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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Slater
    Also, I think some may have always been intended for ODM customers. Like the TRN V10 for example.

    There's quite a lot of redundancy in that 2018 lineup, and it would be significantly more retail models than KZ has ever released in a single year. That's what makes me believe about 50% of that list won't be sold as "KZ" models. I mean, it's a few weeks away from Q2 2018 and they have yet to release a single one.

    We'll see though.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
  2. Slater
    Wow, even even brighter ED9? Move over ZS6!

    I do hope they release more models with tuning filters too; specifically front and rear filters (like the lz a4). The popularity of the ED9 should have been an indicator that customers like that feature.
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  3. Kevang
    Wow. I guess KZ did step up their QC game. Too bad it was spent on making their gaudy decals damn near unremovable.

    Have you tried this method, out of curiosity? I'm a somewhat circumspect guy, so unless someone else has done it before I'm unlikely to attempt it.

    I made "nests" out of bottle caps, filled them up with alcohol, and let the earpieces sit in them for a day. Before that it was vigorous scrubbing with cuetips. I'm hesitant to let them soak in the polish remover since it's acetone-based, so no telling what effects it would have on the plastic over a long period of time.
  4. HungryPanda
    Just imagine a few years forward, what will KZ do and what are the gems from this year
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  5. Slater
    Yeah, that should have been MORE than enough time.

    I buffed the writing off, vs trying to melt it off with solvent (and risk melting the plastic as you mentioned). Just some plastic polish (with a Dremel buffing wheel on the slowest speed) and lots of elbow grease.

    Another guy used a scotch brite (green) pad to get his off (the ZS3 or maybe ZST I think). Be aware that puts a satin finish on the cover. So if you go the scotch brite route and you want it crystal clear again, you can use the plastic polish and lots of elbow grease method afterwards.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
  6. CoiL
    Not with KZ ZST/ZS3. I will try it with ZS3 this week :wink:
  7. toddy0191
    Well, have just started to listen to my EDR1s that arrived a few days ago for the grand sum of £2.50 from Gearbest.

    Big thanks to @Otto Motor for recommending them, they're unbelievable bang for buck!

    Tons of sub bass, nice neutral mids and nice slightly elevated treble. Have been A B ing them with my new Sony mdr 100AP over ear headphones that cost me £83 and I think I prefer the EDR1s!

    Have put some double flange tips on as was getting vacuum seal from hell with other tips.

    I recommend anyone who hasn't bought these yet to get them whilst they are still around. Going to get a backup pair myself.
  8. zazaboy
    guys how is kz edr1 compared to kz ate and edr2 is it better or not can anyone give detailed information about mids and soundstage especially vocals and does kz edr1 sound good with low quality files like poor mastered tracks ?
  9. zazaboy
    and btw and how does edr1 do against kz zs6 would like to have some comparison thanks
  10. CoiL
    - wrong thread post lol.
  11. dondonut
    Just ordered the KZ EDR1. Planning on replacing the red nozzle filters with steel ones. Could anyone point out what size I should get so I know to order the right ones? Is it the 4mm ones? Thanks for this thread guys. I got the ATR and ZST like a year ago and have enjoyed both a lot, looking forward to the EDR1s!
  12. khighly
    I actually bring tweezers with me in my backpack now because of this. I've had to go into the bathroom at work and pull ear tips out multiple times in the past few months because of KZ's poor nozzle design.
  13. gazzington
    Has anyone written a comparison of all available kz earphones?
  14. Slater
  15. Slater
    Aproear is the largest source I am aware of, but it doesn't have them ALL.


    I mean, there's multiple revisions of many IEMs, some are technically still "available" (but very rare to find), etc.

    Be aware that with regards to reviews, you usually don't know what revision they are talking about. For example, there's (2) different versions of the ATR, (2) of the ZS3, (5) of the ATE, (2) of the ZS5, (2) of the ZS1, etc
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018

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