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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. szyblaszczyk

    I am the happy owner of KZ ZS3 + Bluetooth module but I'm looking for spare earphones which I may need when those will be lost/broken. :)

    I like KZ ZS3 but looking for something maybe a bit better/comparable but sounding maybe a little different. Can't find so many opinions about ZST Pro though.

    I also bought ZS6 but I am forced to sell them because they are too big for my ear canals. :frowning2:
    How about ZST Pro? Are they small like ZS3 or big like ZS6?

    I'm going to buy KZ ZST Pro bluetooth module so would be nice to hear also how they sound with it! ZS3 sounds nice with bluetooth IMO.

    Thanks for all the opinions!
  2. bsoplinger
    I ended needing to go with foamies to get a comfortable fit with a good seal for both the ZS5 and ZS6. The lipless design of the ZS6 had me leaving the foam tip behind in my ears regularly. So I decided that since they make different sizes (nozzle diameters that the inner tube in foamies slide over) that instead of using those designed for "regular" nozzles, 4.9mm, T400/T500 size, that I'd get ones with a smaller nozzle diameter, T200 and T300, 4.5mm and 4.0mm. These smaller nozzle diameter keeps the tip on the ear pieces and not left behind in my ears. I typically use medium tips but found that I needed to use large foamies for the seal and the larger tip made a tighter fit which is probably why they got left behind in my ear canals. This is the brand I purchased. They have listings for larger quantities at a lower per pair price and are willing to fulfill requests like just red and blue or half medium and half large.

  3. rayliam80
    I'm gonna suggest Triple Flange. If you can't be satisfied with the bass with those then perhaps the ZS6's may not be for you...
  4. Otto Motor
    The ZSR is the KZ earphone that most agree on. Their housings are very similar to the ZS3. I find them a step above the KZ ZS5...which may not fit your ears anyway. The ZSR is also much better than the ZST: rounder, more fluid with more sparkle.
  5. rayliam80

    Sorry about the shadows but they're clear enough to get an idea of what you're looking for hopefully.
  6. CoiL
    Late answer but no need. hakuzen explained everything much more detailed than I could. Just read gear specifications to properly find match for ZS5v1 and You should get very nice SQ out of it (though, DAC sound signature will also affect result).
    Like You can see from my profile, I run my ZS5v1 with DX5X -> WM8740 DAC (slightly warm sounding) / upgraded 2x ADA4897-1ARZ HO opamps (80mA per channel) / upgraded capacitors (smooth,detailed,large soundstage,great layering and separation), <0.5 ohm output impedance, High Gain: 3.1 V. Perfect match for my ZS5v1, beautiful clear detailed mids and punchy clear textured bass/percussion with detailed highs (not harsh/sibilant). I can honestly say - best KZ I`ve ever had and probably KZ won`t supersede it any soon, if ever.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  7. jeromeaparis
    The bass on the ES3 vs ZS6 are similar, but on ZS6, there are good quality and level mediums - voices that sound recessed and artificial on the ES3 + permanent sibyllance...
    There is not less bass on the ZS6, but the mediums are not recessed at all.
    ZS6 is technical and will reveal the defects off the player
    Maybe youre player-phone is not good enough for the ZS6
    ZS6 with a good dap does not need to add bass (except if u're a "bass head" :wink:
    If you like slightly recessed mediums, try the ZSR !
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  8. zachary101
    zse sucks bigtime buddy
  9. Daniel Gur
    whats wrong with the ZST shell? It fits me perfectly.
  10. mbwilson111
    Interesting first post. I do not have a ZSE but I know there are those on here who like it. What don't you like? It is not really enough to just say it sucks. Have you tried different tips on yours?
  11. Daniel Gur
    I didnt burn them alot outside of actually listening to them. I liked the sponge mod that someone here did, did the same and liked the results. I tuned them trough the N7player equalizer. They sound so good now that I will be impressed if the "ZS10" will be better.
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  12. mbwilson111
    We all have different ears so a shell that fits you might not feel right to someone else. Most people seem to find the ZS3 comfortable but I do not... something just touches the wrong part of my ear. The ZS6 fits me perfectly but there are others who say that part of it hurts their ear. It can be tricky with these large shell designs.
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  13. Daniel Gur
    can disagree, I have them and they are actually alright. they are my 3rd choice, after the ZS6 and ZST. Their star point is the comfort and the price.
  14. fredhubbard2
    my ZSR's arrived yesterday. even better than the ZS5's IMO. these 2 IEM's are the only ones where foamies work for me. ... my spiral dots actually detriment my listening experience with them. anyhoo i paid £15 ish for these AMAZING IEM's. huge soundstage and the detail retrieval is awesome. how the heck have they done it???!!!!

    i also wear these down ear and the curve of the ZSR works quite well round my big fat ears!
  15. DocHoliday
    Just a bit of experimentation.

    The ZS3 housing will have an effect on soundstage and perhaps some frequencies will move slightly to the forefront while other frequencies get slightly recessed. Combine those ingredients with the ZS3's uncanny ability to isolate better than earplugs and I may just end up with an all-time favorite KZ yet.

    The ZS3 is the IEM I use when I get out the leaf blower which is four hours once a week these days and it blocks 90% of the noise.

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