this is what I'd consider my starting point, another KZ would be fine too.

    Thank you for reading :).
  9. mrmoto050
    Welcome, ..it sounds as if you don't have a good seal, try different tips until you get a better seal, it will improve the bass also.
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  10. Otto Motor
    I also think that sounds like not getting a good seal.

    First, stuff the iems deeper into your ear canal. If that does not work, use bigger eartips. The included tips are quite good.
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  11. oyobass
    If after getting a good seal with the included eartips, you still find a lack of bass, you could put a little scotch tape over the tiny hole next to the nozzle. this can be tuned to your preference with a small needle. Just poke a hole in the tape over the port. This is a totally reversible mod that I believe @Slater came up with.

    Comply-style foam eartips are a necessity for me to be able to get a good seal. You could give those a try as well. Remember, good seal = bass.
  12. fredhubbard2
    I dunno version of ZS5 I have...they sound amazing to me...I received ZSR 2 days ago and they sound even better. Seperation , detail and soundstage is top notch. Very very impressive for the price.
  13. EISENbricher
    Thanks! That surely helps :)
  14. Nikostr8
    kinda annoying the memory wire in the silver kz cable , i got a pair of earhooks to deal with it on my zs3 and zst (both with silver cable)

    my question is: is it easy to remove this memory wire without damaging the cable itself? did anyone tried to do it before?
  15. mrmoto050
    There are multiple examples within this thread.

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